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Royal Naval Museum: 2005 Accessions

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  • Archibald Baillie, midshipman: letters (12) to his family rel to life in Portsmouth, naval and merchant service 1758-62 (2005.40)
  • John Bithell, Lieutenant Commander: collected papers rel to Cable Ship Iris during Falklands War, incl journal and draft report of proceedings 1982 (2005.87)
  • FCC Kennedy, midshipman: log and journal 1905-08 (2005.61)
  • Nicholas Pocock, Marine Painter: file rel to research for painting of Trafalgar, incl battle plan and sketches of ships 1806 (2005.6)
  • Richard Shakespeare Thompson, sub-lieutenant: MS account of Battle of North Cape, particularly rel to his station in the boiler room and personal experiences 1943 (2005.102)
  • Harold Tummon, naval signalman: journals aboard HMS Harpy, incl service in the Mediterranean and Dardanelles 1913-16 (2005.79)
  • Frank Roddam Twiss, Admiral: additional papers rel to naval service 1927-70 (2005.74)
  • Mervyn RG Wingfield, naval captain: typescript memoir of his life and naval career 2000 (2005.95)
  • Royal Naval Patrol Service Association: Midland branch: typescript 'Memories of the Midland Sparrows', history of the association and Second World War service (2005.60)
  • Typescript memoir by Norman Aspinall of his service in Landing Ship Tank LST 301, incl in Italy and Normandy 1942-45 (2005.78)
  • MS account of naval service of William Thomas John Baxter compiled by his father from his letters; includes account of volunteering, initial training and accommodation on HMS Victory, Portsmouth 1857-61 (2005.77)
  • Typescript account by ACJ Geary of landing of a naval brigade of 33 men from HMS Hazard, Suda Bay, Crete 1898 (2005.8)
  • Collected papers rel to careers of Captain John Hutchison, Admiral John de Mestre Hutchison and Admiral Sir Frank Twiss c1842-90 (Twiss/2005.14)
  • MS notebook of Gunner John Moore aboard HMS Fury during Arctic exploration, with instructions for the service of great gun exercises when aboard HMS Tenedos 1824-26 (2005.64)
  • MS letter from Percy Pointer describing role of Motor Launch 512 in attack on Zeebrugge 1918 (2005.75)
  • Account of the service of HMS Endurance 1981-82, rel to scientific work and role during the Falklands War and at South Georgia 1981-84 (2005.73)
  • History of HMS Formidable compiled from printed sources 1939-52 (2005.80)
  • Typescript words to 'The Song of the Minesweeping Trawlers', humorous reflection on life in the Royal Naval Patrol Service c1939 (2005.56)
  • Volumes (11) transferred from The National Archives, comprising casualty books (10) and list of warship losses 1939-45 (2005.26)