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Major accessions to repositories in 2005 relating to Literary History


Birmingham: Archives and Heritage Service

  • Birmingham Book Club: records 1700-1999 (MS 2571)

Bolton Archive and Local Studies Service

  • William John Francis Naughton, Author and Playwright: additional records, incl corresp c1980-2005 (ZNA)

Bristol Record Office

  • Peter Macdonald, writer, Bristol: mss of published works 1974-2000 (42798)

Bromley Local Studies & Archives

  • George Allen, Engraver and Publisher: papers, incl letters from John Ruskin c1863 (1698)

Cumbria Record Office and Local Studies Library, Whitehaven

  • John Irwin, poet and playwright: papers, mainly comprising manuscripts and drafts of poems and plays c1970-2004 (YDX 441)

Essex Record Office

  • Margaret Rose Young and Francis Stuart Young of North Weald: published and unpublished lyrics and poetry c1920-57, diary of FS Young 1946-48 and related corresp and papers 1905-2005 1905-2005 (D/DU 2253)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Daniel Owen, Novelist: papers of T Ceiriog Williams, translator of Daniel Owen's work c 1900-1999 (D/DM/1108)

Lambeth Archives Department

  • Upper Norwood Athenaeum: addnl minutes 1973-91 (2005/23)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Parson Woodforde Society: correspondence, papers 1934-1999 (ACC 2005/164)

North Devon Record Office

  • Brian Chugg, artist and writer: corresp, literary mss, notes and photographs 20th cent (B804-0)

Perth and Kinross Council Archive

  • Perthshire Writers' Group: minutes and papers 1978-2001 (Accnno04/03)

Portsmouth Museums and Records Service

  • Arthur Conan Doyle, Knight Author Physician Criminologist: papers, with additional material rel to Sherlock Holmes and to Richard Lancelyn Green (the Lancelyn Green bequest) 19th-20th cent (2279A)

Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre

  • Erica Hunt, author of 'Chirnside Past and Present': notes, postcards, news cuttings 20th cent (SBA 323)

Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive

  • Shakespeare Press, Stratford-upon-Avon: ledger 1907-1988 (DR 1149)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • Ruth Dodds, author, playwright and councillor: diaries and notebooks 1905-74 (DF.DOD)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • Mary Ann Cross, novelist called George Eliot: correspondence with her family and friends 1850-1915 (CR3989)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Robert William Victor Gittings, Poet Biographer and Playwright: additional papers c1940-59 (Acc.13833)

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

  • Edith Maud Olivier, Author: corresp, diaries and papers incl papers rel to Olivier, Hodgson and related families 1805-1955 (982)
  • Henry Williamson, Naturalist and Author: letters and postcards (39) to F J Gay, secretary of the Richard Jefferies Society 1958-1971 (3512)


British Film Institute, Special Collections

  • Joan Morgan, actress, playwright and novelist: papers relating to film productions c1915-1999

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • William Scott, MP and critic: Modell of Poesy c 1598-1600 (Add 81083)

National Library of Ireland

  • Tom MacIntyre, poet, playwright: corresp, diaries, literary drafts, photographs c2001-04 (Acc. 6315)
  • Dermot Bolger, novelist, playwright, poet: drafts of poems, novels, plays and radio scripts, corresp 1980-2001 (Acc. 6249)
  • Padraic Colum, Poet and Playwright: letters to Avrahm Yarmolinsky and Babette Deutsch 1923-57 (Ms 41, 557(1-3))
  • Oliver St John Gogarty, Irish Senator and Writer: corresp with Charles Feinberg 1940-50 (Acc. 6245)
  • Robert Greacen, Irish poet: papers, corresp 20th cent (Acc. 6258)
  • George Bernard Shaw, Author and Playwright: typescript of 'The King, the Constitution, and the Lady' with ms alterations 1936 (Acc. 6239)
  • Irish PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists): corresp, minute books and reports 1935-94 (Acc. 6328)
  • Katherine Stuart Bridgwater: corresp inc letters of W.B. Yeats, poems and scrapbooks 20th cent (Acc. 6333)
  • George Bernard Shaw: letter to publisher, Stanley Unwin, concerning H.C. Duffin's 'The Quintessence of Bernard Shaw' 1919 (Acc. 6340)
  • William Butler Yeats: letter to Frank O'Connor rel to proofs by his sister for a book of poems 1930-39 (Acc. 6274)
  • Liam Mac Uistin (b 1938), Irish playwright: papers, corresp, ms of plays and stories c 1975-2005 (Acc. 6298)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Peter Ritchie Ritchie-Calder, Baron Ritchie Calder, author: further papers c1938-70 (Acc.12498)
  • Peter Ritchie Ritchie-Calder, Baron Ritchie Calder, author: further papers 1923-72 (Acc.12533)
  • Margaret Elphinstone, author: notebooks and research papers for the novel "Voyageurs" 2002-03 (Acc.12528)
  • Alastair David Shaw Fowler, poet and scholar: further corresp and papers 1960-2005 (Acc.12542)
  • Duncan Glen, poet and publisher: further papers 1965-2005 (Acc.12571)
  • William Sydney Graham, poet: corresp and literary papers (Acc.12468)
  • Alasdair James Gray, author and artist: further literary papers 1988-2003 (Acc.12557)
  • Andrew Greig, author and mountaineer: literary papers c1986-2005 (Acc.12535)
  • Alexander Norman Jeffares, English scholar, writer and critic: further papers c1997-2002 (Acc.12551)
  • Tessa Ransford, poet: literary papers 1952-2004 (Acc.12507)
  • Muriel Sarah Spark, author: letters from Geoffrey Handley-Taylor 1993-2002 (Acc.12558)
  • Muriel Sarah Spark, author: further literary and personal papers 2002 (Acc.12478)
  • Gael Lundin Turnbull, poet and doctor: commonplace books and photograph album c1960-90 (Acc.12477)
  • Gael Lundin Turnbull, poet and doctor: literary papers (Acc.12552)
  • Charlotte Anne Waldie, writer: letters to Hurst, Robinson & Co, publishers 1823-27 (Acc.12462)
  • James Mann Wordie, Knight geologist and mountaineer: journals and related papers c1900-46 (Acc.12559)
  • Gairfish, poetry magazine: editorial corresp 1989-1994 (Acc.12570)
  • International PEN, Scottish Centre: papers rel to the PEN International Congress of 1997 1997 (Acc.12480)
  • International PEN, Scottish Centre: additional papers 1997-2004 (Acc.12508)
  • Scottish Poetry Library: papers 2001-2005 (Acc.12572)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • William Henry Davies, Poet and Author: corresp with Lawrence Hockey and C. F. Cazenove 1908-1938 (NLW MS 23937)
  • John Gwyn Griffiths, Poet, Critic and Scholar: corresp and papers (Papurau J. Gwyn Griffiths)
  • Michael Holroyd, biographer: original draft manuscript of the biography of Augustus John (Michael Holroyd Research Papers)
  • Jeremy Hooker, Poet and Critic: corresp and typescripts (Jeremy Hooker Papers)
  • Ceri Giraldus Richards, Painter: papers, artworks, photographs and printed items (Ceri Richards Papers)
  • William Llewelyn Williams, Liberal MP, Barrister and Author: papers incl corresp and diaries (William Llewelyn Williams Papers)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Jeffrey Dudgeon, author: papers rel to book 'Roger Casement: The Black Diaries' 1922-2005 (D/4372)
  • Agnes Skrine, Irish poet: drafts of poems 1879-1924 (D/3590)

Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design

  • John Cornforth, art historian and writer: papers (AAD/2005/2)


Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department

  • Charles Henry Hobday, poet: diaries, literary and personal papers 1939-2005, with diaries of his first wife Inez Hobday 1968-72 1939-2005 (MS208)
  • George Hunter, writer on the history of drama: corresp and papers rel to his published book 'English Drama 1586-1642: the age of Shakespeare' c1990-2000 (DSH26)

Borthwick Institute for Archives

  • Julia Pascal, Writer and Stage Director: papers incl scripts, reviews and research notes 1984-2003 (JP)
  • David Storey, Novelist and Playwright: papers (2/2005)
  • Charles Wood, film, television and theatre writer: records incl scripts, research notes and corresp (3/2005)

Bristol University: Theatre Collection

  • Berta Freistadt, poet: corresp and ephemera (2005/0015)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Freda Collins, author and playwright: corresp and papers rel to religious drama 1939-60 (MS Add. 9712)
  • George Gomori, poet, translator and literary scholar: corresp and papers c1950-2005 (MS Add. 9716)
  • Sir Edmund William Gosse, poet, biographer and literary critic: edition of his Life of Philip Henry Gosse (1890), grangerised with Gosse family letters, photographs and papers c1890 (MS Add. 9713)
  • Edward Rose, playwright (addnl): diaries and notebook 1865-1904 (MS Add. 9526 (addnl))
  • Anne Stevenson, poet: further corresp and literary papers c1990-2005 (MS Add. 9451 (addnl))

Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

  • William Charles Franklyn Plomer, Author: letters (8) to Alan Clodd, (4) to John Devenport, Martin Secker and other, (8) to Sewell Stokes, (5) to Kenneth Marshall (Misc.2004/2005:22)
  • Eric Watkins, Journalist: additional papers 2002-04 (GB-0033-WAT)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • Deborah Alcock, novelist: diary (1871) corresp and papers 1871-1912 (MS 281)
  • Mary Eirene Frances Bellerby, poet: literary mss short stories 'Three blind mice' and 'I will not mourn for a ghost' 1960-1979 (MS 50)
  • Charles Stanley Causley, Poet, Broadcaster and Teacher: additional literary mss and papers 20th cent (MS 50)
  • Janice Elliott, novelist: literary mss, mostly typescripts 1980-1999 (MS 279)
  • Janice Elliott, novelist: corresp 1950-1980 (MS 280)
  • John Fairfax, Writer: papers rel to the Arvon Foundation 1971-1991 (MS 272)
  • David Bartlett Rees, children's author: literary papers 1975-1993 (MS 271)
  • Letters to the Membership Secretary, Henry Williamson Society, from Annabel Cash, friend of Henry Williamson 1984-1996 (MS 282)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Philip Dennis Hobsbaum, poet and English scholar: papers 1947-2002 (MS Hobsbaum)

Hull University Archives

  • Jean Hartley, Publisher and friend of Philip Larkin: corresp, literary MS and photographs c 1940-2002
  • E A Markham, Poet and Writer: additional literary MSS and publications c 1970-2004 (DAM)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant, Knight, historian: notes, corresp and chapters rel to unpublished 'Life of Johnson' 1973-1980

Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives

  • John Owen, University of Liverpool: typescript of plays, short stories and comedies for radio written by John Owen and James Parkinson 1955-2003 (D.947)
  • Alfred John Smith, resident of Liverpool 1906-1979: diaries, typescript of stories, dissertations for University of Liverpool degrees 1931-1979 (D.931)

London Metropolitan University: The Women's Library

  • Writers Club: corresp c 1891-1900 (6WCW)

London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division

  • Lena May Jeger, Baroness Jeger, journalist and politician: records incl corresp 1943-2004 (JEGER)

London University: Senate House Library

  • Alexander George Craig, author: research papers, corresp and notes 1922-53 (MS1091)
  • C F Oates, historian: research papers for PhD thesis 'the trials of werewolves in Franche-Comte in the early modern period' 1986-93 (MS1096)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Allen Freer, educator, artist, art collector and writer: additional corresp, incl letters from Rose Know-Peebles and to Penelope Massingham (Acc 2005/004)
  • David Emery Gascoyne, Writer: manuscripts, typescripts and letters rel to David Gascoyne c1950-1999 (Acc 2005/029)
  • Phoebe Hesketh, poet: letters between Phoebe Hesketh, Alan Clodd and David Wishart 1970-1988 (Acc 2006/006)
  • Dawson Jackson, Poet: literary letters, manuscripts, typescripts and other papers c1930-1999 (Acc 2005/026)
  • Professor Grevel Lindop, poet and writer: papers, incl corresp, records rel to publications and papers rel to literary friendship with poet Kathleen Raine 1960-2003 (Acc 2005/006/009)
  • Chris McCully, poet, academic and writer: papers, incl corresp, diaries, drafts of literary works, and records rel to the operation of the Manchester Poetry Centre (Acc 2005/005)
  • Kathleen Jessie Raine, poet: letters to Roger Sharrock and Satish Kumar of the journal Resurgence c1990-1999 (Acc 2005/028)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Connie Ford, veterinarian, poet and Communist: additional corresp c1954-1998 (CF)
  • Charles Knight, Author and Publisher: letters (2) to George Routledge, with annotated specimen of 'The Tempest' from the 'Shakespeare at Home' series 1863-1864 (MS 419)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

  • William Thomas Stead, Journalist and Author: letters (11) to Marie Koompans-De Wet, rel to Anglo-Boer War 1900-01 (MSS Afr. s. 2389)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

  • Edward Harry William Meyerstein (1889-1952), Poet and Author: poems and misc papers
  • Alastair Stanley Douglas Service (b. 1933), writer, historian and campaigner: memoir

Oxford University: Griffith Institute

  • John Gwyn Griffiths, Poet, Critic and Classical Scholar: corresp and papers with photographs and negatives

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Philip Geyelin, journalist and author: additional material incl transcripts of interviews and audio tapes c1980-99 (0368)

Sheffield University Library

  • William Empson, Poet and Professor of English Literature: additional corresp and papers rel to time as Professor of English literature at the University of Sheffield c 1915-2000 (MS 292)
  • Hetta Empson, Journalist and Artist: corresp 1915-2000 (MS 292)

Southampton University Library

  • David Kossoff, actor: papers rel to his screen and stage acting, performance of one-man shows and publications on the reinterpretation of Biblical stories c1960-99 (MS 348)
  • Asenath Petrie, psychologist and poet: family corresp and papers, poetry and papers rel to research into psychology 1929-2003 (MS 349)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Robert James (Bob) Copper, folk singer and author: notes, sketches, songs, cuttings and material rel to books and public appearances 20th cent (SxMs87)
  • Anne Walmsley, lecturer and author: papers and corresp with leading West Indian writers 1960-2005 (SxMx88)

University of Wales Swansea, Archives, Library and Information Services

  • Ron Berry, Novelist: corresp, diaries, essays, notes, novels, short stories, autobiography and drafts of plays 1920-1997 (2005/20)
  • Alun Richards, novelist and playwright: plays, novels, articles and tapes 1929-2004 (2005/21)

Warwick University: Modern Records Centre

  • Henry Green, Author: corresp (MSS.544)