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Major accessions to repositories in 2005 relating to Irish History


National Library of Ireland

  • Bligh family, Earls of Darnley: map of Mount Wilson, Meath and King's County, Offaly by Ino Heylin 1785 (Acc. 4675)
  • St Leger family, Viscounts Doneraile: account books, ledgers 1847-80 (Acc.6317)
  • Plunket family, Barons Plunket: Oldconnaught: survey of the estates in Monagham and Cork, incl maps and plans with lists of tenants and their holdings 1828 (Acc. 6334)
  • Tom MacIntyre, poet, playwright: corresp, diaries, literary drafts, photographs c2001-04 (Acc. 6315)
  • Thomas Rankin, Lieutenant: letters [2] to commandng officer Thomas Waite rel to Heart of Steel and the King's troops at Clady 1772 (Acc. 6218)
  • Dermot Bolger, novelist, playwright, poet: drafts of poems, novels, plays and radio scripts, corresp 1980-2001 (Acc. 6249)
  • Padraic Colum, Poet and Playwright: letters to Avrahm Yarmolinsky and Babette Deutsch 1923-57 (Ms 41, 557(1-3))
  • John Devoy, Fenian Leader: corresp with relatives of C.J Kickham 1927 (Acc. 6352)
  • Maurice Dodd, Historian: papers rel to Irish history and nationalism c 1875-1925 (Acc. 6247)
  • Oliver St John Gogarty, Irish Senator and Writer: corresp with Charles Feinberg 1940-50 (Acc. 6245)
  • Robert Greacen, Irish poet: papers, corresp 20th cent (Acc. 6258)
  • Daniel O'Connell, Politician: corresp to Mary OConnell 1800-22 (Acc.6248)
  • George Bernard Shaw, Author and Playwright: typescript of 'The King, the Constitution, and the Lady' with ms alterations 1936 (Acc. 6239)
  • Anti-Apartheid Movement: Irish branch: records c1900-1999 (Acc. 6269)
  • Dublin French Society: minutes 1923-60 (Acc. 6346)
  • Irish PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists): corresp, minute books and reports 1935-94 (Acc. 6328)
  • Katherine Stuart Bridgwater: corresp inc letters of W.B. Yeats, poems and scrapbooks 20th cent (Acc. 6333)
  • William Colville, former Governor of the Bank of Ireland: letter to Right Hon John Foster, former Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1807 (Acc. 6305)
  • 'Dublins fighting story, 1913-1921, told by the men who made it' with annotations by Diarmuid Lynch 1948 (Acc. 6265)
  • George Bernard Shaw: letter to publisher, Stanley Unwin, concerning H.C. Duffin's 'The Quintessence of Bernard Shaw' 1919 (Acc. 6340)
  • John Butler Yeats: letter to H.M. Paget rel to a portrait of MrsTom Conelly of Kildare 1891 (Acc. 6273)
  • William Butler Yeats: letter to Frank O'Connor rel to proofs by his sister for a book of poems 1930-39 (Acc. 6274)
  • Liam Mac Uistin (b 1938), Irish playwright: papers, corresp, ms of plays and stories c 1975-2005 (Acc. 6298)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Knox family, Earls of Ranfurly: family and estate papers incl corresp and domestic account books c1780-1920 (D/4370)
  • Jeffrey Dudgeon, author: papers rel to book 'Roger Casement: The Black Diaries' 1922-2005 (D/4372)
  • Eric Gallagher, Methodist minister, peace campaigner, writer: corresp, newspaper cuttings, teaching material, sermons and papers rel to his books and articles and interest in the Ecumenical Movement (including the Irish School of Ecumenics), peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the work of the Methodist Church 1940-99 (D/4360)
  • Thomas Knox, 1st Earl of Ranfurly: corresp 1790-1821 (D/4370)
  • Mary Juliana Knox, wife of 2nd Earl of Ranfurly: corresp from members of the royal family 1846-48 (D/4370)
  • Thomas Knox, 2nd Earl of Ranfurly: corresp 1844-50 (D/4370)
  • Seamus Mallon, MP for Newry and Armagh: constituency papers 1986-2005 (D/4219)
  • Agnes Skrine, Irish poet: drafts of poems 1879-1924 (D/3590)
  • Brumwell Thomas, architect: plans c1900-50 (LA/7)
  • William Ewart & Son Ltd, linen manufacturers, Belfast: records incl business ledgers, accounts and cash and wages books 1901-75 (D/4362)
  • Falls Flax Spinning Co, Belfast: records incl minute books of the Falls Flax Spinning Co and Irish Linen Mills Ltd 1865-1981 (D/4363)
  • Murray, Son and Co, tobacco manufacturers, Belfast: registers, minutes, corresp, wages books, inventory and valuation, photographs, plans 1884-1970 (D/4376)
  • White, McMillan and Wheeler, solicitors, Belfast: papers c1840-1914 (D/4371)
  • Ahoghill Parish Church: registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and banns 1802-1996 (CR/1/90)
  • Antrim Rural District Council: minutes, financial records, administrative records 1908-72 (LA/8)
  • Antrim Board of Guardians: minutes of meetings of guardians, workhouse visitors' book, punishment book, Master's journals, prescription book, burial board minutes 1841-1925 (BG/1)
  • Bangor Urban District Council Fire Brigade: minute book 1905-38 (D/4247)
  • Hutton Primary School, Co Tyrone: registers, minute book, report book 1895-1955 (SCH1/601)
  • Killead Parish Church, Antrim: records of baptisms, marriages, burials, minutes, account book, preachers' books, lists of vestry men 1828-1997 (CR/1/92)
  • Library Association: Northern Ireland branch: records incl minutes, accounts and corresp 1929-1990 (D/3814)
  • Money and Relationship Counselling Charity, Belfast: records incl client files and administrative records 1988-99 (D/4361)
  • Northern Ireland National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting: council minutes, committee minutes, roll of midwives 1922-88 (NBN)
  • Orange Order: Killyleagh True Blues Lodge 549: minute books, account books 1856-1985 (D/4367)
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland: papers incl financial records, corresp, minute books and reports incl those rel to the James MacDonald Charity, the General Widows and Orphans Fund, the Rea Fund, the Chancellor Memorial Church Sabbath Morning Fellowship and the Reformed Presbyterian Mission in Antioch 1876-1980 (CR/5/5A)
  • Seapatrick parish, Banbridge: records rel to Holy Trinity and St Patrick churches 1802-2003 (CR/1/95)


Representative Church Body Library

  • John Grainger, Rector of Skerry and Rathcavan: papers rel to his academic and clerical careers, and corresp rel to the history of the Grainger, Chaytor and Parke families (MS 757)
  • Charles Maurice Stack, Bishop of Clogher: autobiographical memoir and annals of his life compiled from his diaries by his son, Rev C.M. Stack (1914) (MS 748)
  • Church of Ireland Jubilee Fund: minute book 1887-2005 (MS 751)
  • Drogheda Blue Coat School: minutes, reports, accounts and papers 1885-1983 (MS 753)
  • Mothers' Union: Ireland: minutes, agendas and papers 1903-16 (MS 749)
  • Protestant Religious and Benevolent Society House, Kilkenny: account book c1830-40 (MS 754)


Hull University Archives

  • Clive Soley, Politician: subject files rel to Northern Ireland and the press c 1980-2004

Trinity College Dublin

  • Thomas Elrington, Bishop of Ferns: account of his life by his daughter Emilia (TCD MS 11244)
  • Charles Herries and Co, bankers: account book kept for Charles-Alexandre De Calonne, formerly French Comptroller-General of Finance 1787-1802 (TCD MS 11248)