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King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives: 2004 Accessions

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  • Archibald Alison, 2nd Baronet, General: corresp rel to military career and campaigns 1851-1919
  • Sir Napier Crookenden, Lieutenant General: additional papers rel to post war career and family papers 1939-1982
  • Montagu Ellis Dawson, Group Captain: papers 1940-2003
  • Frank Dowling, writer: Ministry of Information papers and publications 1943-1944
  • Sir John Hamilton, Admiral: ms memoir of serivice 1943-1946
  • Hugh Peter James Hanning, defence and disaster relief expert: corresp, reports and papers rel to peace studies and international disaster relief
  • Michael Hugh Hutton, Captain RN: ms memoir of life and career 1931-1985
  • Albert Henry Lingen, Captain: reports corresp and papers rel to service with Special Forces 1943-1946
  • Sir Stuart Richard Newman, Colonel: copy papers rel to military career 1939-1994
  • Peter Carlton Oldfield, Major: papers rel to military career 1911-2002
  • Harry Pain, Squadron Leader: account of service 1937-1973
  • Sir Archibald Rowlands, civil servant: letters to Sir George Wilfred Turner 1943-1947
  • David Stuart Gilbert-Smith, Major: letters home from service in Korea 1952-1953
  • Sir Frederick Beresford Sowrey, Air Marshal: additional papers rel to later career 1980-1989
  • Henry Neil George Wheeler, Air Commodore: papers 1940-1991
  • Thomas Henry Wintringham, Royal Air Force Captain: additional papers mainly rel to political career 1945-1949