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Guildhall Library: 2004 Accessions

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  • John Moore, Knight MP Lord Mayor of London: additional letters and papers, incl corresp rel to lead trade 1669-1700 (MS 29445/1, Acc 2004/016, 037, 055)
  • Alan Wood: personal reminiscences and notes rel to Borneo Co, general merchants in the Americas and the Far East, particularly Sarawak and Thailand c2000 (Acc 2004/040)
  • Ashanti Goldfields Corporation Ltd: additional records incl staff agreement registers 1897-2001 (Ms 35350-2)
  • Herbert Chappell Ltd, tailors, London: records c1860-1959 (Ms 35210-14)
  • Clayton, Morris & Co, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents: additional letters and papers 1664-75 (Acc 2004/003, 017, 038, 054)
  • Dyster, Nalder & Co, hide and skin brokers, leather factors, London: copy letter book 1915-50 (Ms 35182)
  • Edmund Schluter & Co, general merchants: letter books, journals, sales and accounts records 1873-1971 (Ms 35975-91)
  • Thwaites & Reed, clockmakers: additional rough accounts, with John Thwaites' school exercise book c1770-1808 (Ms 6788A)
  • Union Discount Co of London Ltd: historical card index of individuals and organisations with which the company had contact, with photographs and late 19th cent minutes 19th-20th cent (Acc 2004/051)
  • Aldersgate Ward Club, London: additional records 1948-2004 (Ms 35004-7A)
  • Association of Investment Trust Companies: records c1932-75 (Acc 2004/041)
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers: additional records comprising council minutes 1981-89 (Ms 30850/41-9)
  • Cheap Ward Club, City of London: additional committee minutes 1993-2003 (Ms 31625/5-6)
  • City Heritage Society: records 1973-2003 (Acc 2004/011)
  • Corporation of Trinity House: additional records comprising board minutes 1989-96 (Ms 30010/145A-B)
  • English Church, Ostend: additional records 1922-89 (Acc 2004/060)
  • Fire Offices Committee: additional records rel to electric lighting and alarms 1864-1912 (Acc 2004/053)
  • Fleet Street Choir: records, mainly ephemera and papers rel to tours in Europe 1933-51 (Ms 35219-24)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales: additional records 1901-72
  • Institute of Meat, London: minutes of council, committees and annual general meetings, accounts, deeds and misc further records 1946-95 (Mss 35711-25)
  • International Wine and Food Society: account book of Andre Simon of sales of wines, with a register of books borrowed from the Society's library c1920-82 (Ms 35353-4)
  • London Feltmakers Company: additional records 1744-1827 (Ms 35217)
  • London Framework Knitters Company: additional records 1931-96 (Ms 35822-6)
  • London Diocese: additional Paddington estate records c1775-1988 (Acc 2004/006, 035)
  • London Loriners Company: additional records 2001-04 (add Ms 33903/9, Ms 35226)
  • London Musicians Company: additional corresp 1994-95 (Ms 35900)
  • London Stock Exchange: Restrictive Practices Case Committee records 1976-90 (Ms 35759)
  • London Upholders Company: additional records 1920-2000 (Ms 35813)
  • Royal Society of St George: City of London branch: additional minutes 1995-2001 (Ms 31694/5-6)
  • Royal Scottish Corporation, London: court and committee minute books, financial records, corresp etc 1820-1998 (Ms 35760-812)
  • Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, bell-ringers, London: additional peal books 1828-86 (Ms 21659/2)
  • Society for the Protection of Life from Fire: additional records comprising minutes and summaries of awards 1975-98 (Ms 34980/9, 34982A)
  • St Paul's Cathedral Dean and Chapter: manorial court records 1700-1869 (Acc 2004/004)
  • St Boniface, Antwerp: additional records 2000-04 (Acc 2004/028, 043)