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National Library of Ireland: 2004 Accessions

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  • Stewart family of Ards: papers incl estate maps, architectural plans and tenancy records c1810-25 (Acc 6257)
  • Wolfe family of Forenaghts: additional corresp and papers (c900 items) c1600-1900 (Acc 6081)
  • Bruce Arnold, journalist, writer: MSS of various books, incl 'Margaret Thatcher: a Study in Power' (Acc 6172)
  • Labhras Mac Bradaigh, playwright and author: papers incl MSS of plays and short stories, notebooks and articles (Acc 6107)
  • Pamela Campbell, wife of Sir Guy Campbell and daughter of Lord Edward Fitzgerald: family corresp and papers c1790-1850 (Acc 6048)
  • Dorothy Molloy Carpenter, artist and poet: literary papers incl paintings and photographs (Acc 6207)
  • Sir Roger David Casement, diplomat and Irish Nationalist: additional corresp and speech rel to plans for reception for the German liner Rhaetia in Cobh 1914 (Acc 6141)
  • Harry Clarke, illustrator and stained glass artist: corresp, with material rel to his biography by Nicola Gordon Bowe c1916-30 (Acc 6057)
  • Henry Robertson Craig, painter: additional diaries (2) c1968-69 (Acc 6100)
  • Henry Robertson Craig, painter: diary rel mainly to painting, incl many sketches 1948-50 (Acc 6099)
  • Mairin Cregan, children's author: papers incl MSS and TSS of some of her books, radio scripts and editorial corresp (Acc 6122)
  • David T Dwane: unpublished TS autobiography 'Ireland growing and my adventures in Black and Tan days' c1930-39 (Acc 6069)
  • Miriam Gallagher, playwright: additional papers incl scripts, plays, short stories and a novel (Acc 6154)
  • Edmund Dwyer Gray, Irish journalist and politician: scrapbook rel to his life incl letters and cuttings c1880-89 (Acc 6256)
  • Eric Lambert, historian: MS notes rel to his work on Irish and British volunteers in the army of Simon Bolivar (Acc 6160)
  • Sir Hugh Percy Lane, art collector and critic: additional records rel to his plan for a gallery of modern art on a bridge spanning the Liffey 1913 (Acc 6186)
  • Thomas Moore, Poet: autograph mss 'Notes of my reading for Lalla Rookh', source book for the poem c1815 (Acc 6102)
  • George Augustus Moore, author: corrected proofs of 'Ave' and 'Vale', first and third vols of the trilogy 'Hail and Farewell' (Acc 6104)
  • Sean O'Casey, playwright: annotated TS of 'The Drums of Father Ned' (Acc 6160)
  • Sean O'Mahony: papers incl material rel to Sinn Fein, the IRA and ILNA 1970-2000 (Acc 6148)
  • Charles Stewart Parnell, political leader: letter rel to setting up a newspaper to replace 'The Freeman's Journal' 1891 (Acc 6094)
  • Charles Stewart Parnell, political leader: letters (3) to manager, Hibernian Bank, Wicklow, requesting extensions to overdraft of W Kerr 1886-1891 (Acc 6058)
  • James Plunkett, playwright, novelist and script-writer: papers incl scripts, articles, lectures and corresp (Acc 6156)
  • Edith Anna Oenone Somerville, writer called Geilles Herring and Somerville: MS of 'The House of Fahy' and 'The shooting of Shinroe', written with 'Martin Ross', pseudonym of Violet Martin 1899-1915 (Acc 6237)
  • William Makepeace Thackeray, novelist journalist cartoonist: MS of the suppressed dedication of the Irish Sketch Book, addressed to Charles Lever c1843 (Acc 6103)
  • William Butler Yeats, poet and playwright: revised proofs of 'The Herne's Egg' 1937 (Acc 6047)
  • William Butler Yeats, poet and playwright: misc additional material incl carbon copies of poems (Acc 6914)
  • Irish National League: Mothel branch: minutes 1884 (Acc 6062)
  • Trees for Ireland Society: records incl corresp and ephemera 1950-2003 (Acc 6092)
  • 'New Quarters for the Army in Ireland', document listing particulars of the army in Ireland 1769 (Acc 6106)
  • Portion of a letter from Sir William Rowan Hamilton to Rev Humphrey Lloyd illustrating with algebraic formulae that "quaternions will do everything" 1856 (Acc 6074)
  • Letter by Antonius de Burgo listing local representatives or heads of some 70 Catholic congregations in Ireland 1685 (Acc 6236)