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British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections (previously Oriental and India Office Library): 2004 Accessions

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  • Ledger family of Southwark: family business papers including documents on supply of cloth wrapping to East India Co 1788-1831 (Mss Eur 520)
  • Alfred Charles Blunden, Indian Police United Provinces: memoir 'What Did the Indian Police Do?' 1912-1947 (Mss Eur 511)
  • Sir Reginald James Bowker, High Commissioner in Burma: corresp with his mother describing life and politics in Burma 1947-1950 (Mss Eur F485)
  • Arthur Reginald Brand, Indian Forest Service: papers 1895-1971 (0405/25)
  • C Eileen Butterfield, missionary in South India: 'Half a Lifetime' memoir and supporting papers 1947-1976 (Mss Eur F487)
  • Effie Geraldine Dick, wife of George Paris Dick, Government Advocate, India: diaries and corresp rel to life in India 1893-1951 (0304/31)
  • Robert Saunders-Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville, statesman: papers rel to East India Co 1807 (Mss Eur F495)
  • Verrier Elwin, writer and anthropologist: letters to Dr Victor Sassoon 1940-1955 (Mss Eur F518)
  • Isaac Henley Handscomb, Lieutenant Colonel: military letters and papers 1852-1853 (Mss Eur F505)
  • Walter Scott Seton Karr, Indian civil servant: autobiography 1858-1896 (0405/35)
  • Eric Wilfrid Langlands, Brigadier: three fragmentary memoirs 'Waziristan 1921-22', 'Mutiny in the Himalaya' and 'A Gurkha in Rajputana' 1921-1935 (Mss Eur F517)
  • John Frederick Arthur Mason, Major: account, Royal Indian Army Service Corps School, Kabul 1942 (0405/16)
  • Betram Percy Portal, ADC to Sir Arthur Havelock: letters to his mother 1896-1898 (Mss Eur F494)
  • Charles William Thompson, soldier: copy typescript diary of a march from Kirkee to Meerut 1845-1846 (Mss Eur F512)
  • Richard Myrddin Williams, businessman: letters to his wife about life and work in Singapore, Malaya and Nigeria 1913-1940 (Mss Eur F515)
  • Percival Stanley Pitcairn Rice, Indian civil servant: notebooks and typescript of a history of Asia 1890-1918 (Mss Eur F488)
  • John Clarmont Whiteman, East India Co merchant: letterbooks and commercial journals 1829-1839 (Mss Eur F482)
  • Ada Womack, wife of Arthur Shaw Womack, Indian civil service: diary of travels 1906 (Mss Eur F514)
  • Maria Mackenzie Wilson: 'Reminiscences of an Anglo-Indian' 1925 (Mss Eur Photo Eur 483)