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Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section: 2004 Accessions

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  • Baker Baker family of Elemore Hall: account book of Mrs Baker Baker 1874-88 (Add.MS.1478)
  • Albert Bayly, hymn writer: papers rel to a cancelled work by David Dale on Bayly's hymns, incl corresp and ephemera (PRA)
  • Donald Hawley, Knight Colonial administrator and diplomat: additional papers, incl material rel to service in the Sudan, Oman and Malaysia, with photographs, cuttings and videos (HAW)
  • David Lewis, medical entomologist: copies of corresp with his wife Lesley, together with her diaries and explanatory notes 1935-72 (G//S 1267)
  • Edward George Pace, canon, lecturer in Theology and Hebrew: papers c1906-48 (UND)
  • Edis, photographers, Durham: glass and celluloid negatives taken by Daisy Edis of subjects incl university colleges, St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, the Malpas-Appleby wedding c1950-69 (EDI)
  • Hayton, Lee & Braddock, architects and surveyors, Durham: additional files rel to their work as diocesan architects to Durham 20th cent (HLB)
  • Durham University Library: curators' minutes and indexes to staff publications 1945-78 (UND)
  • Colour slides of forestry work in the Sudan c1960-69 (G//S 1269)
  • Photograph albums rel to northern Sudan, taken by Mr and Mrs J Hendry (G//S 1273)
  • Photographs taken during a leprosy programme in Darfur 2003 (G//S 1265)
  • Slides and photographs of the Sudan and Nigeria taken by Dr Frank Stansfield, lecturer in inorganic chemistry at Khartoum University, University of Ahmadu Bello, and University of Gezira, with notes and identifications by Prof John Twiddle c1956-81 (G//S 1272, 1276)
  • Photographs of James Nield Cameron, of the Sudanese Department of Agriculture and Forests 1912-35 (G//S 1277)