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Glasgow University Archive Services: 2004 Accessions

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  • Leslie Alcock, archaeologist: research notes and papers rel to excavations (Accn 2507)
  • Sir Alexander Ross Belch, shipbuilder: business and family papers c1930-97 (Accn 2612)
  • Catherine Hastie, law graduate: papers rel to her employment with the Foreign Office and UNESCO (Accn 2519)
  • Sir Hector James Wright Hetherington, university administrator: additional papers 1915-65 (DC 8)
  • Edward Taylor Jones, physicist: papers 1895-1961 (Accn 2635)
  • Cecil James Mullo Weir, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages: papers 1923-68 (Accn 2653)
  • Sir Alwyn Williams, geologist and Principal of Glasgow University: additional papers c1950-2004 (DC223)
  • Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Troon: additional plans and specifications c1970-1979 (GD400)
  • Geological Society of Glasgow: minutes, financial records, membership papers, photographs 1858-1980 (Accn 2561)
  • Glasgow Archaeological Society: minutes, corresp, publications etc 1880-2002 (DC66)
  • Glasgow Field Geological Society: minutes, guardbook of notices, papers rel to Scottish Journal of Geology 1858-1990 (Accn 2561)
  • Glasgow University Ladies Club: minute books and photographs 1984-1999 (Accn 2542)