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Major accessions to repositories in 2004 relating to Science


Gloucestershire Record Office

  • Wyvern Astronomical Society: additional papers 1959-1966 (D9057)

Shropshire Archives

  • Henry Percy Gilding, physiologist: family corresp, papers and photographs incl diary and letters rel to World War I c1908-1959 (Acc 7185)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • Ernest Gold, meteorologist and deputy director of the Meteorological Office: papers incl diaries, travel journals, corresp and material rel to family history of the Gold family of Warwickshire and the Harlow family of Scotland 19th cent - 20th cent (CR3868)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, scientist and birth control pioneer: additional papers

National Library of Ireland

  • Portion of a letter from Sir William Rowan Hamilton to Rev Humphrey Lloyd illustrating with algebraic formulae that "quaternions will do everything" 1856 (Acc 6074)

Natural History Museum

  • Kenneth MacKinnon Guichard, entomologist: diaries and papers 1940-1999
  • Stanley Norman Aflalo Jacobs, entomologist: papers 1936-1979
  • Basil Joseph MacNulty, entomologist: diaries 1977-1990

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Library and Archives

  • Geoffrey Alton Craig Herklots, botanist: additional papers and illustrations (Acc PrP 04-0001)
  • Robert James Johns, botanist: papers rel to projects in Indonesia and New Guinea (Acc QX 04-0012)
  • Stephen Andrew Renvoize, botanist: papers rel to Aldabra Island (QX 04-0016)
  • Colin Graham Trapnell, botanist: additional records, photographs of Zambian expeditions (Acc PrP 04-003)

Science Museum Library

  • Charles Grover, astronomer: astronomical mss works, notebooks and sketches 1862-1917 (MS 2127)


Institution of Electrical Engineers Archives Department

  • Michael Faraday, natural philosopher: letter to Benjamin Abbott 1836 (SC MSS 181)
  • International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists: additional records 1988-2000 (NAEST 132B)

Linnean Society of London

  • John Christopher Willis, botanist: corresp and family papers, notes and typescripts

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • George Bond Howes, zoologist: lecture notes on fish 1891 (Add Mss 581)

Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine

  • Joshua Harold Burn, pharmacologist: corresp with E Muscholl on the Burn-Rand hypothesis 1962-1972 (MS 8161)
  • Clifford Dobell, zoologist: mss of publications and other papers (WA/MMS)
  • Norman George Heatley, biochemist: additional records, diaries and papers rel to his work with penicillin 1932-2003 (GC/48)
  • John Read, radiobiologist: research papers 1931-1994 (PP/JRE)


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • Alexander Stuart Douglas, physician, scientist and haematologist: professional papers 1946-97

Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department

  • John Humphreys, botanist: papers and corresp 1865-1937 (MS190)

Bristol University Information Services: Special Collections

  • Thomas Beddoes, physician and writer: letter to Joseph Priestley recommending Davies Gilbert 1791 (DM 1981)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Charles Cardale Babington (1808-1895), botanist and archaeologist: MS draft of 'The British Rubi' (a study of brambles) (MS Add. 9691)
  • Richard Bradley, botanist: MS botanical lectures on the principles of vegetation c1724-1732 (MS Add. 9674)
  • Thomas Mckenny Hughes (1832-1917), geologist: further papers (MS Add. 9557 (addnl))
  • John Martyn, botanist: biographical collections on botanists, with MS 'Tabulae generum plantarum...' c1720-1765 (MSS Add. 9684-88)
  • Thomas Martyn, botanist: MS bibliography of botany c1772 (MS Add. 9689)
  • William Williamson Newbould, topographer and botanist: notes on editions of 'The Manual of English Botany' and other botanical notes c1862-1881 (MSS Add. 9677, 9696)
  • Lt-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers (1827-1900), anthropologist and archaeologist: catalogue of the library at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Farnham (MS Add. 9455 (addnl))
  • John William Salter, geologist: drawings and papers for CC Babington's 'The British Rubi' 1865 (MS Add. 9694)
  • Nathaniel Wallich, botanist: MS list of dried plants in the East India Company Museum 1828 (MS Add. 9695)
  • CB Green, botanist: MS of 'The Flora of the Isle of Purbeck' c1911-17 (MS Add. 9678)
  • Ernest Farrow, botanist: MS of 'On the Ecology of the Vegetation of Breckland' 1915 (MS Add. 9681)
  • WCR Watson, botanist: notes for a revision of EF Linton's 'British Rubi' c1938-1939 (MS Add. 9680)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Sir William Rede Hawthorne (b 1913), Professor of Applied Thermodynamics: further scientific papers (HATN)

Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

  • David Lewis, medical entomologist: copies of corresp with his wife Lesley, together with her diaries and explanatory notes 1935-72 (G//S 1267)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • Norman Lockyer Observatory: financial records 1944-1966 (MS 246)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • Sir Alwyn Williams, geologist and Principal of Glasgow University: additional papers c1950-2004 (DC223)
  • Geological Society of Glasgow: minutes, financial records, membership papers, photographs 1858-1980 (Accn 2561)
  • Glasgow Field Geological Society: minutes, guardbook of notices, papers rel to Scottish Journal of Geology 1858-1990 (Accn 2561)

Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives

  • Derek Hull, Professor of Metallurgy: papers (D.929)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell, Knight Astronomer: personal file rel to Professor Robert Hanbury Brown, astronomer (Acc 2004/009)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Philip Skippon, Major General MP: letter to John Ray 1671 (MS 435)
  • Francis Willughby, Naturalist: letters to John Ray 1666-70 (MS 435)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

  • Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin, chemist: corresp and papers 1828-1993 (NCUACS 47.3.94)

Sheffield University Library

  • George Norton Critchley, chemist: memoir rel to career 1930-41 (MS 311)
  • Neville Mowbray Potter, chemist and geologist: memoirs rel to period as a student and career at National Coal Board (MS 321)