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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design: 2003 Accessions

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  • David Harris, graphic designer: papers c1940-89 (AAD/2003/9)
  • Charles Holme, textile manufacturer, entrepreneur: papers 1873-1924 (AAD/2003/10)
  • Alec Miller, sculptor and carver: papers c1849-1994 (AAD/2003/18)
  • Fritz Rosen, poster artist: papers c1920-49 (AAD/2003/20)
  • Charles Harrison Townsend, architect and designer: papers c1806-2003 (AAD/2003/14)
  • John Wolland, interior designer: papers 1919-92 (AAD/2003/19)
  • Leo Wyatt, printmaker and teacher (addnl): papers (AAD/2003/16)
  • Allied Maples Group, furniture retailers and manufacturers (addnl): records 1949-69 (AAD/2003/16)
  • Heal & Son Ltd, Heal's department store, bedding, quilt and mattress manufacturers, cabinet makers and upholsterers (addnl): records c1880-1959 (AAD/2003/2)
  • James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars) Ltd, stained glass manufacturers, Harrow (addnl): sketch books c1910-30 (AAD/2003/1)
  • Arts Council of Great Britain (addnl): records incl papers of the Visual Arts Advisory Panel 1946-94 (AAD/2003/12)
  • British Display Society (addnl): records 1946-2002 (AAD/2003/3)
  • Crafts Council (addnl): records 1990-99 (AAD/2003/11)
  • Design and Industries Association (addnl): records 1924-99 (AAD/2003/5)
  • Designer Bookbinders: records 1956-2002 (AAD/2003/6)
  • Society of Women Artists (addnl): records 1997-2003 (AAD/2003/13)