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British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections (previously Oriental and India Office Library): 2003 Accessions

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  • Wood family of India: corresp and papers c1860-1959 (0304/28)
  • Colonel Cecil John Lyons Allanson: diary describing the Gallipoli campaign whilst commanding the 6th Gurkha Rifles 1915 (F479)
  • General Sir Samuel James Browne (1824-1901), Bengal Army: corresp and papers (0304/01)
  • John Russell Colvin (1807-1857), Indian administrator (addnl): papers incl family material (F470)
  • William Crawley: journal of a voyage from China to England on ship Ceres 1797-98 (0304/06)
  • Private Samuel Gaskill: papers rel to service in the Indian Mutiny 1855-75 (F468)
  • Sir Maurice Linford Gwyer (1878-1952), Chief Justice of India (addnl): papers (0304/09)
  • Colonel Terence Henry Hight: diaries and notebooks, incl those of his grandfather General Sir Charles Hight and great-uncle General William Henry Whitlock, rel to service in Indian Army and Madras Army 1842-1922 (F471)
  • Major-General George Arthur James Leslie: copies of letters rel to situation and military operations in Iraq 1920 (F462)
  • Lieutenant Charles Frederick Liardet: diary rel to First China War 1842 (Photo Eur 480)
  • Captain John Lloyd, East India Company Marine Service: pages from his private trade account books 1791 (0304/16)
  • William Stanley Milne, Indian administrator: letters and papers rel to life in India 1900-17 (F469)
  • Henry Prescott Roberts, surgeon, Indian Medical Service: journal of his voyage to India, with diary of his fiancee Ellen Rosalind Thompson 1868-80 (F478)
  • Sarah Rosalie Robinson, wife of James Robinson, Assistant Surgeon in Bengal Army: diary describing life at Secrole station, Bengal 1814 (0304/24)
  • John Robert Roskell (1824-1866), Madras and British Army: transcripts and copies of letters to his family from India (Photo Eur 479)
  • Captain Sir John Edward Maurice Rowland: diary and letters rel to the retreat from Burma 1942 (F481)
  • Victor William Smith (1891-1968), Indian Police and Intelligence Officer: papers (0304/10)
  • East India Co (addnl): regimental accounts 1777-85 (0304/26)