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British Library, Music Collections: 2003 Accessions

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  • Claude Bampton (1908-1969), pianist, composer and band leader: corresp, photographs and cuttings (Music Deposit 2003/27)
  • Ellen Elizabeth Dickson (1819-1878), also known as Dolores Dickson, composer: music MSS (Music Deposit 2003/09)
  • Sir Eugene Goossens (1893-1962), conductor and musical critic (addnl): corresp (Music Deposit 2003/03)
  • Jonathan Dean Harvey (b 1939), composer: music MSS (Add.71525-71527, MS Mus.324-325, Dep 2002/15, /23)
  • Anthony Francis Dominic Milner (1925-2003), composer (addnl): music MSS and diaries (Music Deposit 2003/18)
  • Benno Moiseiwitsch (1890-1963), pianist: annotated piano music of various composers (Music Deposit 2003/30)
  • Sir Harold Malcolm Watts Sargent (1895-1967), conductor: corresp (Music Deposit 2004/03)
  • Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924), composer and conductor: music MSS (MSS Mus. 896-922)
  • Alan Walker Tyson (1926-2000), musicologist and book collector: collection of music MSS and printed material (Tyson)
  • John Gerrard Williams (1888-1947), composer: music MSS (Music Deposit 2003/02)
  • Friends of Pierre Bernac: papers (Music Deposit 2003/18)
  • Royal Philharmonic Society, London: music MSS and papers (RPS MSS 1-417)