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London Metropolitan University: The Women's Library: 2003 Accessions

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  • Adelaide Anderson, civil servant: papers, lecture notes 1885-1936 (7/AMA)
  • Dame Geraldine Maitland Aves, civil servant and welfare worker (addnl): papers c1980-89 (7/GMA)
  • Ina Beasley, Sudan Education Service: drafts of published and unpublished works rel to work in Sudan and Burma and to her biography of Ann Judson 1939-89 (7/INB)
  • Dorothea Edith Belfield, deaconess: corresp rel to her work c1930-39 (7/DEB)
  • Millicent Garrett Fawcett, feminist and suffragist (addnl): papers rel to Mrs Fawcett Victory Thanksgiving Fund 1918-19 (7/MGF)
  • Berta Freistadt, playwright and feminist: papers and artistic materials 1979-84 (7/BFR)
  • Janet Hadley, feminist: conference papers rel mainly to racism 1978-79 (7/JEH/3)
  • Jean Henderson, barrister, lecturer, liberal activist: personal corresp, juvenilia and family papers 1904-52 (7/HEN)
  • Mary Henrietta Kingsley, traveller and writer: MS of speech on women's suffrage 1900 (7/MHK)
  • Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence, 1st Baron Pethick-Lawrence, statesman: letters to William Ironside 1953-57 (7/WIR)
  • Jill Liddington: CD recording and papers rel to descendants of radical suffragists 2002 (8/LID)
  • Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragist and political campaigner (addnl): corresp rel to Pankhurst family adoptions c1918-86 (7/ESP)
  • Nina Popplewell, suffragette and civil servant: lecture notes, corresp and papers rel to pensions and national insurance c1950-89 (7/POP)
  • Florence C Stevens, suffragette: MS memoir rel to work in Womens Social and Political Union, incl role in the band (7/FCS)
  • The Women's Press (addnl): records, incl corresp and editorial files c1980-2003 (6/TWP)
  • Catholic Womens Ordination: press material, corresp and newsletters 1994-2002 (5/RCW)
  • Girls Friendly Society: records incl minutes, corresp and registers 1875-1985 (5/GFS)
  • League of Church Militant, Anglican suffragist organisation: papers rel to dissolution 1928 (5/LCM)
  • Mothers in Action (addnl): records incl minutes 1970-74 (5/MIA/2)
  • National Federation of Womens Institutes (addnl): records c1920-99 (5/FWI)
  • National Federation of Womens Institutes (addnl): recorded interviews with officers c1970-89 (5/FWI)
  • New Ways to Work, youth employment organisation: records 1985-2002 (6/NWW)
  • Parents at Work, children's welfare organisation: records c1980-2002 (6/PAW)
  • St Joan's International Alliance (addnl): minutes, material rel to organisation's history, cuttings c1920-81 (2/SJA)
  • Society for Overseas Settlement of British Women (addnl): minutes, corresp and ephemera 1901-50 (1/SOS)
  • Womens Employment Federation (addnl): accounts and banking records 1917-62 (6/WEF)
  • Womens Lacrosse Association: minutes and papers of constituent bodies 1913-93 (5/LAX)
  • Anonymous notebook containing notes rel to women's suffrage and factory legislation, with press cuttings 1908-36 (7/MMI)
  • Misc letters rel to membership and organisation of lectures at Womens Institute 1898-1926 (9/15)