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Glasgow University Archive Services: 2002 Accessions

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  • Andrew Douglas Alexander Thomas Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin, 15th Earl of Kincardine: business papers incl material rel to Scottish National Development Council and Empire Exhibition 1930-60 (Accn 2270)
  • Ranald Warren Monteith Clouston, engineer and archivist, Babcock & Wilcox Ltd: papers c1940-99
  • John Gray: research books and papers rel to Clan Macfarlane c1200-1990 (Accn 2177)
  • Sir John Currie Gunn, physicist: papers c1940-90 (Accn 2260)
  • George Frederick Barclay Houston (b 1920), economist: corresp and papers 1939-86 (Accn 2193)
  • John Hunter, sailor in the Merchant and Royal Navy: diary 1865-1912 (UGC 76)
  • Sir Stephen J Pigott: ship and turbine specifications, technical notes, notebooks and photographs rel to John Brown & Co (Clydebank) Ltd 1896-1953 (Accn 2230)
  • WM Rankine: papers rel to Clement Attlee's campaign in Glasgow University rectorial election 1956 (UGC 62)
  • Alexander Percy Walker (b 1916), physician: lecture notes and papers rel to wartime medical service c1932-46 (Accn 2313)
  • Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Troon (addnl): specifications and photographs c1970-79 (GD 400)
  • Clifton & Baird Ltd, machine tool manufacturers, Johnstone: plans, photographs and technical material c1908-2002 (Accn 2301)
  • Clyde Shipping Co Ltd, Glasgow (addnl): scrapbook rel to the company's tugs 1945-60 (UGD 176)
  • Leitch & Sharpe, consulting civil engineers, Glasgow: letters, specifications and plans c1950-2002 (Accn 2216)
  • P & W MacLellan Ltd, steel stockholders and engineers, Glasgow (addnl): research papers of GDS MacLellan rel to company history c1990-99 (UGD 153)
  • Mitsui Babcock Energy Ltd, civil engineers, Renfrew (addnl): annual reports, technical and publicity material c1950-2001 (UGD 309)
  • Scott & Sons (Bowling) Ltd, shipbuilders (addnl): specifications and photographs c1970-79 (GD 322)
  • Crichton College Project, Dumfries: papers and reports 1996-99 (Accn 2150)
  • Engineering Employers Federation: wage statistics reports 1914-62 (Accn 2162)
  • Glasgow University Boat Club: minutes, scrapbooks, press cuttings 1877-1995 (UGC 78)
  • Glasgow University Settlement (addnl): minutes, annual reports, memoranda and articles 1935-2002 (DC 22)
  • Scottish Milk Marketing Board (addnl): board minutes and papers, publicity material, herd books 1918-92 (UGC 2)