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British Library, Music Collections: 2002 Accessions

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  • Thomas Adams, composer and organist (addnl): letters to Eliza Wesley 1836-50 (MS Mus. 247)
  • Richard Anthony Sayer Arnell (b 1917), composer: music MSS (Add MSS 59682-59688, MSS Mus. 219-228)
  • Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (b 1934), knight, composer and conductor (addnl): musical MSS and papers (MS Mus. 286)
  • Charles Diddin (1745-1814), dramatist and songwriter (addnl): muscial compositions (MSS Mus. 149-152)
  • Sir Eugene Goossens (1893-1962), knight, conductor and composer: letters to the musical critic Ernest Newman (1868-1959) (MS Mus. 311)
  • Joseph Holbrooke (fl1895-1916), composer (addnl): letters to Ernest Newman (1868-1959), musical critic (MS Mus. 312-313)
  • Joseph Holbrooke (fl1895-1916), composer (addnl): music MSS (MSS Mus.230-232)
  • Frank Stewart Howes, musician critic and writer (addnl): autobiography 1972 (MS Mus. 283)
  • James Mearns (1855-1922), hymnologist (addnl): hymnological indexes (MSS Mus. 314-323)
  • Humphrey Searle (1915-1982), composer (addnl): corresp and musical MSS (Music Deposit 2002/10, 2002/20, 2002/24)
  • Sir George Thomas Smart (1776-1867), knight, musician and orchestral conductor (addnl): corresp and papers incl memoranda book (MSS Mus. 133A)
  • Dame Ethel Mary Smyth (1858-1944), composer and suffragist (addnl): MSS compositions and notebook (MSS Mus. 241-242)
  • Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan (1842-1900), composer (addnl): letters to Sybil Seligman, singer (MS Mus. 133F)
  • Sir Michael Kemp Tippett,knight and composer (addnl): corresp music MSS and papers 1934-83 (71099-71103, 72001-72071, MSS Mus. 134 D-E, 289-29)
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958), composer (addnl): music MSS, corresp and misc papers (MSS Mus. 153-165)
  • Concert Society minute book and autograph albums collected by Henry Edward Rensburg, stockbroker and music critic 1843, 1872-1927 (MSS Mus. 307-310)
  • The Handel Society (London): registers, minutes, accounts and programmes of events 1882-1939 (Music Deposit 2002/12)
  • Letters to Leslie Heward (1897-1943), conductor and composer, from several correspondents 1935-47 (MS Mus. 134 A)
  • Letters to Iris Lemare (1902-1997), composer, from various correspondents (MSS Mus. 287-288)