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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2002 Accessions

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  • John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1834-1902), 1st Baron Acton and historian (addnl): misc family papers (Add MS 9616)
  • Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947), 1st Earl Baldwin (addnl): papers (Baldwin)
  • Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, composer: lectures on music, concert and lecture programmes and music transcriptions c1837-54 (Add MS 9634)
  • Diana Bloomfield, wood engraver and book illustrator: letters to Evelyn Ansell 1962-63 (Add MS 9632)
  • George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge (addnl): letters to Sir Charles Lennox Wyke 1855-96 (Add MS 9596)
  • Donald C Coleman, economic historian: unpublished typescript memoir of the London School of Economics and Cambridge 1995 (Add MS 9622)
  • Samuel Coverly: journals of a voyage to Canton and return to England 1815-18 (Add MS 9639)
  • VN Datta, historian of India (addnl): letters from various correspondents incl EM Forster and Lord Dacre (Add MS 9578 (addl))
  • Meyer Fortes, anthropologist (addnl): letters from various correspondents incl EE Evans-Pritchard, HM Gluckman and Lucy Mair 1928-71 (ADD MS 8405 (addl))
  • John Hilton (1880-1943), professor of industrial relations: corresp with Edna Nixon (Add MS 9615)
  • Thomas De Havilland: journal of voyage to and from Colombo 1796-97 (Add MS 9625)
  • Laurence Housman, poet: letters to Leslie Harries1943-45 (Add MS 9563/61-70)
  • John H Morgan: meteorological observations at Cambridge Observatory 1846-47 (Add MS 9637)
  • Sir Neville Francis Mott, physicist: corresp and papers 1929-96 (Mott)
  • Richard Green Moulton, literary scholar: letters to Miss Marriott 1887-1905 (Add MS 9563/72-82)
  • Harold Edward Musson (1920-65), historian of religion (addnl): papers (Add MS 9570 (addl))
  • Sir James Stephen, civil servant and historian (addnl): letters to Marianne Thornton 1834-38 (Add MS 9563/50-60)
  • John Sebastian Bach Stopford (1888-1961), Baron Stopford, neurologist: annotated typescript of 'The Arteries of the Pons and Medulla oblongata' (Add MS 9617)
  • Elbridge Webster: naval journal and commonplace book c1850-59 (Add MS 9640)
  • Jardine Matheson & Co Ltd, merchants in China and the Far East (addnl): minute books of the Hong Kong Land Investment and Agency Co Ltd 1889-1950 (Jardine Matheson)
  • Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd, armaments manufacturers, shipbuilders and engineers, London (addnl): misc photographs and papers 1913, 1947-99 (Vickers 1942-44)
  • Cambridge student's notebook believed to have belonged to a Thomas Sharpe 17th cent (Add MS 9641)
  • Yvette Guilbert (1865-1944), singer: collection of French medieval music and songs (Add MS 9635)
  • John Philip Wellesley Gaskell, librarian and literary scholar: early history of the University Bibliographical Press 1951-55 (Add MS 9624)