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Royal Naval Museum: 2002 Accessions

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  • Joseph Blackham (b1912), rear-admiral: typescript memoirs (2 volmes) rel to his early life and naval service (2002/82)
  • Matthew Buckle, lieutenant: MSS commonplace book incl copies of letters and orders written when in command of the Armed Vessel Mary and as Agent for Transports 1793-95 (2002/73)
  • Donald Butcher (b1920), able seaman: papers rel to his naval career incl his diaries of service on HMS Nelson and HMS Halladale (2002/39)
  • James Daly, midshipman: diary kept whilst serving on HMS Liverpool and HMS Magaera 1869-71 (2002/70)
  • Charles Thomas Jeffrey (c1874-1944), petty officer: papers incl memoirs and his service in HMS Raleigh with action in naval brigade in Gambia (2002/15)
  • Darcy Laker, telegrapher: typescript memoir rel to his service career 1914-19 (2002/8)
  • Cyril Luckham, midshipman: journal kept whilst serving on HMS Ramillies and HMS Walpole 1927-27 (2002/59)
  • Jonathan Maughan, commander in the Navy: order books (3) from HMS Britannia and HMS Berkeley 1991-96
  • John May, able seaman: memoir of naval service 1944-57 (2002/38)
  • William Mills, leading stoker: diary ket on HMS Zealandia covering her deployment during the Balkan War between Turkey and Greece 1912-13 (2002/69)
  • William Robertson, wireless telegrapher: diaries rel to his time on board HMS Northern Spray and HMS Protector covering the Norwegian campaign 1940 (2002/9)
  • George Slaughter, lieutenant: corresp, certificates and reports rel to his naval career on HMS Suffolk, HMS Intrepid, HMS Suffolk and HMS Apollo 1941-45 (2002/83)
  • Andrew Tarry, sub-lieutenant: diary kept on board HMS Zetland 1942 (2002/10)
  • Ernest Willey, engine room artificer: MSS diary covering service in HMS Boadicea and accounts of the Battle of Jutland 1916-17 (2002/80)
  • Sir Barry Wilson (b1936), vice admiral: papers rel to his career (2002/13)
  • Manuscript account of the Battle of Jutland, author uncertain either Jack or Sam Berry (2002/48)
  • Manuscript volume of detailed sketches of the hits and battle damage suffered by ships during the Battle of Jutland 1916 (2002/14)
  • Misc pocket diaries (5) kept by an unidentified stoker serving on HMS Wanderer and HMS Venomous 1924-1928 (2002/7)
  • Typescript entitled 'The Southdown Story' a diary covering the service of HMS Southdown by an anonymous sailor 1943-45 (2002/11)