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London Metropolitan University: The Women's Library: 2002 Accessions

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  • Helen Millar Craggs (1888-1969), suffragist: corresp, photographs, newspaper cuttings and assorted papers and booklets incl memoir of Helen Pethick-Lawrence (7/HCR)
  • Phyllis A Deakin (d 1997), journalist (addnl): folder of published and MS poems with corresp from potential publishers, press cuttings and correps rel to gift by Queen to Women's City Club (7/PAD)
  • Nina Hutchinson (1943-1994), political campaigner: papers rel to a wide range of her activities (7/NHH)
  • Jean McCrindle (fl1960-1989), women's campaigner and author: papers incl records of Women Against Pit Closures, minutes, newsletters, press cuttings, photographs, video tapes, diary extracts, copy of thesis, pamphlets, books and misc objects c1980-89 (7/JMC)
  • Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragist and political campaigner: typescript drafts of articles and presscuttings of her writings and two articles by Richard Pankhurst rel to his mother c1930-2001 (7/ESP)
  • Jean Scott Rogers (1908-2000), author: personal diaries (37) (7/JSR)
  • Amelia Scott (1860-1952), women's campaigner: papers incl to her involvement in the Tunbridge Wells branch of the National Council of Women, account books and misc papers (7/ASC)
  • Miss Great Britain Competition: records incl administrative corresp, papers, files and photographs c1950-89 (GB 0106 5/MGB)
  • Brighton's Women's Centre: establishment and administrative papers, diaries and log books, feminist publications, campaign and project papers incl rel to the Talking Liberties Festival, photograph, posters and AV material (5/BWC)
  • British Federation of Women Graduates (addnl): records incl president's working file, papers concerning the death of members, minutes of various committees, circulars and misc papers 1933-98 (5/BFW)
  • Catholic Women's Ordination Society (addnl): corresp, question and answer sheets and a notebook containing mailing information 1994-2000 (5/RCW)
  • Fawcett Society (addnl): annual reports, minutes, newsletters, publicity material, committee papers, papers concerning position of women in society incl the Equal Pay campaign, accounts and cartoons 1938-2000 (5/FAW)
  • Gingerbread Association for One Parent Families (addnl): records incl administrative files, reports and publications c1970-99 (5/GNB)
  • Institute of Home Economics (addnl): committee papers, publications, reports and subject files c1980-99 (6/IHE)
  • Ladies National Association for the Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts (addnl): hand written manifesto with names of supporters of the Association 1869 (2/LNA)
  • Movement for the Ordination of Women (addnl): records incl corresp, reports and publications 1951-94 (6/MOV)
  • National Federation of Womens Institutes: records incl minute books, files, photographs, books, pamphlets, flyers, periodicals, administrative papers, recipe books, badges, and prescuttings c1840-1999 (5/FWI)
  • National Women's Register (addnl): working papers incl conference papers, papers rel to the 30th birthday celebrations, photogrpahs, circulars, books, videos, and newsletters c1980-89 (5/NWR)
  • Society for the Ministry of Women in the Church: records incl minute books, newsletters, press cutting, ephemera and pamphlets 1938-97 (5/SMW)
  • St Joan's International Alliance (addnl): briefing papers 1990-99 (2/SJF)
  • The Women's Press: editorial, publicity and production files 1985-96 (6/TWP)
  • Women's Information and Study Centre (addnl): general papers containing material on the Change and Choice workshops, press cuttings, transcripts of talks/lectures 1980-84 (5/WIS)
  • Women's Sports Foundation: annual reports, agendas, constitution, policy documents, resource packs, promotional material, photographs, books, videos and audio taped interviews 1986-2000 (5/WSF)
  • Phyllis Formand (1928-2001), nee Warner, disabled rights campaigner: papers rel to a service of thanksgiving and obituaries for Formand with an unpublished ts autobiography with a table of contents compiled by her friend Sally Nicholls (7/JSR)
  • Bernard Dobson (1947-1979), writer and Ethel Edith Mannin (1900-1984), afterwards Reynolds, writer: corresp reflecting the relationship between Dobson and Mannin referring to their daily lives, her career, literature, mutual friends and presscutting (7/BDO)