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Major accessions to repositories in 2002 relating to Science


Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service

  • Royal Aircraft Establishment, Bedford: records 20th cent

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Sudbury meteorological records 1961-1997 (HD 2556)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Bognor Regis Natural Science Society: records 1938-99 (Acc 12797)


Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • Douglas Hugh Everett, professor of physical chemistry: papers rel to his service as a Scientific Officer with the Special Operations Executive 1942-45

Science Museum Library

  • Henry Woodcroft Hammond: letters patent granted for an improved compound Blower with wax seal in can 1873 (MS 116)
  • William Millard: letters patent granted for improvements in Jacquard looms with wax seal in can 1871 (MS 117)
  • Hugh S Torrens, professor of engineering: research notes and printed material collection on the life and work of the inventor and engineer Ernest M Feuerheerd (1876-1948) (MS 682)
  • Original MS drawings for Martin Lister's 'Concyhilorum Bivalvium' 1696 (MS 685)
  • Papers rel to the work of optical instrument makers Harold Dennis Taylor (1850-1943) of Thomas Cooke & Sons, and his son Edward Wilfred Taylor (1891-1980) of Cooke, Troughton (MS 2112)


Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department

  • Sir William Augustus Tilden, Professor of Chemistry: letters from fellow chemists across Europe, Russia and USA 1874-1917 (US66)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Meyer Fortes, anthropologist (addnl): letters from various correspondents incl EE Evans-Pritchard, HM Gluckman and Lucy Mair 1928-71 (ADD MS 8405 (addl))
  • John H Morgan: meteorological observations at Cambridge Observatory 1846-47 (Add MS 9637)
  • Sir Neville Francis Mott, physicist: corresp and papers 1929-96 (Mott)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Francis Thomas Bacon (1904-1993), engineer (addnl): letters, photographs, published articles and misc papers (BACN)
  • Sir Hermann Bondi, mathematician and astronomer (addnl): memoir by Gerard Friedlander 2000 and misc papers rel to the Naval Radar Trust c1986-2000 (BOND)
  • Sir George Donald Alastair MacDougall, economist: corresp and papers c1930-2002 (MACD)
  • Lise Meitner, German nuclear physicist (addnl): letters of Elizabeth Rettig to Marianne Corbach about her care in old age 1965-67 (MTNR AS)
  • Bruno Pontecorvo (1913-1993), physicist (addnl): misc corresp and papers (PNVO)
  • Sir Martin Ryle (1918-1984), astronomer (addnl): corresp and papers (RYLE)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Sir Frederick Henry Stewart (1916-2001), geologist: papers (E2002.12)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • Sir John Currie Gunn, physicist: papers c1940-90 (Accn 2260)

London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division

  • Alfred Zauberman (1903-1984), reader in Economics: unpublished MS of 'Mathematical Theories of Decentralisation - in West and East' (COLL MISC 1120)

London University: University College London (UCL) Manuscripts Room

  • Professor John Russell Napier (b 1917), primatologist and founder of the Primate Society of Great Britain: personal papers, books and reprints (NAPIER)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Manchester University, Department of Chemistry (addnl): departmental records incl notebooks of Professor Geoffrey Gee (1910-96) (Acc 2002/17, 23)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Edward Raymond Andrew, physicist: academic papers c1939-2000 (ACC 1773,1785,1792)

Reading University Library

  • R W Ditcham (1903-1987), physicist: papers incl scientific corresp

Sheffield University Library

  • Emily Gertrude Turner (1888-1956), lecturer in chemistry: personal corresp and papers (MS 280)

St Andrews University Library

  • George Adrian Horridge (b 1927), marine zoologist: misc papers rel to the Gatty Marine Laboratory, St Andrews (ms38340)
  • Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, zoologist and classical scholar: scrapbook rel to him c1845-1980 (ms50167)