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Major accessions to repositories in 2002 relating to Natural History


Anglesey County Record Office

  • RH Roberts: 'Atlas of Flowering Plants and Ferns of Anglesey' typescript, based on observations from 1955-2000 (WM/1986)

Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies

  • John Norman Pring, Elworth: diaries and notebooks incl local events, birdwatching and studies in Belgium and the USA 1894-1907 (D 6367)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • John Joseph Briggs (1819-1876), naturalist and topographer: day books and notes and illustrations for a publication (D5709)

Dundee City Archives

  • William Andrew, schoolmaster: diaries and papers incl material rel to Kettins School gardens and meteorological station 1895-1961

Ealing Local History Centre

  • Ealing Microscopical and Natural History Club: scrapbook and papers 1877-1934 (Accession 309)

Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

  • Rochester And District Natural History Society (addnl): records 1910-2002 (DE814)

Norfolk Record Office

  • British Beekeepers Association, Norfolk branch: records 1923-69 (SO 229)
  • Norfolk Young Naturalists Society: records 1966-90 (ACC 2002/228)
  • Sprowston Horticultural Club: minutes and papers 1953-89 (ACC 2002/69)

Surrey History Centre

  • Alan Mitchell, dendrologist and ornithologist (addnl): notebook of recording tree species in the Farnham area and elsewhere in Surrey and Hampshire 1970-95 (6983 additional)

The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

  • James Harley (fl 1840-1848), ornithologist: ms vol on the vertebrated animals of Leicestershire (DE6254)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Chichester Natural History Society: records 1963-2000 (Acc 12772)
  • Sussex Ornithological Society (addnl): records 1967-99 (Acc 12762)


Natural History Museum

  • Dr Peter Andrews, professor of Palaeontology: corresp and research papers incl papers of E J Wayland and Bob bishop 1968-2001 (Palaeontology Department)
  • Dr Harold Ball, keeper of Palaeontology: corresp and papers c1960-89 (Palaeontology Department)
  • William Fassnidge, entomologist: three collecting diaries comprising entomological notes and field observations c1922-35 (Entomology Library)
  • Anthony Gepp, botanist: misc letters and notes rel to the Algae Section of the Botany Department c1880-1910 (Botany Department)
  • Robin Grant Harvey, anthropologist: papers incl research rel to Papua New Guinea, the Faroe Islands, work with the Royal Anthropological Institute 1975-85 (Paleontology Department)
  • John Heath, entomologist: MS collection consisting of notes on Lepidoptera recorded in Devon and Cornwall and corresp rel to Heath c1941-48 (Entomology Library)
  • M A C Hinton, keeper of Zoology: papers c1950-61 (Zoology Department)
  • Derek Anthony Holmes (1938-2000), ornithologist (addnl): notebooks on birds of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, West Africa, Pakistan and Europe (Tring Ornothological Library)
  • Michael J Roberts (b 1945), natural history author and illustrator: 268 drawings of spiders as used in his 1985 and 1995 books (Entomology Library)
  • Robert Ross, keeper of Botany: corresp 1966-99 (Botany Department)
  • John Gordon Sheals, keeper of Zoology: corresp and papers 1971-85 (Zoology Department)
  • Geoffrey Tandy, botanist: corresp rel to the Algae Section of the Botany Department c1931-39 (Botany Department)
  • Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1914), naturalist: personal and related family papers incl corresp, accounts, publisher's proofs, reprints, photographs and misc papers (General Library)
  • Christopher Amyas Wright, taxonomist and parasitologist: corresp and papers 1954-83 (Zoology Department)
  • Crystallography Unit of the Mineralogy Department: research notes and corresp incl the work of Fejerm Prior, Spencer and Bannister incl paper rel to the work of the latter on early x-ray crystallography (Mineralogy Department)
  • Mollusca Section of the Zoology Department: corresp 1987-91 (Zoology Department)
  • Parastic Worms Section of the Zoology Department: corresp, drawings and research papers of Harry Arnold Baylis (1889-1972), zoologist c1950-79 (Zoology Department)
  • Kenneth M Guichard, entomologist: 50 entomological collecting notebooks rel to his activities in the Gold Coast, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, France, India, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Portugal c1940-98 (Entomology Library)
  • S Gould, curator of Asteraceae: corresp 1976-1990 (Botany Department)

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Library and Archives

  • John Gregory Hawkes, botanist: plant collecting notes rel to Central and South America 1939-74 (Acc PrP 02-0008)
  • Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911), botanist: lecture notebook (Acc PrP 02-0007)
  • John Eliot Howard, botanist: papers rel to Cinchona c1850-89 (Acc PrP 02-0003)
  • Robert Lyall, botanist and traveller: list of Madagascar plants 1830 (Acc PrP 02)
  • Norman Douglas Simpson, botanist and colonial administrator: plant collecting notebooks rel to Egypt 1922-30 (Acc QX 02-)
  • Harry Marshall Ward, botanist: family letters 1880-82 (Acc PrP 02-0009)
  • Frederick Robert Elliston Wright (c1879-1966), doctor and naturalist: botanical notes on Sagina (Acc PrP 02)


Chethams Library

  • Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, Gorton: misc records rel to Jennison family


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • Adam NG Moore: papers as a student incl zoology notebooks 1955-64 (MS 3706)

Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

  • Moor House National Nature Reserve, Upper Teesdale (addnl): records c1951-80 (Misc.2001/2002:83)

Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives

  • David Leslie Hughes (1912-1990), professor of veterinary pathology: papers (D.874)

St Andrews University Library

  • George Adrian Horridge (b 1927), marine zoologist: misc papers rel to the Gatty Marine Laboratory, St Andrews (ms38340)
  • Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, zoologist and classical scholar: scrapbook rel to him c1845-1980 (ms50167)

University of Bristol Information Services: Special Collections

  • Dr Lewis C Frost, botanist: notebooks rel to flora of the Lizard Peninsula, slides and other collected papers 1746-1987 (DM 1922)