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Major accessions to repositories in 2002 relating to Maritime History


Anglesey County Record Office

  • Gerald Norman Jones (1885-1958), Commodore RN: papers rel to maritime career (WD/9)
  • John Parry, naval captain: papers rel to maritime career 1902-52 (WM/1971)

Ayrshire Archives

  • J Jaffray: log book of work rel to dredging 1844 (Acc.765)
  • Associated British Ports Group: Ayr administrative and financial records, technical records rel to Ailsa Troon shipyard c1985-99 (Acc.716)
  • Associated British Ports Group: Troon harbour port books 1942-85 (Acc.717)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Cambridge

  • Port of Wisbech: register of crews engaged 1851-1909 (R102/062)

Carmarthenshire Archive Service

  • Llanelli port: register of sea fishing boats 1949-89 (T/ShipAddnl)

Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies

  • Port of Chester: registers of sea fishing boats 1898-1988 (NR)
  • Port of Runcorn: registers of sea fishing boats 1903-86 (NR)

Devon Record Office

  • Shipping registers rel to Exeter, Brixham, Dartmouth, Salcombe and Teignmouth 1902-89 (6274)

Dumfries and Galloway Archives

  • William Thomson, timber merchant, Dumfries and Andrew Milligan Thomson, ship broker, Liverpool: family, business and executry papers 1844-1913 (GGD511)

Dundee City Archives

  • Haldane-Duncan family, Earls of Camperdown (addnl): family and estate papers, incl personal papers of Admiral Duncan (1731-1804) 16th-19th cent

Durham County Record Office

  • Seaham Harbour Dock Co (addnl): records 19th-20th cent

East Kent Archives Centre

  • Register of sea fishing vessels (addnl): records rel to Ramsgatem Folkestone and Dover 1886-1988 (RBS)

Essex Record Office

  • HM Customs and Excise: papers rel to the creation and abolition of Maldon as a warehousing port 1875-82 (A/MC, A11119)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Indorita, merchant vessel: records 1941-71 (D/CK (addnl))
  • Vauban, merchant vessel: records 1941-71 (D/CK (addnl))

Glamorgan Record Office

  • Abbey Line Shipping Co, Cardiff (addnl): records 1916-84 (Acc 2002/176)
  • Powell Duffryn Ltd, steam and coal company, Cardiff: records incl minutes c1906-2000 (Acc 2002/45, 97)

Gloucestershire Record Office

  • Geoffrey Groves, consultant marine engineer, Lydney: corresp, notebooks, design drawings and other papers 1930-79 (D9259)

Hull City Archives

  • Hull shipping registers: fishing vessel registers 1869-1989 (DPC 1/50-60)

Isle of Wight Record Office

  • Cowes shipping registers of fishing boats 1902-89 (AC2002/122)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Fleetwood Port: registers of fishing vessels 1902-88 (SS 12-14)
  • Lancaster Port: registers of fishing vessels 1869-1988 (SS 12-14)
  • Preston Port: registers of fishing vessels 1902-88 (SS 12-14)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • Boston borough: records relating to the Boston Harbour Bill and to Boston Docks c1870-1987 (BOSTON BOROUGH)
  • Boston shipping register: registers of sea fishing boats at port 1902-88 (MSR/BOSTON)

Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Seafarers's Section: register of sea fishing boats rel to the Port of Rochester 1902-88 (DE828)
  • Port of Rochester: custom collector's in-letter book comprising letters received from assistance secretary's branch, payments branch and Long Room branch 1857-1862 (DE829)

Norfolk Record Office

  • 2nd Air Division USAAF Memorial Trust (addnl): papers rel to servicemen and the memorial library at Norwich c1943-2002 (ACC 2002/3, 12, 38, 71, 118-25, 150, 231)
  • Great Yarmouth port (addnl): registers of fishing boats c1950-88 (ACC 2002/184)
  • King's Lynn port (addnl): registers of fishing boats 1942-88 (ACC 2002/137)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Scarborough shipping registers: registers of fishing boats 1919-88 (NG/RS/SC)
  • Whitby shipping registers: registers of fishing boats 1914-88 (NG/RS/WH)

Pembrokeshire Record Office

  • Customs and Excise, Milford: registers of fishing boats 1945-88 (T/SHIP/2 addl)

Southampton Archives Office

  • Vosper Ltd, shipbuilders and engineers, Portsmouth: records from the commerical department c1960-99
  • 6 shipping (fishing) registers for the Southampton area 1902-88

The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

  • Jack Reginald Joyce, Royal Navy, Countesthorpe: diary and letters c1942-45 (DE6190)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • WJ Affleck & Co, ship brokers, North Shields: accounts and voyage books 1880-1907 (Acc no 4093)
  • Bamburgh Shipping Co Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne: minutes, registers, voyage books, corresp and misc papers 1909-76 (Acc no 4028)
  • William Cleland & Co Ltd, shipbuilders, Wallsend (addnl): shareholders register and accounts 1873-1937 (Acc no 4026)
  • Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd (later Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd), shipbuilders, repairers and marine engine builders, Newcastle upon Tyne (addnl): Neptune yard records 1860-1966 (DS.SWH)
  • Customs and Excise, North Shields and South Shields: registers of fishing boats 1903-88 (EX.NS)
  • Customs and Excise, Sunderland and Newcastle upon Tyne: registers of fishing boats 1871-1988 (EX.NC)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Register of Sea Fishing boats for Shoreham 1916-89 (Acc 12869)
  • Port of Littlehampton: customs seizure record of the boat 'Campaign' 1847 (Acc 12875)
  • Register of Sea Fishing boats for Littlehampton 1902-89 (Acc 12869)


Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • Robin Alastair Begg, captain: papers rel to his naval career 1935-67
  • Desmond Stanley Everard Thompson, Lieutenant Commander: diary kept while serving as a junior officer in the Royal Navy inHome waters and the Mediterranean 1914-18

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Malcolm family of Burnfoot (addnl): diaries and letter books, especially of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Malcolm (Acc.12150)

National Maritime Museum, Manuscripts Section

  • Alexander Davison, merchant, government contractor and naval agent (addnl): collection of papers rel to the prize money for the Battle of the Nile 1798-99
  • Frances Herbert Nelson, wife of 1st Viscount Nelson, nee Woodward afterwards Nisbet (addnl): letters (72) to Alexander Davison (1750-1829), merchant, government contractor and naval agent 1798-1806

National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library

  • A H Brown, ship's captain: career papers and papers rel to his wartime captivity (Acc. MMM.2002.30)
  • William Smith, seafarer: career papers c1879-96 (DX/2038)
  • Philip Taylor, seafarer: career papers c1947-49 (DX/2034)


Institution of Civil Engineers

  • John Smeaton, civil engineer (addnl): MSS report on Christchurch harbour 1762

Royal Naval Museum

  • Joseph Blackham (b1912), rear-admiral: typescript memoirs (2 volmes) rel to his early life and naval service (2002/82)
  • Matthew Buckle, lieutenant: MSS commonplace book incl copies of letters and orders written when in command of the Armed Vessel Mary and as Agent for Transports 1793-95 (2002/73)
  • Donald Butcher (b1920), able seaman: papers rel to his naval career incl his diaries of service on HMS Nelson and HMS Halladale (2002/39)
  • James Daly, midshipman: diary kept whilst serving on HMS Liverpool and HMS Magaera 1869-71 (2002/70)
  • Charles Thomas Jeffrey (c1874-1944), petty officer: papers incl memoirs and his service in HMS Raleigh with action in naval brigade in Gambia (2002/15)
  • Darcy Laker, telegrapher: typescript memoir rel to his service career 1914-19 (2002/8)
  • Cyril Luckham, midshipman: journal kept whilst serving on HMS Ramillies and HMS Walpole 1927-27 (2002/59)
  • John May, able seaman: memoir of naval service 1944-57 (2002/38)
  • William Mills, leading stoker: diary ket on HMS Zealandia covering her deployment during the Balkan War between Turkey and Greece 1912-13 (2002/69)
  • William Robertson, wireless telegrapher: diaries rel to his time on board HMS Northern Spray and HMS Protector covering the Norwegian campaign 1940 (2002/9)
  • George Slaughter, lieutenant: corresp, certificates and reports rel to his naval career on HMS Suffolk, HMS Intrepid, HMS Suffolk and HMS Apollo 1941-45 (2002/83)
  • Andrew Tarry, sub-lieutenant: diary kept on board HMS Zetland 1942 (2002/10)
  • Ernest Willey, engine room artificer: MSS diary covering service in HMS Boadicea and accounts of the Battle of Jutland 1916-17 (2002/80)
  • Sir Barry Wilson (b1936), vice admiral: papers rel to his career (2002/13)
  • Manuscript account of the Battle of Jutland, author uncertain either Jack or Sam Berry (2002/48)
  • Manuscript volume of detailed sketches of the hits and battle damage suffered by ships during the Battle of Jutland 1916 (2002/14)
  • Misc pocket diaries (5) kept by an unidentified stoker serving on HMS Wanderer and HMS Venomous 1924-1928 (2002/7)
  • Typescript entitled 'The Southdown Story' a diary covering the service of HMS Southdown by an anonymous sailor 1943-45 (2002/11)


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • North of Scotland, Orkney & Shetland Shipping Co Ltd (later P & O Scottish Ferries), Aberdeen: minutes, financial and personnel records, press cuttings and publicity material 1816-2002 (MS 3698)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Samuel Coverly: journals of a voyage to Canton and return to England 1815-18 (Add MS 9639)
  • Elbridge Webster: naval journal and commonplace book c1850-59 (Add MS 9640)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • John Arbuthnot Fisher (1841-1920), 1st Baron Fisher, Admiral of the Fleet (addnl): volume titled 'Some Notes by Lord Fisher for His Friends' (FISR)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • John Hunter, sailor in the Merchant and Royal Navy: diary 1865-1912 (UGC 76)
  • Sir Stephen J Pigott: ship and turbine specifications, technical notes, notebooks and photographs rel to John Brown & Co (Clydebank) Ltd 1896-1953 (Accn 2230)
  • Alexander Percy Walker (b 1916), physician: lecture notes and papers rel to wartime medical service c1932-46 (Accn 2313)
  • Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Troon (addnl): specifications and photographs c1970-79 (GD 400)
  • Clyde Shipping Co Ltd, Glasgow (addnl): scrapbook rel to the company's tugs 1945-60 (UGD 176)
  • Scott & Sons (Bowling) Ltd, shipbuilders (addnl): specifications and photographs c1970-79 (GD 322)