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Imperial War Museum Department of Documents: 2001 Accessions

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  • Effie Lucille Barker, nurse: letters and papers rel to service with British Red Cross in Belgium and Holland 1945
  • Thomas Beaumont, machine gunner: memoir and papers rel to service with the Hejaz Armoured Car Company in Palestine 1917-18
  • Miss WM Bennett: diary rel to time as group leader of Women's Land Army in Cornwall 1918
  • Sir Philip Weyland Bowyer-Smith, captain: diaires and papers rel to his naval career 1911-16
  • Guy Oldham Chambers, major: diaries kept whilst serving in Royal Army Medical Corps on Western Front 1914-18
  • Archibald Frederick Cooper, captain: diary kept as Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief on the East Indies Station 1929-32
  • Guy Penrose Gibson, wing commander: corresp rel to nomination as prospective Conservative candidate for Macclesfield 1944
  • Mary Elizabeth Harrison: papers rel to her service in the WAAF 1940-45
  • Spencer Bertram Horn, colonel: papers rel to service in the Royal Flying Corps, deception planning prior to Normandy landings and liberation of northern Norway 1916-45
  • Anthony John le Grand Jacob, brigadier: papers rel to service with the Royal Engineers and participation in atomic tests at Marlinga, Australia 1956
  • Frank Jebens, major: papers rel to his military career incl as staff officer in North Russia and Civil Affairs officer in Italy 1918-44
  • Herschel V Johnson, US diplomat: journal kept while serving as the Charge d'Affaires at the American Embassy in London 1938-41
  • Thomas Edward Lawrence, soldier and author (addnl): corresp during his service as an aircraftman in the RAF 1929-35
  • Julius Lipetz, captain: diaries and letters covering his service as a Regimental Medical Officer in North Africa and Italy 1942-45
  • Monica E Littleboy, ambulance driver: diary kept while serving with the FANY during the D-Day landings 1944
  • Douglas Nicol Livingstone: diary and papers rel to time as a civilian internee in Sumatra 1942-45
  • David Alexander Laurance Mackenzie, brigadier: papers rel to his command of the 32nd Indian Infantry Brigade in India and Burma 1943-45
  • Sir Harold John Maguire, air marshal: papers 1933-59
  • F E Mostyn, major: papers rel to war crimes trials investigations in the Far East 1944-47
  • Francis Freathey Oats, major: letters rel to service with Royal Garrison Artillery in East Africa 1915-17
  • Francis Martin Payne, captain: diaries and papers rel to time as POW in Java and Japan 1942-45
  • Henri Picard, flight lieutenant: papers rel to service in RAF and his execution by the Gestapo following the 'Great Escape' from Stalag Luft III 1940-44
  • Melville Edward Bertram Portal, major: papers rel to his time as a POW in Changi camp, Singapore and its liberation 1942-45
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author (addnl): letters written whilst in Craiglockhart War Hospital 1917
  • Derek Sayers, medic: diaries covering his service with the Friends Ambulance Unit in North Africa and NW Europe 1943-46
  • E A Seymour Sheridan, doctor: letter concerning her internment in Ravensbruck concentration camp 1943-45
  • Mary Louise Annette Tickner, POW: papers rel to her time as a civilian internee in Tavoy camp, Burma 1944-45
  • Sir John Edward Francis Willoughby, major: papers 1940-67