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Glasgow University Archive Services: 2001 Accessions

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  • Sir John Brown (1901-2000), deputy chairman of John Brown & Co Ltd, shipbuilders: papers c1870-1999 (Acc 2134)
  • Robert Spears, university librarian: papers 1868-78 (Acc 2032)
  • George Thomson, lecturer in chemistry (addnl): corresp and papers 1855-1958 (DC95)
  • James Finlay & Co Ltd, tea planters, cotton mfrs and East India merchants (addnl): records c1890-1979 (UGD91)
  • RY Pickering & Co Ltd, rolling stock mfrs, Wishaw (addnl): glass negatives, plans c1890-1914, c1950-59 (UGD12)
  • Shaw & McInnes Ltd, cast iron pipe founders, Glasgow: minutes, financial records, corresp, photographs c1930-2000 (Acc 2033)
  • Simpson-Lawrence Ltd, marine equipment mfrs, Glasgow: financial records, catalogues 1894-1990 (Acc 2050)
  • Universities and Colleges Admission Service, Scottish office: minutes for Scottish University Entrance Board, Scottish Council for the Validation of Courses and Scottish Universities Council on Entrance 1919-94 (UGC23)