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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 2001 Accessions

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  • Jannetta family, St Andrews: corresp and papers rel to wartime detentions and deportations 1940-45 (Acc 12029)
  • Alexander Ballantyne, printer and publisher and Robert Michael Ballantyne, children's author: corresp and papers 1801-65 (Acc 11961)
  • George Blake (1893-1961), novelist: literary and personal corresp and papers, incl diary of a visit to the USA 1930 (Acc 11930)
  • Lord James Douglas-Hamilton (b 1942), historian and politician: corresp and research papers 1970-2000 (Acc 12032)
  • Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville and Robert Saunders- Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville: prosecution case papers rel to impeachment of 1st Viscount 1806; corresp, mostly on Indian affairs 1790-1838 (Acc 11974, 12001)
  • Edward Dwelly (1864-1939), Gaelic lexicographer: family and personal papers, mostly rel to his dictionary work 1864-1994 (Acc 12052)
  • Robert di Falco, St Andrews: field diary, memoir and papers rel to his service in the Italian Army 1918-19 (Acc 12028)
  • Isobel Field, nee Osbourne, step-daughter of Robert Louis Stevenson: letters to Charles Paine 1836-48 (Acc 12014)
  • Ronald Frame, author and playwright: literary papers 1983-2001 (Acc 12045)
  • Sir Robert Grieve, planner (addnl): corresp and papers c1960-88 (Acc 12049)
  • Mollie Hunter, author (addnl): corresp and literary papers 1958-2000 (Acc 11993)
  • Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart, diplomatist and writer: Russian documents collected while vice-consul in Moscow 1915-17 (Acc 11970)
  • Sorley Maclean, poet (addnl): notes, corresp and literary papers c1931-90 (Acc 12022)
  • Gavin Maxwell, writer and conservationist: letters to RJG Payne 1947-68 (Acc 11998)
  • Neil Munro, author and journalist: letters (12) to John Macleay 1896-1908 (Acc 11973)
  • William Newman, private, 3rd Foot Guards: journal of experiences in Egypt, Germany and Denmark 1800-09 (Acc 12054)
  • Mungo Park, physician and explorer: personal and family corresp 1801-55 (Acc 12055)
  • David Roberts, painter (addnl): 12 drawings for his projected 'The Antiquities of Scotland' 1831 (Acc 11990)
  • William Sharp (1855-1905) author and poet: collection of letters, mostly to John Macleay but incl one to WB Yeats 1896-1903 (Acc 11972)
  • Chapman, literary magazine, Edinburgh (addnl): editorial corresp and papers 1989-91 (Acc 11978)
  • Clan Mackay Society: corresp and research files of the clan historians c1887-1977 (Acc 11994)
  • Jubilee 2000, Scotland, campaign to cancel Third World debt: corresp and papers 1999-2000 (Acc 11942)
  • Saltire Society, Edinburgh (addnl): papers 1982-2000 (Acc 11991)
  • Scottish National Dictionary Association, Edinburgh (addnl): papers 1989-95 (Acc 11936)
  • Scottish National Party: committee, council and conference minutes and head office corresp 1964-95 (Acc 11987)
  • South Edinburgh Liberal Association (addnl): records incl minutes 1924-71 (Acc 12038)