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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2001 Accessions

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  • Gabrieli family: corresp, accounts and papers while resident in Italy 17th-19th cent (Add MS 9609)
  • Paul Louis Charles Claudel, diplomat and poet: letters to Audrey Colville, with related poems and other papers, c1917-40 (Add MS 9591)
  • Charles Robert Darwin, naturalist (addnl): letter to Georgina Tollet c1854-58 and MS fragments of his writings (DAR 185/140-47)
  • Sir Moses Finlay (1912-1986), historian: papers (Add MS 9607)
  • Meyer Fortes, anthropologist (addnl): corresp with Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard 1932-72 (Add MS 8405 (addnl))
  • Michael de Courcy Fraser Holroyd (b 1935), author: corresp and papers rel to the writer William Gerhardie (1895-1977) (Add MS 9598)
  • Thomas McKenny Hughes (1832-1917), geologist: further papers (Add MS 9557 (addnl))
  • Alexander Macalister, writer on anatomy: heavily annotated author's copy of his 'A text-book of human anatomy' (1889) (Add MS 9595)
  • Charles Brian Montagu McBurney (1914-1979), archaeologist: papers rel to excavations at La Cotte de St Brelade, Jersey (Add MS 9612)
  • Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), natural philosopher (addnl): extensive corresp and papers (formerly in the private possession of the Earl of Macclesfield) (Add MS 9597)
  • William Pitt, statesman: letter canvassing support for a Cambridge University seat 1779 (Add MS 9563/46)
  • William Hugh Plommer (1922-1983), classical scholar (addnl): letters to Michael Mennim, with Mennim's working papers rel to Plommer's biography (Add MS 9592)
  • Francis John Worsley Roughton (1899-1972), physiologist: corresp and papers (Add MS 9596)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: letters to Haro Hodson 1948-67 (Add MS 9608)
  • Hugh Fraser Stewart (1863-1948), French scholar (addnl): Stewart family papers, incl papers of the related Knight family (Add MSS 9613-14)
  • Frederick Charles Turner, ICS Deputy Commissioner in Raipur: letters from his son FB Turner 1918-19 (Add MS 9588)
  • George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham: household account book 1616 (Add MS 9599)
  • Sir Henry Drummond Charles Wolff, politician and diplomat: letter books as commissioner for Eastern Roumelia 1878-79 and for Egypt 1885-87 (Add MS 9605)
  • St Bernard of Clairvaux: MS sermons written by Jean de Stample at the monastery of Marcoussis (France) 15th cent (Add MS 9606)
  • Misc MS musical scores by Gaveaux, Giovanni Paisiello, Herminie Daubonne, Giuseppe Farinelli, JT Carrodus and Violet Brough (Add MSS 9590, 9600-04)