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Major accessions to repositories in 2001 relating to Irish History


National Archives of Ireland

  • David and Gerald FitzGerald: corresp rel to the Easter Rebellion, Dublin 1916 (2001/101)
  • HC Gregory, solicitor and land commissioner, Callan, County Kilkenny: personal and family papers c1845-1910 (2001/108)
  • Monsignor E Feichin O'Doherty (d1998), professor of logic and psychology, University College Dublin: corresp and papers (2001/83)
  • George Noble Plunkett (1851-1948), Count Plunkett, politician: corresp and memos, primarily to him (2001/87)
  • Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co: plans of properties in Ireland (2001/65)
  • Merchants' Warehousing Co Ltd, Dublin: ledger and shareholder list 1890-1924 (2001/74)
  • Ardara (Wood) National School, County Donegal: records 1949-94 (2001/82)
  • Balla Town Improvement Association and Town Park, Balla, County Mayo: records incl minutes, rules, memorandum and articles of association 1929-97 (2001/83)
  • Ballymore National School, County Wexford: records 1917-63 (2001/66)
  • Dangan National School, County Roscommon: records 1865-1948 (2001/79)
  • Grangegorman National School, County Dublin: records 1910-50 (2001/66)
  • Killucan National School, County Westmeath: records 1893-1995 (2001/66)
  • Lettermacaward National School, County Donegal: records 1886-1979 (2001/82)
  • Lower Road National School, Castleknock, County Dublin: records 1869-1970 (2001/1970)
  • Rathmichael National School, County Dublin: records 1879-1968 (2001/66)
  • Scoil Carmel National School, Firhouse, County Dublin: records 1898-1952 (2001/67)
  • SS Peter and Paul National School, Baldoyle, County Dublin: records 1868-2000 (2001/64)
  • St Brigid's National School, Castleknock, County Dublin: records 1865-1983 (2001/103)
  • St Mary's Infants National School, Dublin: records 1885-1925 (2001/66)
  • Timolin National School, County Kildare: records 1891-1939 (2001/99)
  • Tramore National School, County Waterford: records 1961-72 (2001/66)
  • (Glebe) Wicklow National School, County Wicklow: records 1892-1989 (2001/66)

National Library of Ireland

  • Browne family, Marquesses of Sligo: deeds, family and estate papers 1550-20th cent
  • FitzSimon family of Glencullen, Co Dublin and Ballinamona, Co Wicklow and related families: deeds, family and estate papers, incl letters of Daniel O'Connell, 1720-1945
  • Kirkwood family: diary of a tour of Ireland 1883
  • Leslie family, baronets, of Glaslough: deeds, family and estate papers 1619-1950
  • Powell family of Dublin and related families: corresp, etc c1780-1915
  • Truell family of Clonmannon, Co Wicklow: family and estate papers 1745-1900
  • William R Burke, Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary: diary of official duties 1865-72
  • Mairtin O Cadhain (1906-70), Irish writer and linguist: letters to Breandan Breathnach and misc papers rel to his work
  • General Colin Campbell (1754-1814): letters to his wife while posted in Ireland in 1796
  • Michael Collins (1890-1922), Irish Republican leader: letters (3) to his sister Lena
  • Maurice James Craig (b 1919), architectural historian: corresp and papers
  • Anthony Cronin (b 1928), biographer, poet and novelist: corresp, literary MSS and papers
  • Eilis Ni Dhuibhne (b1954), author: typescript early draft of The Dancers Dancing
  • Edward James Gleeson, soldier, Killaloe, County Clare: diary recording experiences with an artillery regiment in France and on leave in Ireland 1917
  • Niall C Harrington (1901-81), Deputy Director of Irish Intelligence and author: corresp and papers, incl some rel to his father Timothy Charles Harrington MP
  • Thomas Keohler, member of the Abbey Theatre business committee: corresp and papers c1907-41
  • James Kirwan, publican, IRA quartermaster and intelligence officer: corresp and papers 1921-27
  • George Aloysius Little, physician, surgeon and author: literary MSS 1940-65
  • Tom Mac Intyre (b1931), poet and playwright (addnl): papers incl dream notebooks and drafts of published works 1982-2000
  • Laurence McKeown (b1957) and Brian Campbell (b1960): typescript screenplay of 'No Distant Heroes'
  • George P Mayhew, Professor of Irish Literature: research notes, corresp and papers rel to his studies on WB Yeats and James Joyce 1960-75
  • Thomas Moore (1779-1852), poet: autograph MS of 'A Sicilian Air'
  • Maire and William Mullarkey, teachers: papers rel to their careers and to the Irish National Teachers' Organisation 1940-90
  • Sean O'Casey, playwright: corresp, literary MSS and papers
  • Maurice Rickard O'Connell, historian: corresp and papers, incl index cards for his eight-volume The Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell
  • General Eion O'Duffy (1892-1944), leader of Blueshirts and Irish Brigade: papers incl diaries written while in prison and in Spain
  • John Herman Rice, barrister and judge: diaries 1913-40
  • Elizabeth Corbet Yeats (1868-1940), publisher: corresp with Violet (Letty) Dickinson
  • Bandon Distillery and Allman family of Bandon, Co Cork: corresp, legal papers, accounts, etc c1800-1940
  • Milltown Dispensary District, Mullingar Poor Law Union, Co Westmeath: minute book, register of vaccinations, medical relief register, etc 1852-1937

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Annesley family, Earls Annesley (addnl): estate rentals and cash books (D/1503)
  • Brownlow family, Barons Lurgan of Lurgan (addnl): estate maps (4 vols) 1751-1841 (D/1928)
  • McCready family of County Down: family papers (D/4280)
  • Thomas William Boyd (1903-91), Northern Ireland Labour Party MP: political papers (D/4276)
  • Thomas Colbourne, architect: five unexecuted plans of Killyfaddy House, Clogher, County Tyrone (D/4283)
  • Joseph O'Dolan, internee on the prison ship Argenta: autograph book (copy) c1947 (T/3873)
  • Barbour Threads Ltd, sewing threads manufacturers, Hilden, County Antrim: business papers (D/4272)
  • 1st and 2nd Donagheady Presbyterian Church: baptism and marriage registers and communicants' rolls 1838-1976 (MIC1P/458-459)
  • 1st Lisburn Presbyterian Church: marriage registers, session and committee minutes and communicants' roll book (MIC1P/159)
  • Ballyrashane parish, County Londonderry: registers of baptisms, marriages and registers 1877-1958 (MIC/1/338)
  • Belfast Co-operative Society (addnl): title deeds c1909-70 (D/3895)
  • Coleraine Congregational Church: minute books (3 vols) 1844-98 (MIC/1G/1)
  • Irish Ladies' Golf Union: minute books (9 vols) 1911-88 (D/4278)
  • Killdollagh parish, County Londonderry: registers of baptisms, marriages and burials 1858-1958 (MIC/1/337)
  • North Cricket Club, Belfast: records c1880-1990 (D/4286)
  • Northern Ireland Athletics Federation: records 1934-96 (D/4282)
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland: minutes, corresp and photographs 1925-82 (D/4275)
  • St Patrick's Church of Ireland parish, Ballymena, and Ballyclug parish, County Antrim: registers, preachers' books and vestry minutes (CR1/78-79)
  • St Paul's parish, Castewellan, County Down: baptism register 1872-1950 (MIC/1/339)


Representative Church Body Library

  • Michael Kearney (1733-1814), Archdeacon of Raphoe and historian: review of historical background to plans to widen church establishment (MS 664)
  • Belfast Junior Clerical Reading Society: minutes1931-57 (MS 658)
  • Church Reading Society: minutes and accounts 1890-1934 (MS 654)
  • Down, Connor and Dromore Diocesan Library: minutes, loan registers and papers 1854-1991 (MS 660)
  • Down, Connor and Dromore Quarterly Clerical Society: minutes 1871-1961 (MS 659)
  • Down, Connor and Dromore Temperance Society: minutes 1875-1965 (MS 651)
  • Jeremy Taylor Reading Society, Belfast: minutes 1885-1912 (MS 650)
  • Lurgan Clerical Society: minutes 1906-17 (MS 657)
  • Mission to the Adult Deaf and Dumb of Eire: minutes and accounts 1922-59 (MS 661)
  • Newry Clerical Society: minutes 1879-82 (MS 656)
  • United Council of Christian Churches and Religious Communities in Ireland: minutes 1924-54 (MS 667)


Trinity College Dublin

  • Kilkelly family, County Galway: transcripts made 1921 of papers later destroyed in the Public Record Office of Ireland (TCD MS 11164)
  • John Banville (b 1945), novelist, dramatist and journalist (addnl): papers (TCD MS 11146)
  • Henry Frederick Boland (1904-85), diplomat and chancellor of Dublin University: misc diaries and expenses notebook (TCD MSS 11149-52)
  • Brian Boydell (1917-2000), composer and Professor of Music (addnl): music scores, corresp and papers (TCD MS 11128)
  • Harriet Neville Butler, nee Clarke: account book 1913-20 (TCD MS 11133)
  • Arthur Ellis (b1816), solicitor: travel notebooks (2) rel to travel in Cos Wicklow, Cavan and Roscommon c1830-40 (TCD MSS 11131-2)
  • Thomas Addis Emmet (1764-1827), United Irishman and barrister: corresp (c206 items), chiefly with Martha Bradstreet re her claim to lands in upstate New York (TCD MS 11138)
  • George Mann MacBeth (1932-92), poet and editor: drafts of his play The Nazi (TCD MS 11140)
  • Sir John Pentland Mahaffy (1839-1919), ancient historian and provost of Trinity College Dublin: autobiographical MS (TCD MS 11137)
  • Frederick May (1911-85), composer: working score of quartet in C Minor (TCD MSS 11161-63)
  • Richard Payne Pollard (1887-1964), doctor: medical war notes and diaries 1914-63 (TCD MS 11130)
  • Timothy Trevor West, associate professor of mathematics: corresp rel to his election to the Irish Senate 1981-83 (TCD MS 11160)
  • Harry Clarke Stained Glass Studios, Dublin (addnl): records (TCD MS 11142)