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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design: 2000 Accessions

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  • Crace family, interior decorators, London (addnl): papers 1839-1913 (ADD/2000/15)
  • Eric Fraser, painter and illustrator (addnl): papers c1915-83 (ADD/2000/14)
  • D Marion Grant, stained glass artist and designer: papers c1938-70 (ADD/2000/12)
  • Michael Sherard, dress designer: press cutting books 1947-83 (ADD/2000/6)
  • Frederick Starke, fashion designer and promoter: press cuttings 1949-69 (ADD/2000/10)
  • Leo Wyatt, engraver and designer (addnl): papers c1970-98 (ADD/2000/11)
  • Allied Maples Group, furniture retailers and manufacturers, London: records c1847-1975 (ADD/2000/3)
  • Lucienne Day, textile and wallpaper designer, Robin Day, industrial, interior and furniture designer: papers c1950-90 (ADD/2000/4)
  • Habitat UK Ltd, furniture retailer and manufacturer, Wallingford (addnl): marketing records 1994-98 (AAD/2000/13)
  • Trude Neu, textile designer: papers c1912-96 (ADD/2000/7)
  • Christien Sell & Associates Ltd, furniture designers, London: records c1960-75 (ADD/2000/9)
  • Furniture History Society: records 1964-2000 (AAD/2000/2)
  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters: records 1882-1997 (AAD/2000/5)
  • Society of Women Artists (addnl): records 1987-2000 (AAD/2000/8)
  • Collection of knitting patterns (addnl) c1863 (ADD/2000/1)