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Science Museum Library: 2000 Accessions

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  • Guy Blythman: bibliograhical guide to British windmills 2000 (MS 654)
  • Sir Charles Vernon Boys, physicist: notebooks, drawings and papers rel to the 'Cavendish experiment' c1888-94 (MS 109, 443, 590; MSL 33-34)
  • Lawrence Dalton: records of motor car body production of various British coachbuilding companies (MS 2109)
  • Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, physicist: annotated paper on atomic theory and letters to him and Sir Arthur and Lady Rucker 1894-1913 (MS 1710)
  • Robert Stirling Newall (d 1978), archaeologist: MS collections rel to ropemaking (MSL 239)
  • Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), Baron Rutherford of Nelson: copy corresp (ARCH: RUTH)
  • Charles Urban, pioneer fim producer: memoirs c1941-42 (MS 650)
  • Hooper & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd, London: misc items rel to history of the company c1961 (MS 228)
  • WF Stanley & Co Ltd, surveying equipment manufacturers, London: production and sales ledgers, workshop notebooks, corresp, legal papers c1796-1984 (ARCH: STAN)
  • Collection of scientific letters (c125) from various correspondents c1800-1900 (MS 2108)
  • Misc collection of scientific letters (11) from various correspondents 1840-1909 (MS 1712)