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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 2000 Accessions

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  • Cameron family of Fassifern (addnl): corresp and papers 1684-1853 (Acc 11910)
  • Douglas and Palmer-Douglas family of Cavers: estate account books 1754-74 (Acc 11837, 11852)
  • Hay family of Hayfield, Shetland (addnl): estate papers 1610-c1853 (Acc 11899)
  • Sharpe family of Hoddam (addnl): papers c1679-1812
  • Alexander Stuart Boyd, artist and illustrator: corresp with members of the Barr family 1898-1918 (Acc 11881)
  • Priscilla Jean Fortescue Buchan, Baroness Tweedsmuir: political and personal corresp and papers 1937-78 (incorpotates earlier deposits) (Acc 11884)
  • Fanny Susan Copeland (1872-1970), translator and journalist: unpublished autobiography rel to her life in Scotland, Slovenia and internment in Italy (Acc 11904)
  • Arthur W Donaldson, journalist and chairman of the Scottish National Party (addnl): political and personal corresp and papers 1930-83 (Acc 11908)
  • Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley, painter: corresp with Audrey Walker 1954-63 (closed until 2010) (Acc 11826)
  • Duncan Glen, poet and publisher (addnl): personal and business corresp and papers 1958-98, incl papers rel to Akros publications (Acc 11848)
  • William Sydney Graham, poet: letters to Ruth Rosen 1977-84, with associated corresp 1978-86 (Acc 11885)
  • Sir Alexander Gray, economist and writer, and John Gray, broadcaster: corresp, diaries, broadcast scripts and tapes, papers c1918-75 (Acc 11897)
  • Andrew Greig, author and mountaineer: corresp and literary papers 1968-97 (Acc 11859)
  • James Michael Grieve, journalist, broadcaster and Scottish National Party activist: personal and political corresp and papers 1933-93, incl corresp of or rel to his parents (Acc 11857)
  • Thomas Babington Macaulay, statesman and historian: MS articles on Francis Atterbury, John Bunyan, Oliver Goldsmith, Samuel Johnson and William Pitt the Younger for the 8th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica (Acc 11868)
  • Callum Macdonald, printer, publisher and editor (addnl): personal and business corresp and papers c1965-98 (Acc 11898)
  • Norman Malcolm Macdonald, author and Gaelic dramatist: literary corresp and papers (Acc 11876)
  • Osborne Henry Mavor, playwright as James Bridie (addnl): papers 1929-56 (Acc 11907)
  • Alexander Nasmyth, painter: pencil drawings (16) to illustrate 'Novels and Tales of the Author of Waverley' 1821 (Acc 11900)
  • Paul Henderson Scott, author and diplomat (addnl): papers rel to service in the Allied Military Government of Berlin 1945-49, and to the Scottish Parliament elections 1999 (Acc 11854)
  • Sir Walter Scott, author: letters and papers 1812-31, mostly rel to the trust administering his business affairs 1826-31 (Acc 11878)
  • William Simpson, artist, photographer and war correspondent: autobiographical notes and recollections 1889; with a watercolour and photographic album 1843-93 (Acc 11877)
  • Andrew Symson: 'A large description of Galloway and the parishes in it' 1684, possibly compiled for Sir Robert Sibbald's projected statistical atlas of Scotland (Acc 11892)
  • Nigel Godwin Tranter, author (addnl): literary papers 1940-2000 (Acc 11852)
  • Mark and Charles Kerr, King's Printers and Stationers for Scotland, Edinburgh: corresp and papers c1790-1820 (Acc 11853)
  • Scottish Midland Co-operative Society, Edinburgh: records 1864-1991
  • Donaldson's College, Edinburgh (addnl): records 1826-56 (Acc 11896)
  • Edinburgh District Labour Party: minutes, corresp and papers 1956-83 (Acc 11922)
  • International PEN, Scottish Centre (addnl): papers 1981-86 (Acc 11849)
  • Lothians and Borders Horse: records incl war diaries and papers 1939-46; with records of the Yeomanry Club and the Regimental Association 1926-68 (Acc 11856)
  • Young Women's Christian Association of Scotland: records c1910-90 (Acc 11906)