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Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts: 2000 Accessions

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  • Bonham Carter family: papers, incl those of Violet Bonham Carter, Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury (1887-1969)
  • Sir Henry Wentworth Acland (1815-1900), physician: letters to George Richmond
  • Sir Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997), philosopher and historian: papers
  • Mary Maria Fielding, wife of HB Fielding (1805-1851), botanist: botanical drawings (6 vols)
  • Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher (1865-1940), historian and statesman: letters (15) to RS Creed
  • Francis Wrigley Hirst (1873-1953), lawyer, economist and biographer: papers
  • Geoffrey Howe, Baron Howe of Aberavon (b 1926), statesman: papers
  • Henry Bernard Davis Kettlewell (1907-1979), geneticist: papers
  • John Morley, Viscount Morley of Blackburn (1838-1928): papers
  • Charlotte North, daughter of Lord North, Prime Minister: travel journals 1815-18
  • John Primatt Redcliffe Redcliffe-Maud, Baron Redcliffe Maud (1906-1982): papers
  • Robert Southwell (c1561-1595), Jesuit and poet: 'A Short rule of good life'
  • Sir Ronald Syme (1903-1989), classical historian: papers
  • Theodore Philip Toynbee (1916-1981), novelist, journalist: papers
  • St Georges, Oxford: Book of Hours, Use of Sarum c1380-1400
  • Corresp rel to translation of the New Testament 19th cent