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Institution of Electrical Engineers Archives Department: 2000 Accessions

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  • John Flavell Coales (1907-1999), engineer: papers (SC MSS 168)
  • Thomas Fothergill Cooke, author: copy of his 'Authorship of the Practical Electric Telegraph of Great Britain' (1868) (SC MSS 167B)
  • Sir John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945), electrical engineer: letter (SC MSS 167A)
  • Robert Andrew Inskip (1917-1999), 2nd Viscount Caldecote: papers (SC MSS 165)
  • Samuel Finly Breese Morse, inventor: pamphlets (2) rel to telegraphy with an attached letter 1867 (SC MSS 167)
  • Sir James Redmond (1918-1999), engineer: papers (SC MSS 166)