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Major accessions to repositories in 2000 relating to Natural History


Bury Archive Service

  • F and R Slater, amateur naturalists, Walmersley: notebooks and papers 1953-89 (FMX)

Conwy Archive Service

  • Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, Conwy (addnl): records (CD/3, CPF/2)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • John Joseph Briggs, naturalist and topographer: personal and family corresp and papers 1790-1873 (D5238, D5363)

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service

  • Yorkshire Grasslands Society: records, incl minutes and corresp 1960-95 (DDX 740)

Gwynedd Archives, Caernarfon Record Office

  • MJ Morgan, entomologist: papers (XM10947)

Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre

  • James Hardy, secretary to the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club: notebooks c1849 (SBA/126)

Shetland Archives

  • Charles Fothergill, journalist and naturalist: journal anent travels in Shetland 1806

The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

  • Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society (addnl): accounts 1972-97 (DE 5902)

West Sussex Record Office

  • JM Corbett: nature diaries (3 vols) 1939-42 (Acc 12056)
  • Sussex Ornithological Society (addnl): records c1950-98 (Acc 12113)

Wigan Archives Service

  • Wigan and District Field Club: record book vol. 3 (DDS/1)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • William Donald Hamilton (1936-2000), zoologist: papers (c1000 vols)

Museum of Welsh Life

  • Fishing flies: letters and papers rel to 1935-41 (3811/1-5)

Natural History Museum

  • Constantine Walter Benson (1909-1982), ornithologist: papers rel to his Type Specimens of Bird Skins in the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 330906-1001)
  • Peter J. Curry, ornithologist: index to birds recorded in Mali 1971-73 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 328796-1001)
  • Sigvard Jacob Dannefaerd, ornithologist: corresp and papers rel to birds collected in New Zealand and the Chatham islands 1893-95 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 319373-1001)
  • Thomas Davidson, palaeontologist: MS copy of James Sowerby's 'The Mineral Conchology of Great Britain...' 1855 (Earth Sciences Library)
  • Sir John Fisher Wentworth Dilke, 5th Baronet: ornithological notebook and papers c1919-88 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 328768-1001)
  • Martin Fritz Glaessner (1906-1989), palaeontologist: papers (Earth Sciences Library)
  • Robert Gurney (1879-1950), zoologist: zoological notes and papers (Official Archives (Zoology Dept - Invertebrates))
  • Kenneth Glanfield Harris, ornithologist: index to his egg collection 1945-55 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 328778-1001)
  • John Edwin Hemingway (1908-1997), geologist: papers (Earth Sciences Library)
  • Guy Charles Madoc, ornithologist: notes rel to the birds of SE Asia 1933-59 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 324699-1001)
  • Thomas Malie, army surgeon: natural history drawings from Central America, Cuba and the West Indies 1726-42 (General Library)
  • Gideon Algernon Mantell (1790-1852), geologist: geological letters (14, copies) (Earth Sciences Library)
  • Nigel Robert Merret, ornithologist: notes rel to birds observed during a whaling expedition 1962-63 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 329814-1001)
  • Thomas Littleton Powys, 4th Baron Lilford, ornithologist: notebooks, diaries and papers c1849-95 (Zoology Library)
  • William James Rees, naturalist: notes and papers c1862-1953 (Official Archives (Zoology Dept - Invertebrates))
  • Rodney Steel: fossil mammal and reptile drawings (Earth Sciences Library)
  • Vasiliaei Alekseevich Vatagin (1884-1969) and George Edward Lodge (1860-1954), ornithologists: unpublished lithographs of Russian raptors (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 327808-1001)
  • Alfred William Vincent, ornithologist (addnl): notebooks, diaries and papers 1923-83 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 438985)
  • Philip CT Wildash, ornithologist: notes rel to the birds of Cyprus and SE Asia 1956-67 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 322527-1001)
  • Alexander Fredrick Richmond Wollaston (1875-1930), naval surgeon, explorer: photograph album of expedition to Utakwa River in Dutch New Guinea 1912-13 (Tring Museum, Bird Section Library ACC 329515-2001)
  • Henry Woodward, palaeontologist: letters (43) from various professional colleagues and friends 1857-1906 (Official Archives)

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Library and Archives

  • Humphrey Morrison Burkill, botanist: papers rel to useful plants of tropical West Africa c1970-2000 (Acc QX 00-0007)
  • Francis Kingdon-Ward, botanist: diaries c1930-58 (Acc PrP 00-0005)
  • Thomas Douglas Maitland, botanist: plant lists, memoirs and photograph album c1960 (Acc PrP 00-0001)
  • AS Thomas, botanist: field notebooks, diaries and photographs rel to Uganda (Acc PrP 00-0004)

The National Archives: Public Record Office

  • International Whaling Commission, Annual and Special Meetings (addnl): minutes and papers 20th cent (DG 3)

Victoria & Albert Museum, National Art Library

  • Heather Child: MS book of drawings and notes rel to wild flowers of Ashley and Gorwell (MSL/2000/6)


Linnean Society of London

  • Dr JH Davie, FLS: papers (on temporary deposit at the Linnean Society; no decision as yet regarding the final place of deposit)
  • Richard Sidney Richmond Fitter (b 1913), author and naturalist (addnl): papers
  • Douglas Kent, naturalist: notebooks
  • Grenville Llewelyn Lucas (b 1935), conservationist and botanist (addnl): papers
  • Edward Max Nicholson (b 1904), ecologist (addnl): papers
  • British Coelenterate Society (addnl): records

Manx National Heritage Library

  • Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society: records 1879-1963 (Acc. 10247)
  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Malew: records 1915-68 (Acc. 10278)

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Owen and Clift families: family and personal corresp and papers 1762-1889 (Add Mss 579)


Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Charles Robert Darwin, naturalist (addnl): letter to Frank Chance 1873 (DAR 185/139)

Cambridge University: Selwyn College Archives

  • Hugh Bamford Cott, zoologist: corresp 1935-40, 1961-62 (ACCN 05/2000)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Sir Charles Wyville Thomson (1830-1882), naturalist: papers (E2000.07)

Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library

  • T Michael Clegg (1933-95), museum curator, journal and ornithologist: files and field notebooks c1950-89

London University: University College London (UCL) Manuscripts Room

  • Professor Desmond Thomas Donovan, palaeontologist: corresp 1952-99 (accessions no. A665)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

  • Mary Maria Fielding, wife of HB Fielding (1805-1851), botanist: botanical drawings (6 vols)