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Major accessions to repositories in 2000 relating to Imperial History


Canterbury Cathedral Archives

  • William Edward Collins, Bishop of Gibraltar, historian: reminiscences 1911

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Arthur Taylor, soldier: diary kept during last the six months of the Boer War 1901-02 (D5325)

Joint Archive Service of the Corporation of London: London Metropolitan Archives

  • Anti-Apartheid Movement, London branch: files 20th cent (B00/107)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Private Sep Marsden: Boer War diary and photograph 1900 (DDX 2251)
  • Soldier, 6th Loyal North Lancs Regiment: Mesopotamia diary 1916-18 (DDX 2256)

Northamptonshire Record Office

  • Cheselden, Henson, Moses and Atkinson families: family corresp and papers 1650-1993, incl biographical papers rel to the surgeon William Chesleden, and papers rel to India and natural history of Henry Moses, traveller and author

Southampton Archives Office

  • Southampton Anti-Apartheid Group: records c1975-2000 (D/SAAG)

Suffolk Record Office, Lowestoft Branch

  • Diary of an unnamed German missionary in India 1834-46 (Acc 1227)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox (1870-1953), 8th Duke of Richmond: travel diary in New Zealand 1892 (Acc 11964)


British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections

  • Philip Docton Martyn and Margaret Lisle Martyn, Indian civil servants: corresp and papers rel to their careers in India 1927-47

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Sydney Charles Buxton (1853-1934), Earl Buxton, governor-general of South Africa: papers (c250 vols)

Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • Frederic Cardew, colonel, colonial governor: letters to his family 1914-16
  • Thomas Andrew Chalmers, Indian tea planter: diary while in command of hospital launch in Mesopotamia 1915-16
  • Edward Temple Harris, lieutenant-colonel: corresp rel to service with the Indian Medical Service in East Africa 1914-16
  • Annie Hills, nurse: papers rel to nursing service aboard hospital ships in the Mediterranean and in British and German East Africa 1915-18
  • George Napier Johnston, brigadier-general: diaries kept during service as Director of Ordnance and Artillery, Gallipoli and the Western Front 1914-18
  • Edison Franklin Lynn, major: diaries covering service with Canadian Expeditionary Force on the Western Front 1916-19
  • Cecil Gerald Merton, major: papers rel to service with Burma Rifles and Z Force 1941-45
  • John Michael Peacock, Lieutenant Commander R N: logs and papers rel to service of Combined Ops Pilotage Party no 8 in UK, India and Ceylon 1943-45
  • Victor Donald Siddons, Army Chaplain: papers rel to service with RFC in Arabia, and as chaplain in North Africa and Greece 1915--45
  • Francis Horner West, Anglican clergyman, author: corresp rel to service as Army chaplain in the UK, Italy and SE Asia 1941-46
  • William Woodward, POW: diary as a civilian internee in Hong Kong 1941-45

National Army Museum, Department of Archives Photographs Film and Sound

  • Frederick Charles Aylmer, lieutenant-colonel: diary and journals while serving in Canada, England, Ireland and the Crimea 1842-55 (ARC 2000-12-631, 632)
  • George Goslett Delap, lieutenant (later colonel), Army Medical Service: diaries kept during the Boer War 1899-1902 (ARC 2000-05-95)
  • Alfred Cooper Hutchinson, lieutenant, Bengal Artillery: letters (18) to his mother, incl description of the Battle of Moodkee, family papers 1831-46 (ARC 2000-11-179)
  • Roger Eustace Le Fleming, major-general: papers, mainly rel to his command of Operation CURZON 1920-48 (ARC 2000-04-3)
  • HS Martin, major, OCB Battery, 271st Brigade Royal Field Artillery, 54th (East Anglian) Divisional Artillery: misc papers rel to service in Egypt and Palestine 1917-18 (ARC 2000-10-70)
  • Charles John Matthews, colonel: diaries kept while serving with the Middlesex Regiment, incl service in the Maori and Zulu Wars 1864-89 (ARC 2000-10-73)
  • Royal Field Artillery: 84th Field Battery daily order book, incl deployment to South Africa 1899-1900: (ARC 2000-09-174)


Institution of Civil Engineers

  • Coode Blizzard, consulting engineers, London: corresp, plans, reports and papers rel to harbour and navigation work in the UK, Africa and Asia 1856-1985

Lambeth Palace Library

  • Edwin James Palmer (1869-1954), bishop of Bombay (addnl): papers (Selborne Papers)

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Library

  • Harold Olaf Hodgkin and Lydia Hodgkin, Quaker missionaries: papers c1900-60 (MSS ACCESSION 10897)

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Frederick Wood Jones, anatomist (addnl): photographs and copy corresp rel to last Tasmanian aborigines (Add Mss 573)

Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine

  • John Adrian Hofmeyr, general practitioner, Grays (addnl): case notes, incl cases from the Benedictine Mission Hospital, Nkandhla, Zululand 1952-61: (GP/2)
  • Anonymous diary of the yellow fever epidemic at Gibraltar 1828 (MS 7816)


Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Sir Stephen Herbert Gatty (1849-1922), Chief Justice of Gibraltar: family letters 1899-1904 (Add MS 9574)
  • Ernest Herbert Cooper Walsh (1865-1952), Indian Civil Servant: photographs of India and Sir Francis Younghusband's expedition to Tibet 1902-04 (Add MS 9586)

Cambridge University Library: Royal Commonwealth Society Library

  • WL Dickson, colonial surveyor: papers rel to surveying in Tanganyike c1950-59 (MSS 469)
  • Robert Walter Steel, geographer: corresp, diaries and papers rel to a visit to Sierra Leone 1938 (MSS 446)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • James Finlay plc, tea planters, cotton mfrs and merchants, Glasgow: staff records incl Calcutta, Julian Clough's papers, staff magazine 1927-2000 (addnl) (UGD91)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Sir Compton Mackenzie (1883-1972): corresp with Edward, Duke of Windsor, mainly rel to book "The Windsor Tapestry" (MS Gen)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Charles Leofric Boyle, lieutenant colonel: papers rel to relations between Muslim and Hindu troops aboard HM Troopship Empire 1947
  • Sir Frank Cooper, civil servant and industrialist (addnl): papers (1 box), incl notes and papers rel to Northern Ireland and defence issues c1955-96
  • Anthony John Deane-Drummond, major general: papers rel to SAS operations in Muscat and Oman 1958-59
  • David John Milton, colonel: military papers (2 boxes), incl papers rel to operations in Cyprus 1955-84

London University Library

  • Aretas Akers, editor of Bellevue Magazine: papers rel to plantations in St Vincent and his receivership of naval prize monies 1776-1831 (Acc 00/13)

London University: Institute of Commonwealth Studies

  • Mary Benson (1919-2000), South African anti-apartheid activist and writer (addnl): corresp and papers rel to fellow activists and the anti-apartheid struggle (ICS 6/20-28)
  • Baruch Hirson (1921-1999) South African revolutionary and historian: historical and political corresp and papers (A133)
  • West India Committee (addnl): records 20th cent (ICS 97)

London University: Institute of Education

  • Mary Irene Anderson, teacher: corresp and papers rel to work in Ghana 1920-70 (DC/AN)

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies Library

  • Anthony D'Avray: collected papers rel to the Italian occupation of Eritrea 1887-1902 (MS 380714)
  • William Fidler, Methodist Missionary: diary kept while in St Vincent 1825-27 (MS 380725)
  • John Tusa, broadcaster and journalist: papers rel to SE Asia c1960-69 (MS 380729)
  • Presbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Committee (addnl): papers, incl maps c1870-1989 (PCE)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

  • Angus Whiteford Acworth, architect: reports, photographs and corresp rel to architecture and archives in the West Indies 1947-75 (MSS W Ind s 70)
  • Charles Vicars Boyle, colonial administrator: diaries and papers as Assistant Resident in Yola Province, Northern Nigeria 1906-13 (MSS Afr s 2324)
  • Sir Douglas James Jardine (1888-1946), knight, colonial governor: papers and photographs rel to his career, incl periods as Governor of Tanganyika, British North Borneo, Sierra Leone and the Leeward Islands 1910-46
  • Guthrie Michael Scott (1907-1983), clergymen, author and campaigner for justice in South Africa: papers
  • Addington Robert Peel Venables (1827-1876), Bishop of Nassau, Bahamas: letter book 1870-71 (MSS W Ind s 68)
  • Randolph Vigne, chair of the Namibia Support Committee: corresp and papers 1970-95
  • Provost Prison, South Africa: flogging book, recording names, details of offences and punishments given during the South African War 1901-02 (MSS Afr s 2323)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

  • John Primatt Redcliffe Redcliffe-Maud, Baron Redcliffe Maud (1906-1982): papers

Oxford University: St Antony's College, Middle East Centre

  • Sir William Kerr Fraser-Tytler, minister to Afghanistan: corresp and papers rel to service in Afghanistan 1923-41 (Fraser-Tytler)
  • John David Carew Graham, major-general (addnl): diary and other papers rel to service in Oman 1971-72 (Graham)
  • Reginald Francis Percy Monckton, colonial administrator (addnl): photocopied notes rel to tribes east of the Jordan 1918-25 (GB 165-0206)