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Major accessions to repositories in 2000 relating to Art


City of Westminster Archives Centre

  • Kerrison Preston (1884-1974), writer: papers, incl corresp of W Graham Robertson rel to purchase of Blake material, and corresp with Sir Geoffrey Keynes, 1890-1953 (Acc 2228)

Cornwall Record Office

  • Royal Fine Art Commission: files rel to Cornish places and properties 1952-85 (AD 1338)

Essex Record Office

  • St James's Art Society for the Deafened: corresp, photographs and papers 1946-1997 (D/Z 362; A10540)

Hampshire Record Office

  • George Edward Marston, artist (1882-1940): corresp and papers from expeditions to Antartica (15A00)

Joint Archive Service of the Corporation of London: London Metropolitan Archives

  • Samuel Barnett (1844-1913) and Dame Henrietta Barnett (1851-1936), social reformers: corresp with various artists and literary figures 1890-1910 (LMA/4266)
  • Royal Society of Portrait Painters (addnl): peoples portraits 2000 (ACC/3489)

Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

  • Tim Kershaw, artist, Rochester (addnl): records c1970-90 (DE744)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Nottingham Arts Society: minutes and scrapbook 1880-94 (DD2249)

Surrey History Centre

  • Ernest Christie, artist: sketchbooks c1897-1905 (6784)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield Headquarters

  • Wakefield Art Gallery: records, incl papers rel to air raid precautions c1937-49 (C1197)


National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Alexander Stuart Boyd, artist and illustrator: corresp with members of the Barr family 1898-1918 (Acc 11881)
  • Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley, painter: corresp with Audrey Walker 1954-63 (closed until 2010) (Acc 11826)
  • Alexander Nasmyth, painter: pencil drawings (16) to illustrate 'Novels and Tales of the Author of Waverley' 1821 (Acc 11900)
  • William Simpson, artist, photographer and war correspondent: autobiographical notes and recollections 1889; with a watercolour and photographic album 1843-93 (Acc 11877)

National Library of Wales

  • Gweled (Welsh Association of Visual Arts): adminstrative records 1984-98 (Archif Gweled)

Tate Gallery Archive

  • Michael Andrews, artist: corresp and papers 1951-95 (TGA 2000/25)
  • Simon Bussy, painter: list of paintings and works in pastel 1901-13 (TGA 2000/1.36)
  • Cecil Collins, painter, and Elisabeth Collins, painter: corresp, sketchbooks and papers c1927-90 (TGA 2000/15)
  • Sarah-Jane Checkland, biographer: corresp and papers rel to her biography of Ben Nicholson 1996-2000 (TGA 2000/14)
  • Bernard Dunstan, painter: letters (c105) from Richard Eurich and Peter Greenham 1941-92 (TGA 2000/24)
  • Peter Hobbs, painter: notebooks, sketchbooks and papers c1950-69 (TGA 2000/19)
  • Brian Lane, artist, gallery proprietor and publisher: corresp and papers 1967-87 (TGA 2000/3)
  • Joan Souter Robertson, portrait painter: corresp and papers c1930-85 (TGA 2000/13)
  • Sir Matthew Arnold Bracy Smith, artist: corresp with Arthur Tooth & Sons Ltd 1928-60: (TGA 2000/9)
  • Silvie Turner, researcher: corresp and papers rel to British print workshops 1975-2000 (TGA 2000/4)
  • Paule Vezelay, painter, etcher, wood engraver and lithographer: corresp, diaries, notebooks and papers c1920-84 (TGA 2000/2)
  • Francis Watson, art critic and author: papers rel to articles and broadcasts, press cuttings and transcripts c1930-69 (TGA 2000/11)
  • Drian Galleries, picture gallery, London: records, incl exhibition files, publicity files and visitors book 1957-98 (TGA 2000/23)
  • Felicity Samuel Gallery, London (addnl): corresp 1971-85 (TGA 914)
  • Paul Nash Trust: corresp and papers 1984-89 (TGA 2000/6)

Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design

  • Eric Fraser, painter and illustrator (addnl): papers c1915-83 (ADD/2000/14)
  • D Marion Grant, stained glass artist and designer: papers c1938-70 (ADD/2000/12)
  • Leo Wyatt, engraver and designer (addnl): papers c1970-98 (ADD/2000/11)
  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters: records 1882-1997 (AAD/2000/5)
  • Society of Women Artists (addnl): records 1987-2000 (AAD/2000/8)

Victoria & Albert Museum, National Art Library

  • Lucy Susan Fawkes (b 1812) of Farnley Hall, Otley: MS album of lace designs (MSL/2000/5)
  • Martin Hardie, painter and etcher: corresp (15 items) with John Henderson 1899-1935 (MSL/2000/10)
  • Sir Edward John Poynter, painter: letters (12) rel to the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition of works by Anthony Van Dyck 1899 (MSL/2000/2)
  • Laurence Whistler, glass engraver: corresp with Cyril Wood 1964-65 (MSL/2000/7)
  • William Soper & Son, enamellers and jewellers, London: notebook and corresp 1824-1902 (MSL/2000/14)


Royal Institute of British Architects Library

  • Thomas Affleck Greeves (1917-1997): collection of architectural capriccios

Society of Antiquaries of London

  • Cyril Ernest Wright, palaeographer and bibliographer: papers rel to heraldic MSS 1922-80 (MS 1010)


Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department

  • Monumental Brass Society (addnl): rubbings of monumental brasses in Bucks, Kent, Oxon and Suffolk, late 19th-20th cent (Acc 2000/75)

London Metropolitan University: The Women's Library

  • Angela Martin, cartoonist: corresp, cartoons, artwork, notes and papers 1982-2000 (7/ANG)
  • Penny Martin, researcher: corresp and papers rel to Melanie Manchot (7/XX53)
  • 'Unfinished Business': papers of a group presentation by four part-time Fine Art students 1999 (8/UNB)