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London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division: 1999 Accessions

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  • Jeremy John Durham Ashdown (b 1941), Liberal Democrat MP (addnl): files created as leader of the Liberal Democrats (ASHDOWN)
  • Adam Christie, AIDS campaigner (addnl): papers c1990-97 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: CHRISTIE)
  • Christian Elliott, homosexual equality campaigner: papers c1975-80 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: ELLIOTT)
  • Andrew Matthew William Faulds (1923-2000), Labour MP: papers, incl files rel to parliamentary and constituency matters, the arts and foreign affairs (FAULDS)
  • Eugene Grebenik: papers rel to the Population Panel c1971-74 (POPULATION PANEL)
  • Jean Henderson (1899-1997), barrister and Liberal activist (addnl): papers rel to legal career (HENDERSON)
  • Michael James (addnl): personal papers, memorabilia and diaries rel to gay life in Brighton 1995-98 (MICHAEL JAMES PAPERS)
  • Nicholas Kent, vice chairman, Tory Reform Group: papers, mainly rel to Young Conservatives and National Federation of Conservative Students c1980-99 (KENT)
  • Peter Lewis, development director, Radio Studies Network: papers rel to community radio and television in the UK and worldwide (LEWIS)
  • John Stuart Mill: letters (7) to Sir William Molesworth rel to the London Review 1836-40 (MILL-TAYLOR ADDITIONAL 2)
  • Charles William Smith: corresp and papers rel to stock exchange speculation c1895-1910 (SMITH)
  • Peter Tatchell (b 1952), gay activist (addnl): papers (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: TATCHELL)
  • Graham Robert Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP: corresp and papers 1996-99 (WATSON)
  • Michael Wetton: papers rel to London based gay organisations 1979-80 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: WETTON)
  • Journal of Public Economics (addnl): administrative papers and withdrawn articles c1970-90 (JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS)
  • Work, Employment and Society, journal of the British Sociological Association: contributors files 1992-94 (WES)
  • British International Studies Association: records, incl minutes and corresp 1975-90 (BISA)
  • Cambridge Campaign for Homosexual Equality: papers, incl corresp and questionnaires 1985-98 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: CAMBRIDGE CHE)
  • Camden Lesbian Centre: minutes, papers and reports 1984-87 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: CAMDEN LESBIAN CENTRE)
  • Coleherne Patrons Committee, Earls Court: papers, incl constitution, minutes and financial records 1978-83 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: COLEHERNE PATRONS COM)
  • Economic History Society (addnl): editorial material for the Economic History Review, and papers from Tony Wrigley 1966-94 (ECONOMIC HISTORY SOCIETY)
  • Federal Trust for Education and Research (addnl): corresp and administrative files incl minutes 1976-96 (FEDERAL TRUST)
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation (addnl): papers of Stella St John rel to imprisonment as a pacifist during Second World War (FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION)
  • Hall-Carpenter Archives: administrative papers, incl minutes 1982-94 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES)
  • Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (addnl): corresp and papers c1976-99 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES: LGCM)
  • Organisation for Comparative Social Research: papers rel to educational survey 1953 (LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS ARCHIVES: OCSR)
  • Royal Economic Society (addnl): papers c1890-1990 (RES)
  • United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: minutes and papers 1970-97 (UNA ADD)