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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design: 1999 Accessions

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  • Ervin Bossanyi, stained glass artist and designer (addnl): papers 1920-93 (AAD/1999/2)
  • Frederick W Cole, stained glass artist and designer: papers c1920-98 (AAD/1999/4)
  • Milner Gray, industrial, exhibition and graphic designer: papers c1930-99 (AAD/1999/8)
  • Stewart Home, writer on underground art: papers c1980-99 (AAD/1999/5)
  • Olive Sullivan, interior designer and editor of 'House and Garden': papers c1920-95 (AAD/1999/3)
  • Helena Uglow, ceramic and textile designer: papers c1960-89 (AAD/1999/9)
  • Garrard & Co Ltd, goldsmiths and jewellers, London: pattern book c1880-1920 (AAD/1999/6)
  • Crafts Council (addnl): records c1981-98 (AAD/1999/1)