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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 1999 Accessions

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  • William Russell Aitken, bibliographer and literary editor: corresp and papers c1961-80 (Acc 11748)
  • Alexander Low Bruce, son-in-law of David Livingstone: corresp and papers rel to business and politics 1858-93 (Acc 11777)
  • John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir: final copies and drafts of royal letters written as Governor-General of Canada 1935-40 (Acc 11738)
  • Lt-General Sir John Cope: papers (1 vol) rel to the board of enquiry into his conduct of the Scottish campaign 1746 with an account book of the Queen's Regiment of Dragoons 1741-49 (Acc 11771)
  • George Sutherland Fraser, poet and critic: further literary papers c1950-80 (Acc 11756)
  • Guillermus Gorris of Aragon: MS ' Scotus Pauperum', c1490 (Acc 11759)
  • Esther Inglis, calligrapher: illuminated MS summary of St Matthew's Gospel 1607 (Acc 11821)
  • Tom Leonard, poet: literary papers1965-99 (Acc 11807)
  • David Roberts, painter: letters (45) 1831-53 (Accs 11760, 11819)
  • Tom Scott, editor and critic: literary corresp and papers 1950-95 (Accs 11750-1)
  • Sir Walter Scott: MS of 'The House of Aspen' 1800 (Acc 11772)
  • Helen Thom, missionary in Aden: memoirs 1963-72 (Acc 11705)
  • William Thomson, Baron Kelvin: corresp with his instrument-makers 1888-1906 (Acc 11793)
  • Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee: commonplace books, diaries and sketch books; with a memoir 'Remembrances of Woodhouselee' 1812 (Acc 11737)
  • John Willison, Church of Scotland minister: notebook incl poems and a Hebrew vocabulary and lexicon 1748 (Acc 11708)
  • T & T Clark, publishers, Edinburgh: further business corresp 1979-94 (Acc 11792)
  • Lines Review, literary magazine: editorial corresp, poetry, scripts and papers 1989-98 (Acc 11727)
  • United Presbyterian Church: MS volume of biographical information on ministers and congregations c1864 (Acc 11749)
  • Edinburgh International Festival Society: further papers c1960-98 (Acc 11779)
  • Saltire Society, Edinburgh: futher papers 1980-97 (Acc 11714)
  • Scottish Liberal Party: minutes and papers 1874-1987 (Acc 11765)
  • Sermons, speeches and declarations by Covenanters executed after the Pentland Rising 1666 (1 vol) (Acc 11722)