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Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies: 1999 Accessions

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  • Haynes family of Wolverhampton: papers c1753-1809 (DX/587)
  • Sherbrooke family of Wolverhampton: papers c1753-1809 (DX/587)
  • Alex Chatwin, local historian (addnl): papers c1960-99 (D/CHA /addnl)
  • John Ryman, local historian: papers rel to the history of Bushbury (D/RYM)
  • Beckminster Methodist Church (addnl): records, incl minutes, accounts and members lists c1877-1996 (M/BEC/addnl)
  • Bilston Methodist Circuit (addnl): records 1928-84 (MC/BW)
  • Bradmore Methodist Church (addnl): records, incl minutes and accounts c1877-1996 (M/BEC/addnl)
  • Lanesfield Methodist Church, Wolverhampton (addnl): records 1929-98 (M/LF)
  • Wolverhampton Benevolent Society: records, incl minutes, accounts and corresp 1786-1912 (D/SO/4)
  • Colton Hills School: records, incl those of predecessor schools 1904-80 (Acc 1402)
  • Deansfield High School, Wolverhampton: records 1875-1993 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS8)
  • Hickman Street Temporary Board School, Wolverhampton: records 1895-1993 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • Long Knowle Primary School, Wolverhampton: log book, registers and minutes 1956-82 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • St Josephs Roman Catholic School, Wolverhampton: log books 1873-1934 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, Wolverhampton: records, incl log books, registers and minutes 1925-94 (Acc 1412)
  • St Patricks Roman Catholic School, Wolverhampton: log books and minutes 1895-1971 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • Underhill Primary School, Wolverhampton: records 1956-91 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • Wednesfield Board School, Wolverhampton: log book 1896-1911 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • Wodensfield Primary School, Wolverhampton: log book and registers 1932-88 (CMB/WOL/D/EDS)
  • Fallings Park Methodist Youth Club (addnl): log book 1998 (DX/437/addnl)
  • Royal Aeronautical Society, Birmingham and Wolverhampton branch (addnl): records 1994 (Acc 1409)
  • Wolverhampton Young Womens Christian Association: records 1936-86 (D/SO/40)
  • Wolverhampton Borough Council: accounts 1851-71 (CMB/WOL)
  • Wolverhampton Borough, Engineers Department: records 1932-44 (CMB/WOL/D/TEC)