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Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine: 1999 Accessions

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  • Richard Ernest Cornish Copithorne, ship's surgeon: diary of voyages to the Far East 1934-35 (MSS 7679-7680)
  • John Davy, physiologist and anatomist: journals of travels in Ceylon, Malta and West Indies 1816-47 (MSS 7696-7701)
  • Edward Vincent Mainwaring MD: commonplace book c1820-35 (MS 7740)
  • William Makepeace Thackeray (1770-1868), physician: journal whilst a medical student in Paris 1792 (MS 7790)
  • Vivienne Wolfson, medical student, London: expenses notebook 1946-51 (MS 7786)
  • Howard, Jewell & Co, chemists, Stratford: orders received 1809-43 (MSS 7654, 7736)
  • Thomas Brigstocke Humphreys, chemist, Portmadoc: recipe and account book, later 19th cent (MSS 7702-7703)
  • RM Park, pharmicist, Edinburgh: prescription register 1894 (MS 7772)
  • Netherton Hosking Symons, chemist, Penzance: recipe book c1870 (MS 7771)
  • Pharmacist, London: prescription register 1847-48 (MS 7692)
  • Florence Nightingale Foundation: records, incl minutes, membership and financial papers c1920-50 (SA/FNF)
  • Brislington Asylum: papers rel to the care of Annabella Irvine 1854-56 (MS 7676)
  • Giordano Ruffo (d c1256): treatise on the care of horses (De medicina equorum) (MS 7756)
  • English medical and cookery recipe book, late 17th cent-c1800 (MS 7721)
  • Mary Peacock: medical and cookery recipe book 1699 (MS 7787)
  • Dorothea Repps: medical and cookery recipe book 1703 (MS 7788)
  • Frances Rawson: medical and cookery recipe book 1734 (MS 7747)
  • B Lukyn: notes on midwifery lectures by William Lowder 1786 (MS 7789)
  • Anonymous student: notes of veterinary lectures by Edward Coleman c1822 (MS 7794)
  • Henry Sharp, medical practitioner: notes on midwifery 1838-63 (MS 7735)
  • John Flint South (1797-1882), surgeon: memoranda on the history of surgery (MS 7793)