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Royal Naval Museum: 1999 Accessions

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  • Sampson family: papers of Chaplain John Sampson, 1770-73, and Lieutenant Charles Sampson RM, 1812-17 (1999/9)
  • George Andrew, assistant engineer RN: drawings of torpedoes (1 vol) and the boilers of HMS Pelorus (1 vol) c1896 (1999/83)
  • Eric Charrington, captain RN: logs and journals kept from naval cadet to lieutenant 1887-1904 (1999/51)
  • Herbert John Clifford, lieutenant on HMS Minden and HMS Lyra: letters describing events and places in East Indies, and of voyage to China 1814-16 (1999/21)
  • Richard Collinson: account of raid on St Nazaire (1999/92)
  • John Farndon, gunners mate: gunnery notes kept on HMS Cambridge 1863-64 (1999/63)
  • Algernon Foster, able-seaman on HMS Hood: corresp with his wife, Mabel Mulholland, and papers rel to his death 1939-41 (1999/19)
  • HB Good, able seaman on HMS Agincourt: scrapbook of letters, printed ephemera, press cuttings and photographs 1914-18 (1999/76)
  • Len Harris, chief petty officer: memoir of naval service 1923-47 (1999/102)
  • Arthur Lecky, captain RN: papers, incl diary kept aboard HMS Unity, 1902-22 (1999/84)
  • J Lennox-King, commander RN: typescript memoir 1939-45 (1999/99)
  • James Morkham, mechanician on HMS Concord: journal and notes, incl accounts of visits to Black Sea ports during the Russian Civil War, 1919-20 (1999/87)
  • David Murray, lieutenant commander RN: memoirs and other papers 1945-93 (1999/66)
  • Edward Rickcord, paymaster captain RN: diary whilst clerk on HMS Leander and HMS Severn, 1900-01 (1999/20)
  • Harry Shenton, able seaman on HMS Warspite: typescript account of service 1939-45 (1999/93)
  • Chris White, lieutenant commander RNVR: typescript memoir of naval career as Radar specialist 1939-45 (1999/95)
  • Sam Wood, leading sick berth attendant, HMS Prince of Wales: memoir 'The Bismark Episode: an eyewitness account' (1999/8)
  • Wilfred Woolman, naval schoolmaster: journal describing time on HMS Repulse during the Imperial Cruise of the Special Service Squadron 1923-24 (1999/31)
  • Typescript memoir 'Just another job: an account of the British and Australian Armed Forces and the part played in Britain's first Atomic Test' (1999/101)
  • HM Rescue Tug service: two volumes rel to service in Second World War (1999/67)
  • HMS Centaur: commission book 1958-60 (1999/100)
  • Royal Naval Scripture Readers Society: minutes and press-cuttings 1873-1961 (1999/65)