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Major accessions to repositories in 1999 relating to Science


Bristol Record Office

  • Bristol Exploratory: records c1980-99 (Acc 41336)

Conwy Archive Service

  • Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, Conwy: records 1920-99 (CONWY/D/3, CONWY/P/48)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Bryan Donkin, civil engineer: journals, notebooks, copy books and misc corresp 1799-1828 (D5029)

Liverpool Record Office

  • Liverpool Astronomical Society (addnl): misc corresp 19th-20th cent (Acc 5371)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Thomas Damant Eaton, photographer: notes of photographic formulae and press cuttings 19th cent (Acc 1998/197)
  • Boulton & Paul Wire Products Ltd, Norwich: papers of engineer William Balderstone rel to work on an electric water elevator c1920-29 (MC 2046)

North Highland Archive

  • Dounreay nuclear power station: corresp and publications, mainly rel to 1986 public inquiry 1955-99 (P380)

Sheffield Archives

  • William Baker (1830-78), steel analyst: laboratory note book (1999/039)

Surrey History Centre

  • Leonard Sandall (1871-1959), dispenser, field naturalist and microscopist: notebooks, diaries and printed books (6661)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • HVE Beck, engineer: papers rel to George Angus & Co 1935-99

West Glamorgan Archive Service

  • 'Philosophical Glimpses' collection of essays and correspondence rel to the philosophy of science


British Film Institute, Special Collections

  • JV Durden (1910-1998), director of natural history and scientific films: scripts, working notes and corresp

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • William Thomson, Baron Kelvin: corresp with his instrument-makers 1888-1906 (Acc 11793)

National Railway Museum Library and Archives

  • British Railways Board, Research Division: photographic archive c1930-80 (1999-7442)

Natural History Museum

  • Edgar Albert Smith (1847-1916), Assistant Keeper Natural History Museum: letters, drawings, photographs and misc papers (1999/1)

Science Museum Library

  • Sherard Osborn Cowper-Coles (1866-1936), electro-metallurgist (addnl): papers (ARCH: SOCC)
  • T Hawksley and T and C Hawksley: engineering drawings (c1100) rel to water supply and water/sewage disposal (ARCH: HAWK 2)
  • LM Lewis: drawings (33) rel to design for an internal combustion turbine 1942-45 (ARCH: LEWIS)
  • Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802-1875), physicist: papers and drawings (ARCH: WHE)
  • Adam Hilger Ltd, manufacturing opticians and scientific instrument mfrs (addnl): historical records, chiefly academic papers by staff 1905-68 (ARCH: HILG)
  • European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organisation: papers 1968 (MS 648)

The National Archives: Public Record Office

  • Reginald Victor Jones, Director of Scientific Intelligence Ministry of Defence (addnl): papers 1952 (DEFE 40)
  • Solly Zuckerman, Baron Zuckerman: registered files as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Cabinet Office 1964-72 (CAB 168)

Victoria & Albert Museum, National Art Library

  • Geoffrey WH Stevens: manuscript material for 'A scientific and quantitative engineering approach to the design of foundations for crinolines and like dresses' 1988 (MSL/199/4)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine: Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • Henry Edward Crooks (b 1918), radiographer: papers rel to work at Shaftesbury Military Hospital during Second World War, and on the development of the copper-reference x-ray pentameter
  • Alfred Gordon Heppleston (1915-1998), pathologist: papers rel to occupational diseases
  • Robert Henry Stewart Thompson (1912-1998), biochemist: corresp, papers and reports, incl rel to work at Porton Down during World War Two, to International Union of Biochemistry, and to the use of nerve gases in warfare and at times of civil strife
  • Alan Frederick Williams (1945-1992), biochemist and immunologist (addnl): papers 1968-91
  • British Society for Immunology: records c1950-99


Institution of Electrical Engineers Archives Department

  • Sir Robert James Clayton (1915-1998), physicist and research engineer: papers (NAEST 163)
  • Cecil Thomas Melling (1899-1998), electrical engineer: papers (SC MSS 159)
  • J Savage: papers rel to the Electrical Times (NAEST 164)
  • Carey-Gavey Syndicate: minutes rel to promoting electrical inventions 1919-87 (NAEST 166)

Linnean Society of London

  • Bertram Evelyn Smythies (1912-1999): corresp and papers rel to publications in botany and ornithology, and illustrations and corresp rel to the Jill Smythies Award for Botanical Illustration
  • Florence Mary "Jill" Smythies: drawings and corresp on botanical illustrations

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Lt-Colonel Edward Percy Argyle (1875-1935), Royal Army Veterinary Corps: notes and corresp rel to Army Veterinary School, Imperial Bureau of Animal Health, and Buckston Browne Research Farm (Add Mss 565)
  • Alexander James Edward Cave (b 1900), anatomist: notes, drawings and corresp (Add Mss 568)
  • Sir Arthur Keith, anatomist: corresp with Margaret and Rupert Willis, and JW Nicholson 1931-54 (Add Mss 564)
  • Harry Stobie, dental surgeon: clinical notebooks of World War I maxillo-facial patients and patient register 1915-19 (Add Mss 567)

Royal Naval Museum

  • Chris White, lieutenant commander RNVR: typescript memoir of naval career as Radar specialist 1939-45 (1999/95)

Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine

  • Giordano Ruffo (d c1256): treatise on the care of horses (De medicina equorum) (MS 7756)
  • B Lukyn: notes on midwifery lectures by William Lowder 1786 (MS 7789)
  • Anonymous student: notes of veterinary lectures by Edward Coleman c1822 (MS 7794)
  • John Flint South (1797-1882), surgeon: memoranda on the history of surgery (MS 7793)


Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department

  • Otto Egon Lowenstein, Professor of Zoology and Comparative Physiology: corresp and papers c1930-89 (1999/51)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Sir John Scott Burdon-Sanderson, 1st baronet, physiologist: annotated authorial copy of his contribution to Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory c1873 (Add 9558)
  • Sir James Cockle, chief-justice of Queensland, mathematician: letters (4 vols) to Robert Hartley 1858-62 (Add 9539)
  • Charles Robert Darwin, naturalist (addnl): letter to WW Baxter 1873 (DAR 185/136)
  • Erasmus Darwin, physician, botanist and poet: letter to Richard Gifford 1768 (DAR 268/1-2)
  • Hugh Godfray, mathematician and author: letters to him from other mathematicians 1844-50 (Add 9550)
  • Thomas McKenny Hughes (1832-1917), geologist: family and scientific corresp and papers (Add 9557)
  • Adam Sedgwick, geologist: letter to William Selwyn 1858 (Add 8856/374)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Sir John McGregor Hill, nuclear scientist: corresp and papers rel to nuclear power 1946-94 (HILL)
  • Sir William Kenneth Hutchison, chemical engineer: papers rel to his autobiography 1987 (HTSN)
  • Sir Charles Oatley (1904-1996), professor of electrical engineering (addnl): papers rel to work on radar (OATL)
  • Naval Radar Trust (addnl): papers rel to the development of naval radar 1935-94 (NVRT)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Otto Hahn (1879-1968), chemistry professor: article concerning the treatment of Jewish friends and colleagues in Nazi Germany 1945

London University: University College London (UCL) Manuscripts Room

  • Arthur Dukinfield Darbishire (1879-1915), statistician: laboratory notebook (MS ADD 275)
  • Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (1903-1971), chemist and crystallographer (addnl): papers (LONSDALE PAPERS)
  • Sir William Ramsay (1852-1916), chemist: letters (photocopied) to Dr Otto Brill (A639)
  • John Zachary Young (1907-1997), zoologist (addnl): corresp and papers (A640)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Derek Guttery, radiologist: papers incl records rel to the history of medical and scientific radiology 20th cent (Acc 1999/11)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Nottingham University Geographical Field Group (addnl): papers rel to field trips, and papers of professor KCE Edwards rel to Frederick Soddy Trust and Le Play Society c1923-1999 (Accs 1586, 1590, 1595, 1624)

University of Bristol Information Services: Special Collections

  • Sir Frederick Charles Frank (1911-1998), physicist (addnl): papers (DM 1837)

Warwick University: Modern Records Centre

  • Science Technology and Society Association: records, incl minutes and accounts (MSS 402)