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Major accessions to repositories in 1999 relating to Military History


Angus Archives

  • Andrew, David and Alexander Beal, soldiers in India: corresp 1844-52 (MS 643)

Ayrshire Archives

  • Ayrshire Volunteer Regiment: misc records and news cuttings 1914-20 (Acc 399)

Barnsley Archive and Local Studies Department

  • Hoylandswaine War Memorial: accounts, financial records and corresp 1920-22 (A/2014)

Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office

  • Berwick Army Camp: reminiscences, c1940-49 (BRO 799)

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • George Eland (d 1970): historical papers, incl bundle rel to army and navy costs c1743-51 (D/X 1425)
  • JL O'Reilly: research notes rel to Australian Flying Corps based during First World War at Halton and Halefield 1990s (D/X 1431)
  • Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars, Royal Buckinghamshire Kings Own Militia and subsequent Buckinghamshire Territorial Army units (addnl): records 1885-1972 (T/A)

Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Captain Thomas Brodnax: letters to (1 vol) 1622-95 (U3447)

Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies

  • 9th Battalion (Macclesfield) Cheshire Home Guard: intelligence officer's files and papers 1940-44 (D 5676)
  • 37th Cheshire Battalion Home Guard: nominal rolls (D 5733)
  • 610 (County of Chester) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Airforce: scrapbook and misc papers 1946-57 (D 5758)

City of Westminster Archives Centre

  • James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose: corresp with Colonel Herries, London and Westminster Light Horse Volunteers 1797-1805 (Acc 2155)
  • Paddington parish: records, incl muster roll of a Royal Artillery detachment, 1717-1817 (Acc 2165)
  • Plans of three Westminster properties, featuring suggested air raid shelters, 1937 (Acc 2171)

Croydon Archives Service

  • St Marys Church, Addington: muster roll and roll of honour 1914-18 (Acc 537)

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters

  • Aglionby family of Carlisle: family papers, incl American Civil War diary and papers of Charles Yates Aglionby 1857-78 (Day 7)

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service

  • East Riding Yeomanry Old Comrades Association: rolls of honour and papers 20th cent (Acc 4388)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Edinburgh City Volunteer Artillery: carbine club minute book 1895-1904 (Acc 500)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Tudor Meirion Jones of Prestatyn: papers rel to his RAF service 1940-43
  • Jack Spraggon of Queensferry: war papers 1944-45 (1398)

Glamorgan Record Office

  • Glyndwr G Jones of Kent: notes rel to the US Army stationed at Caerphilly during WWII 1951-85 (Acc 1999/101)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Hertfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion (addnl): lists of officers and other ranks 1900-20 (Acc 3417)
  • Hertfordshire Yeomanry (addnl): records, incl regimental diaries and histories c1897-1989 (Acc 3451)

Jersey Archive

  • David Maindonald: papers rel to research into German occupation of Channel Islands, albums of photographs and drawings of German fortifications (JA/236, JA/245)
  • Paul Mulbach: papers inciting Channel Islanders and German soldiers in the Channel Islands against the Nazis (JA/291)
  • Jersey Public Services Department: misc collection incl letters and warrants of Charles II and militia documents 1645-1824 (JA/239)
  • Jersey Public Services Department: Public Works collection incl occupation and militia papers incl letters, photos and commissions (3 boxes) c1800-1945 (JA/247)

Norfolk Record Office

  • W. Savage, soldier: letter from Modder River Camp 1900 (MC2041)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Sir Thomas Edward Gordon (1832-1914), general: corresp and papers (ZCM)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Air Training Corps 310 (Bury St Edmunds) Squadron: enrolment book 1941-95 (HD 2348)
  • Royal Observer Corps, Bury St Edmunds: notes rel to the history of the Corps during World War Two c1979-99 (HD 2353)

Surrey History Centre

  • Vincent Field, firewatchman, Horsell: firewatching scheme c1942-45 (6650)

The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

  • Alfred Burrows, private, 1st Leicestershire Regiment: corresp and photographs 1899-1916 (DE5653)
  • Walter Jones, Home Guard: papers 1940-44 (DE5686)
  • FJ Petcher, Army and Auxiliary Fire Service: papers 1918-45 (DE5560, 5626)
  • HR Robinson, private Devonshire Regiment: corresp and papers 1892-1902 (DE5699)
  • GE Smith, Royal Engineers sapper: army papers 1939-56 (DE5522)
  • 1st Leicestershire Regiment: war diary of A Company 1915-18 (DE5674)

Waltham Forest Archives and Local Studies Library

  • Haydn Harry Dongray of Walthamstow (died in action 1918): commemorative album, incl corresp 1916-32 (Acc 10225)
  • Haydn Reynolds Rogers Mackey, painter, illustrator and war artist: photocopies of corresp and papers 1915-18 (Acc 10218)


British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections

  • Gerald Chetwynd-Talbot, Private Secretary to Governor-General of India: letters received reflecting English reactions to the Indian Mutiny 1857 (Mss Eur C860)
  • George Cracklow, lieutenant in the Bengal Horse Artillery: letters rel to the Indian Mutiny, in particular the relief of Lucknow 1857-58 (Mss Eur 9900/26)

Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • Mr and Mrs G Attenborough, Jersey: diaries and other material rel to the German occupation of the Channel Islands 1940-45
  • Henry Lawrence Norman Beynon, brigadier general: letters rel to service as a staff officer at Gallipoli 1915
  • Ralph Blewitt, captain: letters rel to service in the Royal Field Artillery on the Western Front 1914-18
  • Sir Geoffrey Rhodes Bromet (1891-1983), air vice marshal: albums rel to service as AOC No 19 Group at Plymouth and Senior British Officer Azores Force 1941-45
  • William Arthur Darville Brooke, air vice marshal: letters rel to his appointment as Air Officer Commanding Hong Kong 1945-46
  • Sir Alfred and Lady Butt: letters 1914-18
  • Thomas Frederick James Collins (1905-1999), brigadier: papers rel to service as staff officer in Europe 1944-45
  • Edgar William Cox (1882-1918), colonel: letters rel to service on the General Staff on the Western Front 1914-15
  • Anthony Denys Firth, brigadier: memoirs of service during World War Two with the Duke of Wellington's Regiment in India and Burma
  • Lady Angelita Martin Harvey: papers rel to her charitable work during World War One
  • Sir Thomas Jacomb Hutton (1890-1981), lieutenant general: papers, incl rel to World War One and the retreat from Burma in World War Two
  • Robert Kirkwood Lawson: letters rel to his service with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 1915-18
  • Eric Pleasants: papers rel to internment in occupied France and service in the British Free Corps in Germany c1939-45
  • Andrew Alec Kyle Pope, major: papers rel to service in the King's Shropshire Light Infantry and as a staff officer 1939-44
  • John William Poston, major: letters rel to service with the 11th Hussars and as a staff offcier with Field Marshal Montgomery 1940-45
  • Frank Stanley Robinson, captain: journal covering his experiences as a Japanese prisoner of war in Singapore and on the Burma-Siam railway 1942-45
  • Richard Sutton Rothwell (1882-1962), brigadier: papers rel to service with the Royal Artillery in Mesopotamia and with the Sykes Mission in Persia 1914-18
  • JH Stone: papers rel to service with the Army Service Corps in North Russia 1918
  • Charles Vinicombe: letters describing life in Constantinople during World War One
  • Sir Walter Colyear Walker (b 1912), general: papers 1969-87
  • Richard Bruce Wernham (1906-1999), historian: notes on the origins and development of Bomber Command c1945
  • Eric Williams, flight lieutenant: papers rel to the 'Wooden Horse' escape from Stalag Luft III 1943

Leeds University, Liddle Collection

  • William Riddell Birdwood (1865-1951), 1st Baron, field marshal: corresp and papers 1915-17 (ANZAC(AUST))
  • Yvonne Bruet (nee Mandefield), Bordeaux: letters, papers and photographs of an English girl in France during World War One (FR 21)
  • Reginald Evans, private: corresp and papers rel to service in France and Russia 1915-19 (GS 1816)
  • James Neustead Garnett, pilot, Royal Flying Corps: log book, letters and misc papers rel to service during World War One (GALL 239)
  • John Tomlinson, private, Prince of Wales's Own Regt: diary (ts, edited) 1914-16 (GS 1821)
  • John Tulloch, gunner, Royal Artillery: diary rel to service on Western Front 1917 (GS 1633)
  • Rowland Wharton, private, Prince of Wales's Own Regt: diary (ts, edited) 1914-16 (GS 1821)
  • No 517 (London) Field Company, Royal Engineers: unit war diaries (ts) and misc papers 1914-18 (GS 1824)

National Army Museum, Department of Archives Photographs Film and Sound

  • Sir Henry Clinton, general: letters describing Abercromby's campaign in the West Indies 1796 (1999-08-100)
  • William Anthony Colbourne, lieutenant-colonel 15th Punjab Regiment: report on Tibet Reliefs 1937 (1999-02-19)
  • Sir Rufane Shaw Donkin, general: letters to Lt-Colonel Carlo Joseph Doyle during 3rd Maratha War 1817-18 (1999-04-105)
  • Alfred John Farre Doulton, lieutenant-colonel (addnl): diaries of staff service with 23rd Indian Division 1943-46 (1999-11-2)
  • Eric Roberts Greer, lieutenant-colonel: letters to his wife while British Military Attache in Moscow, Ankara and Bucharest 1940-47 (1999-10-64)
  • Edward Leary, lieutenant Bechuanaland Border Police and South African Constabulary: papers, incl diary of Jameson Raid and Matabele War 1895-1910 (1999-07-20)
  • Joseph Reid, private Rifle Brigade: letters from Canada and the Crimea 1849-55 (1999-05-130)
  • Alfred Angelo Simmons, lieutenant 29th (The Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot: letters from India, incl rel to the 1st Sikh War 1842-45 (1999-05-31)
  • William Staveley (1784-1854), lieutenant-general, and Edmund Staveley (b 1836), major-general: family corresp (1999-06-149)
  • Laurie Dunkin Wedd, lieutenant Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment: Boer War letters 1899-1901 (1999-06-94)
  • Lawrence Craigie Maclagan Wedderburn, major, medical officer in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force: letters and papers 1901-23 (1999-10-3)
  • Middlesex Regiment (addnl): regimental files and books 1755-1970 (1999-11-188 to -231)
  • 8th Lancashire Artillery Volunteer Corps: minute book 1863-1900 (1999-12-56)
  • 8th Battalion, 9th Jat Regiment: disbandment nominal roll, listing men's villages 1946 (1999-08-5)

National Library of Ireland

  • Murrough O'Brien, 6th Baron Inchiquin: letter to Prince Rupert 1648
  • Air Raids Precautions Service, Mount Merrion, County Dublin: records 1941-43

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Lt-General Sir John Cope: papers (1 vol) rel to the board of enquiry into his conduct of the Scottish campaign 1746 with an account book of the Queen's Regiment of Dragoons 1741-49 (Acc 11771)

Royal Air Force Museum, Department of Research and Information Services

  • Leslie Morton Mansbridge (b 1897), First World War pilot: papers
  • Hawker-Siddeley Group Ltd, aircraft mfrs: records of constituent companies 20th cent
  • Fellowship of the Bellows: papers rel to fundraising in Argentina to buy aircraft for the RAF during the Second World War

The National Archives: Public Record Office

  • William Owen Hassell, librarian, Ministry of Economic Warfare Library (addnl): papers 1945-47 (PRO 30/95)
  • Reginald Victor Jones, Director of Scientific Intelligence Ministry of Defence (addnl): papers 1952 (DEFE 40)
  • War Office: Secretary of State for War private office papers (WO 259)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine: Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • Robert Henry Stewart Thompson (1912-1998), biochemist: corresp, papers and reports, incl rel to work at Porton Down during World War Two, to International Union of Biochemistry, and to the use of nerve gases in warfare and at times of civil strife


Institution of Mechanical Engineers Library

  • Eric William Smith, engineer: notebooks of apprenticeship as a fitter at the RAF Technical School, Halton 1929-32 (

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Lt-Colonel Edward Percy Argyle (1875-1935), Royal Army Veterinary Corps: notes and corresp rel to Army Veterinary School, Imperial Bureau of Animal Health, and Buckston Browne Research Farm (Add Mss 565)
  • Harry Stobie, dental surgeon: clinical notebooks of World War I maxillo-facial patients and patient register 1915-19 (Add Mss 567)

Royal Naval Museum

  • Typescript memoir 'Just another job: an account of the British and Australian Armed Forces and the part played in Britain's first Atomic Test' (1999/101)


Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Thomas Fioth De Haviland, army engineer: corresp and papers rel to surveys and engineering work in India c1805-50 (Add 9548)
  • Alexander William Kinglake, historian: papers collected for his history of the Crimean War 1854-90 (Add 9554)
  • Richard Cornwallis Neville, 4th Baron Braybrooke: diary of military life in Canada, incl report of a rebellion at Beauharnois 1838-40 (Add 9556)
  • James Egbert Simmons, Captain in the 5th Regiment of Fusiliers: letters (94) to his mother from the Mauritius garrison 1847-55 (Add 9549)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • John Alwyn Oughtred, Captain in the East Yorkshire Regiment: letters to his future wife Phyllis Bentham 1914-18 (OTRD)
  • Sir Robert Vidal Rhodes James (1933-1999) MP, historian: papers rel to the Gallipoli campaign (RJMS)

Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

  • Tankred Tunstall-Behrens (1878-1939), Lt-Colonel, Royal Engineers: corresp and papers incl records rel to boundary commissions (Tunstall-Behrens Papers)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • D Peter Allwood (1918-1998), squadron leader: captioned photographs of an RAF base, Malaya, and essays on improving bombing accuracy and the airman's point of view of the new trade structure 1945-50
  • Ernest Henry Clarke (1909-1998), lieutenant colonel: copy reminiscences of his life and career
  • Sir Frank Cooper (addnl): corresp, notes and articles 1982-99
  • Eric William Townsend Darlow (1916-1998), brigadier (addnl): corresp, memoranda, notes, lectures and articles rel to service in the Royal Army Service Corps 1944-64
  • Sir John Greer Dill (1881-1944), field marshal (addnl): papers, incl corresp, speeches and copy letters to Archibald Wavell 1936-44
  • Christopher Charge Glover, wing commander: reports, diaries, notes and photographs rel to service as Commander, Allied Tactical Air Intelligence Unit, South East Asia 1944-45
  • Sir Geoffrey Paul Hardy-Roberts, brigadier: letters (2) describing in detail the Dutch reaction to the German surrender 1945
  • Harold Augustus Hodges, captain (addnl): letters home from the Western Front 1915-17
  • Henry Cecil John Hunt (1910-1998), Baron Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine: copy notes on his life and military career, incl details of mountaineering expeditions
  • Frank Edward Weatherstone Lammert (1903-1999) captain RN: papers, incl an account of his escape from Singapore, 1942, rel to wartime and post-war commands, and an account by his brother of his experience as a POW in Changi
  • Ferdinand Otto Miksche (1905-1993): papers, incl rel to service in the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War and with the Czechoslovak Independent Brigade Group in World War Two
  • Stanley Paton Morrison (1930-1972), lieutenant colonel: family papers, incl article rel to Royal Signals winter warfare traing exercise WHITETHRUST, led by Morrison, Norway
  • Sir Richard Nugent O'Connor (1889-1981), general: corresp, incl rel to his biography, 1967-81
  • Sir William Robert Robinson (1860-1933), field marshal: letters received by Robertson and his family 1899-1961
  • Charles Mytton Thornycroft (b 1879), lieutenant colonel: copy letters home from South Africa rel to service as a lieutenant in the Manchester Regiment 1900-02
  • N M Thornycroft, captain: copy diary of escape and subsequent recapture from POW camp Oflag VIIB, Germany, 1945
  • Ralph Bagshaw Ward (1911-1992), group captain (addnl): papers rel to the 'Wooden Horse' escape from Stalag Luft III 1943-50
  • Mostyn Hird Wheeler Webb-Bowen (1894-1983), lieutenant colonel: diaries rel to operations of HMS Iron Duke in the Black Sea and off Turkey 1919-20
  • Victor West, lance corporal: diary rel to service in Crete, capture and imprisonment in Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, Poland 1941
  • Paul Odo Willert (1909-1998): corresp and papers
  • Joint Intelligence Sub-committee: report to the Chiefs of Staff Committee entitled 'Germany's war effort and its failure' 1945

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies Library

  • Sir Ralph Lilley Turner (1888-1983), orientalist: academic research notes, First World War diaries, corresp and plans rel to SOAS building (MS 380710)