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London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division: 1998 Accessions

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  • British Association for the Advancement of Science: records rel to Section F (Economics) c1970-85 (SECTION F, 69171)
  • Sir Ernest Henry Phelps Brown, Professor of Economics of Labour (addnl): papers c1980-1990 (PHELPS BROWN, 63087)
  • Campaign for Homosexual Equality: records mainly rel to employment group 1981-84 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES, 64797)
  • Charles Anthony Raven Crosland (1918-77), politician: corresp (CROSLAND, 67376)
  • Robert Crossman, Mayor of Islington and gay activist: papers c1970-90 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES, 65703)
  • Economic History Society (addnl): records incl minutes 1957-97 (ECONOMIC HISTORY SOCIETY, 66714)
  • Fabian Society (addnl): records 1942-1974 (FABIAN SOCIETY, 68397)
  • Federal Trust for Education and Research (addnl): records 1967-92 (FEDERAL TRUST, 68391)
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation, London Union (addnl): records 1952-92 (FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION, 68095)
  • Sir Raymond William Firth, anthropologist (addnl): corresp with and rel to Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski, Polish anthropologist 1928-94 (FIRTH, 67541)
  • Ernest Andre Gellner, philosopher (addnl): papers rel to the Central European University 1992-95 (GELLNER, 68893)
  • Norman Henry Gibbs, historian: notes for a history of the War Cabinet c 1945-50 (GIBBS, 68097)
  • Charles Harrison, Liberal MP: corresp 1862-97 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES, 67396)
  • Jean Henderson, barrister, lecturer, Liberal activist: papers rel to Hendon Liberal Party c1930-60 (HENDERSON, 65701)
  • International African Institute (addnl): records 1990-97 (IAI, 68469)
  • Journal of Public Economics: records incl papers sent in by academics c1970-98 (JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS, 68226, 68996)
  • Labour Party: conference reports and papers 1906-21 (LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE REPORTS, 68683)
  • Percy Dewe Leake, accountant: papers 1909-47 (LEAKE, 65396)
  • Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement: records c1984-97 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES, 64615, 67379)
  • Sir Gilbert James Morley Longden, MP: papers c1930-90 (LONGDEN, 63403)
  • Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski, Polish anthropologist (addnl): papers c1912-42 (MALINOWSKI, 66671)
  • Progressive League (addnl): records incl minutes 1991-96 (PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE, 64978, 67066)
  • William Joseph Reader, business historian: papers c1970-90 (READER, 68239)
  • Lionel Charles Robbins, Baron Robbins, economist (addnl): papers incl rel to troubles at the London School of Economics 1968-70 (ROBBINS, 67182)
  • Royal Economic Society (addnl): records incl minutes 1975-95 (RES, 62718, 64796)
  • Beatrice Nancy Seear, Baroness Seear of Paddington: papers c1930-97 (SEEAR, 67956, 68818)
  • Robert Edward Sheldon, Labour MP: papers incl rel to the Public Accounts Committee 1983-97 (SHELDON, 62834)
  • Watney Simon, gay activist: corresp c1980-98 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES, 65952)
  • Student Pugwash, Oxford: records 1978-84 (PUGWASH, 68844)
  • Tory Campaign for Homosexual Equality: records incl minutes 1987-93 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES, 67380)