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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design: 1998 Accessions

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  • AW Gamage Ltd, department store, Holborn: deeds 1906-36 (AAD/1998/4)
  • Sylvia Clarke, textile designer: designs c1930 (AAD/1998/2)
  • Malcolm Fry, Director of the Central Institute of Art and Design: papers 1940-50 (AAD/1998/13)
  • David William Gentleman, artist and designer: papers rel to Charing Cross station murals c1978-79 (AAD/1998/7)
  • RP Gossop, commercial artist and agent: papers c1890-1950 (AAD/1998/14)
  • Ursula Hamilton, advertising photographer: papers c1950-69 (AAD/1998/10)
  • Holland & Sons Ltd, cabinet makers, London (addnl): records 20th cent (AAD/1998/1)
  • Marjorie Janko, lingerie designer: papers c1920-60 (AAD/1998/15)
  • Samuel Johnson & Sons Ltd, button manufacturers: records c1900-90 (AAD/1998/9)
  • Society of Women Artists (addnl): records c1980-98 (AAD/1998/11)
  • John Stephens, fashion designer: papers c1950-80 (AAD/1998/5)
  • RE Stone, silversmith (addnl): papers c1950-60 (AAD/1998/12)
  • Tom Smith & Co Ltd, proprietors of Christmas crackers, Santa Claus stockings, novelties, carnival hats and fine confectionery, wedding and Christmas cake ornaments, importers and exporters of fancy goods, London: records c1870-1998 (AAD/1998/3)
  • Leo Wyatt, engraver: papers c1930-80 (AAD/1998/8)