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Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections: 1998 Accessions

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  • John Stuart Blackie (1809-95), classical scholar and man of letters: letters to Alexander Strahan, Louisa Blow and unknown correspondent (E98.55, 47, 35)
  • Sir David Brewster, natural philosopher: letters to John Bostock and William Scoresby 1816-20 (E98.65, 66)
  • Alexander Crum Brown, chemist: lecture notes 1870-71 (E98.59)
  • George Mackay Brown, author: letters to Debra Swinley and Colin Huggett 1986-91 (E98.25, 26)
  • Thomas Carlyle, historian, essayist and philosopher: letters to F Kyffen Lenthall and William MacDowall 1852-73 (E98.12, 16)
  • Davidson Clinic, Edinburgh: records incl minutes 1947-93 (E98.69)
  • Edinburgh Anti-Apartheid Group: financial records c1980-90 (E98.73)
  • James Anthony Froude (1818-94), historian: letters to Mrs Forster, Mrs Trevelyan and Mr Reeve (E98.5, 6, 7)
  • David Masson, biographer and editor: letters to Hugh Webster, Mr Dixon and Dr Donald 1861-72 (E98.30, 35, 50)
  • Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), 1st baronet, novelist, poet, antiquary, barrister: letters to Colin Mackenzie and Hector Macdonald Buchanan and note to Lady Louisa Stuart (E98.58, 38, 54)