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Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department: 1998 Accessions

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  • Amateur Athletic Association (addnl): minutes 1947-91
  • Association of District Councils Association: journal and minutes 1974-87
  • Association of Metropolitan Authorities (addnl): minutes 1976-96
  • Association of Municipal Corporations (addnl): journal and minutes 1882-1976
  • Sir Granville Ransome Bantock, composer and Professor of Music at Birmingham University: letters to his son Raymond 1911-38
  • Martin Booth, poet (addnl): corresp and papers c1980-1998
  • British Association for American Studies: records 1955-90
  • Oscar Browning, educationist, historian and mountaineer (addnl): letter to Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, physicist and principal of the University of Birmingham 1905 (Acc 1998/23)
  • William Ernest Burcham, Professor of Physics at Birmingham University: papers rel to cyclotrons 1951-98
  • Arthur Neville Chamberlain, statesman (addnl): letters 1895-1935
  • Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain, statesman (addnl): letter 1903 (Acc 1998/5)
  • Joseph Chamberlain, statesman (addnl): letters and notes c1870-1904
  • Dr Carl Chinn, community historian: papers rel to research into the history of bookmaking (Acc 1998/4)
  • William Harbutt Dawson, publicist: letter to his daughter Else Pickvance including recollections of Lloyd George 1945 (Acc 1998/11)
  • Charles John Huffam Dickens, novelist and journalist: letters (2) and papers rel to performance at Theatre Royal, Birmingham 1848
  • Sir Pierson John Dixon, diplomat: papers 1944-65
  • Maria Edgeworth, novelist (addnl): letter to David Wilkie, painter 1819 (Acc 1998/7)
  • John Galsworthy, author (addnl): letter 1909 (Acc 1998/28 pt)
  • Joseph Gillott of Birmingham, pen manufacturer and patron of the arts: letters from artists 1843-57
  • E Audrey Levick of Surrey, lacrosse player: papers rel to the All England Ladies Lacrosse Association c1911-60
  • John Wheller Lloyd (1869-1916), missionary: papers
  • Kathleen Grace Lloyd, nurse: letters rel to her nursing career in Birmingham (Acc 1998/13)
  • Local Board of Health Associations: journal and minutes 1891-94
  • Harriet Martineau (1802-76), writer and historian (addnl): letters to George Smith, publisher and Edward Moxon, publisher (Acc 1998/29)
  • Anthony Edward Payne (b1936), composer: 'finished' score of Elgar's third symphony
  • John Henry Poynting (1852-1914), Professor of Physics at Birmingham University: papers
  • Rural District Councils Association: journal and minutes 1895-1974
  • Society of Clerks of the Peace of the Counties and of Clerks of County Councils: minutes 1918-66
  • Society of Town Clerks: records 1948-74
  • Urban District Councils Association: journal and minutes 1895-1972
  • Young Men's Christian Association local branches and unions/regions: records c1850-1998