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Royal Naval Museum: 1998 Accessions

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  • Joseph Bamber, rating on HMS Canopus: diary 1914-15 (Acc 1998/43)
  • PJ Buckett, midshipman on HMS Hood: journal 1940-41 (Acc 1998/42)
  • Herbert John Clifford, lieutenant on HMS Lyra: diary describing voyage to China with Lord Amherst's embassy 1816 (Acc 1998/50)
  • John Fisher, Baron Fisher, Admiral of the Fleet: letters to Sir Archibald Hurd, naval writer 1903-09 (Acc 1998/35)
  • HMS Victory: records rel to its administration and restoration 1890-1948 (Acc 1998/6)
  • Henry Charles Pine, chief yeoman of signals on HMS Glasgow: account of the Battle of Coronel (Acc 1998/61)
  • Unidentified rating on HMS Victory and then on the China Station, principally on HMS Sampson: memoir 1855-62 (Acc 1998/44)
  • William Rivers (1755-1817), gunner on HMS Victory: gunnery notes (Acc 1998/41)
  • William Rivers (b 1788), lieutenant, and successors: volume of historical notes (Acc 1998/41)