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Major accessions to repositories in 1998 relating to Education


Aberdeen City Archives

  • Aberdeen Association of Headteachers: records 1885-1979 (Acc 234)
  • Aberdeen County Council, Education committee: minutes of youth service scheme 1943-62 (Acc 181)
  • Cloverfield Primary School (addnl): admission registers and log books (Acc 189)
  • Corgarff School: records incl log books 1960-98 (Acc 198)
  • Esslement School: admission register and log books 1938-96 (Acc 181)
  • Kingswood Infant School: registers 1997-98 (GR6S/A45/4/1-7)
  • Longside School: log book 1962-91 (GR6S/B41/1/4)
  • Lumphanan School: workbooks (GR6S/K28/3/4-10)
  • McDuff School: log book 1969-96 (GR6S/B42/1/8)

Ayrshire Archives

  • Bute County Council: education records rel to the isles of Cumbrae and Arran c1870-1959
  • Dundonald Primary School: records incl log books c1869-1975

Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Centre

  • Barking Abbey School: records

Barnsley Archive and Local Studies Department

  • Barnsley Mechanics Institute (addnl): records 1908-63 (A/621/G)
  • Workers Education Association, Barnsley branch: records c1920-69 (A/1974)

Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service

  • Bedford College (formerly Mander College): records 1899-1986

Birmingham City Archives

  • John Osborne Partnership, chartered architects, Birmingham: architectural drawings, incl school plans c1970-89 (MS 2135)
  • Parents National Educational Union, Birmingham branch: records 1899-1983 (MS 2143)

Bury Archive Service

  • Radcliffe Bridge Wesleyan Methodist Church: records incl of day school c1866-1907 (CRB)
  • St Peter's Church of England Primary School, Bury: records incl registers 1866-1995 (SPE)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Huntingdon

  • Huntingdon Grammar School: title deeds of former Hospital of St John and Grammar School Foundation and other school records c1225-1980

Canterbury Cathedral Archives

  • Eastry parish: records incl school log books 1598-1956
  • Hernhill parish: records incl of schools 1837-1983
  • Selling parish: records incl school managers minutes 1903-78
  • Tilmanstone parish: service registers and school managers minutes 1905-54

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • Aylesbury Grammar School: records 1844-1961 (D 231)
  • Dorney Board School: records c1880-1939 (E/63)
  • Hardwick Church of England Primary School: records, incl managers minutes 1931-82 (E/95)
  • Icknield County Middle School: records c1981-93 (E/175)
  • Princes Risborough County Primary (later County Middle) School: records c1917-81 (E/175)
  • Slapton Church of England (later County First) School: register of admissions 1870-1990 (E/AR/188)

Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Kent Mathematics Project: records rel to its development
  • Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Gravesend, Maidstone and Goudhurst schools: records

Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies

  • Backford Church of England Primary School: records 1936-96 (SL 15, Acc 05562)
  • Cheadle National School: log book and managers minutes 1875-1957 (Acc 05623)
  • Cheshire County Council Education Department, Congleton district: advisory committee records incl minutes 1974-90 (CCCJ 3/10/2-5, Acc 05581)
  • Cheshire County Council Education Department, Crewe and Nantwich district: advisory committee records incl minutes 1974-90 (CCCJ 3/9/2-3, Acc 05581)
  • Cheshire County Council Education Department, Ellesmere Port area: governors minutes 1974-97 (CEF 3, Acc 05584)
  • Cheshire County Council Education Department, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Poynton and Knutsford district: governors minutes 1969-95 (Acc 05556)
  • Cheshire County Council Education Department, South Cheshire area: governors minutes 1970-97 (CEF 6, Acc 05581)
  • Dukinfield National School: log books 1956-80 (P 204, Acc 05520)
  • Gate Church of England School, Church Lawton: minutes 1936-48 (Acc 05637)
  • Hartford County Primary School: log book 1987-95 (SL 561, Acc 05564)
  • Joint Four Executive Committee, Chester: minutes 1964-71 (CED, Acc 05574)
  • Macclesfield Borough Teachers Association: minutes 1906-44 (LOU 8)
  • Millbrook National School: managers minutes 1903-55 (P 168, Acc 05518)
  • Mollington School: accounts 1937-63 (Acc 05619)
  • Norbury National School: managers minutes 1915-69 (P142, Acc 015519)
  • Park Church of England School, Church Lawton: minutes 1936-48 (Acc 05637)
  • St Mary Church of England Infant School, Upton: log books 1894-1998 (SL 604, Acc 05576)

Chester Archives

  • Chester College Association: accounts 1931-95 (CR813)
  • St Thomas of Canterbury Church of England School (addnl): records 1965-98 (DES/40/33-37)

Conwy Archive Service

  • Ysgol Llwyd Goed, Bryn-y-maen: records to 1997 (CONWY/E/1)

Coventry Archives

  • Coventry Committee for International Understanding: records c1960-80 (PA2073)
  • Educational Institute of Design Craft and Technology, Coventry and Warwickshire Branch: minutes 1921-90 (PA2055)
  • JB Shelton Annual Memorial Lecture Committee: minutes and corresp 1990-95 (PA2094)
  • Queen's Road School, Coventry: records 1888-1940 (PA2037)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • All Saints Primary School, Matlock (addnl): logbook 1954-91 (D3482)
  • Allen Park Infant School, Derby (addnl): records 20th cent
  • Barlow Church of England School: records incl logbooks 19th-20th cent (D4876)
  • Brampton Infant School: records incl logbooks 19th-20th cent (D4893)
  • Chesterfield School (addnl): punishment book 1869-1981 (D3661)
  • Church of England School, Elton (addnl): managers minutes 1968-95 (D3587)
  • Cressbrook Primary School (addnl): logbook 1973-97 (D4129)
  • Derby Diocesan Board of Education: files on closed schools 18th-20th cent (D4825)
  • Edward Revill Endowed School, Hallfield Gate, Shirland: schemes of work 1915 (D4833)
  • Flagg Nursery School (addnl): records 1962-63 (D1714)
  • Frederick Gent School, South Normanton (addnl): governors minutes (D1879)
  • Granby Girls School, Ilkeston: logbooks 1883-1952 (D4900)
  • Grindleford Primary School (addnl): records 20th cent (D3467)
  • Harpur Hill Primary School, Buxton (addnl): governors minutes 1975-92 (D2992)
  • Heage County Secondary School (addnl): records 20th cent (D4367)
  • Hopwell Hall Special School, Ockbrook: records 1964-86 (D4822)
  • Langley Mill Boys School: logbooks 1899-1955 (D4799)
  • Langwith Bassett Primary School, Langwith: records incl logbooks 1894-20th cent (D4831)
  • Melbourne Infant School (addnl): governors minutes c1975
  • Melbourne Junior School (addnl): governors minutes 1975-94 (D3678)
  • Nether Heage School: logbooks and admission registers 1905-97 (D4896)
  • New Mills Secondary School: admission registers 1911-24 (D4816)
  • Osmaston by Ashbourne Primary School: records incl logbook 20th cent (D4916)
  • Overseal Manor Special School: records incl minutes 20th cent (D4827)
  • Redhill Primary School, Ockbrook (addnl): records incl logbooks 20th cent (D3564)
  • Roe Farm Infant and Nursery School, Chaddesden (addnl): records 20th cent (D4741)
  • Royal School for the Deaf, Derby: records incl deeds 1893-1991 (D4873)
  • Scargill Boys School, West Hallam: logbooks and admission registers 1874-1973 (D4804)
  • Soresby Street National School, Chesterfield: records incl logbooks 1863-1924 (D4883)
  • South Normanton Junior School: managers minutes 1958-64 (D4857)
  • Southwood Special School, Ripley: records incl logbooks 20th cent (D4826)
  • Springfield Primary School, Spondon: logbooks 1932-89 (D4903)
  • St Mary's Infant School, Unstone: records incl log books 1873-1988 (D4913)
  • Stanton By Bridge School (addnl): admission register 1891-1951 (D587)
  • Town End Infant and Junior schools, Tibshelf: records incl logbooks 19th-20th cent (D4892)
  • Upper Heage School (addnl): records 20th cent (D1811)
  • Victoria Infants and Girls National schools, Chesterfield: logbooks 1868-1930 (D4882)
  • West Amber Head Teachers Association: minutes 1973-77 (D4895)
  • Wirksworth Infants School: logbooks 19th-20th cent (D4940)

Devon Record Office

  • Widecombe-in-the-Moor School Board: corresp 1878-80 (5595 add 2)

Dorset Record Office

  • Croft House School, Shillingstone: records 20th cent

Durham County Record Office

  • Durham University, College of St Bede: album of drawings and cartoons compiled by students 1909-11

East Kent Archives Centre

  • St Peters Church of England School, Folkestone: records 1874-1992 (C/ES148/7)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Cramond School Board: letter books 1890-1930 (Acc 450)
  • Walter Nichol, teacher: papers 1827-50 (Acc 437)
  • St Christopher's and Glenvarlock Primary School: log book 1931-80 (Acc 467)

Essex Record Office

  • Chelmsford Charity School and Ann Johnson's Charity: records 1890-1981 (A10342: D/Q 8 addl)
  • George Courtauld Educational Trust, Maldon: records incl minutes and accounts 1915-98 (A10354: D/Q 77)
  • Workers Education Association, Witham branch: records 1963-70 (A10344: D/DU 1394 addl)

Essex Record Office, Colchester and North-East Essex Branch

  • Birch Church of England Primary School: log books and records rel to its history 1878-1997 (C930: E/)
  • Brightlingsea Wesleyan Methodist School: records incl rel to its site and to its adminstration 1861-1970 (C936: D/NM 19 addl)
  • Essex County Council, Education Department: committee minutes 1941-92 (C932: C)
  • Frinton-on-Sea County Primary School: log book 1976-91 (C962: E/E 140 addl)
  • Home Farm County Primary School, Loxden: log books 1966-94 (E966: E/E 156)
  • Little Bromley County Primary School: managers minutes 1948-69 (C932: E/)
  • Mount Bures Church of England School: records incl managers minutes 1903-39 (C921: D/P 281 addl)
  • Priory Meadow Special School, St Osyth: governors minutes 1986-88 (C932: E/)
  • Wilson Marriage School, Colchester: governors minutes 1982-87 (C932: E/)

Falkirk Museums History Research Centre (Falkirk Archives)

  • Falkirk High School: records c1930-79 (A1053, A1077-78)
  • Falkirk Industrial and Ragged School: records (A1040)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Greenfield Council School: records incl log books and admission registers 1910-97
  • Higher Kinnerton School and Ysgol Derwen: log book 1956-91
  • Holywell National School: log books and admission register 1863-1910
  • Y Nyth Residential Nursery, Holywell and Mold: records incl accounts 1950-75 (1358)
  • Rhesycae Controlled School: log book 1978-89

Gloucestershire Record Office

  • Cam Hopton Endowed Church of England Primary School: records incl log books 1869-1987 (S69 Acc 7924)
  • St George's Diocesan Training School, London and Gloucestershire: records 20th cent (D7875)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Revd William Lockton, Vice-Principal of Winchester Diocesan Training College and King Alfred's College: papers c1894-1930 (47M91W)

Herefordshire Record Office

  • National Union of Teachers, Hereford branch: records 1921-74

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Danesbury Approved School: correspondence books 1936 (Off Acc 1171)
  • Epping House special school, Hertford: minutes and notes of staff meetings 1967-93 (Off Acc 1185)
  • Fairfield JM School, Radlett: log books and punishment books 1876-1973 (Off Acc 1195)
  • Hertfordshire County Council, Education Department: records incl committee minutes 1950-89 (Off Accs 1178, 1179, 1183)
  • Langleybury School: records incl governors minutes 1949-96 (Off Acc 1187)
  • New Mill School, Tring: log books and admission registers 1875-1966 (Off Acc 1177)
  • Tyeneholme School, Buntingford: register 1948-55 (Acc 3365)

Jersey Archive

  • Olympe du Feu: papers rel to occupation and to Le Passage and Beaulieu Schools (Acc JA/201)
  • St Helier Boys School and D'Hautree School, Jersey: records 1956-96 (JA/211)
  • St Marks Girls School, Brighton Road Girls School and St Helier Girls School, Jersey: records 1862-1967 (JA/207)

Joint Archive Service of the Corporation of London: London Metropolitan Archives

  • Camden Jews Free School: records 1818-1984 (LMA/4046)
  • Emmanuel Church School, Lyncroft Gardens, Hampstead: records (P81/EMM)
  • Field Lane Foundation, London: records incl minutes 19th-20th cent (LMA/4060)
  • Ilford Jewish Primary School (formerly Stepney Jewish Primary School): records 1879-1980 (LMA/4055)
  • London College of Jewish Studies: records
  • Moreland Street School, Finsbury: log book 1877-1901 (LCC/EO/DIV3/MOR/LB)
  • Reverend Stephen Freeman's School, Ponders End: ledger 1799-1848 (LMA/4050)
  • Society of Archivists: papers rel to the society's diploma
  • South Macclesfield Street Infant School: log book 1872-92
  • IC Thorne of Ashford Residential School: letters 1906-10 (WLSD)
  • Westminster Jews Free School: committee minutes 1832-1989 (LMA/4047)

Kingston Museum and Heritage Service

  • Tiffin Girls School, Kingston: records (KX314)

Lancashire Record Office

  • National Union of Teachers, Blackpool Teachers Association: minutes 1986-92 (DDX 2042 acc 8361)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • Boston Grammar School: foundation charter 1555 (BOSTON G.S)

Liverpool Record Office

  • Educational Institute of Design, Craft and Technology, Liverpool and Merseyside branch: minutes 1899-1987 (Acc 5306)
  • Oxford Street School for the Deaf and Dumb, Liverpool: registers 1898-1965 (Acc 5290)

Norfolk Record Office

  • St John's Infants' School, King's Lynn: pupil teacher's register and record book 1913-14 (MC 1912)

North Devon Record Office

  • Lovering Educational Foundation, Weare Gifford: records 1903-98 (B511)

North Lanarkshire Archives

  • Stirling County Council: Kilsyth area education and parochial records 1873-1975 (U5)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Brompton School: admission registers 1914-67 (BS/BRN)
  • Glaisdale parish: records incl rel to school 1792-1947 (PR/GL)
  • Grosmont Church of England School: log book and admission registers 1863-1996 (S/GRT)
  • Kirby on the Moor parish: records incl rel to schools 1705-1983 (PR/KM)
  • Marrick School Board: records 1876-1906 (BS/MAR)
  • Raikes Endowed School, Wilsill: log book 1898-1936 (S/BPS)
  • Rainton Infants School: managers minutes 1903-23 (PR/BAD)
  • Ravensworth parish: records incl rel to schools (PR/KRR)
  • Ripon Board of Guardians: records incl rel to schools and churches 1851-1923 (BG/RI)
  • Spennithorne parish: records incl rel to schools 1829-1976 (PR/SPE)
  • Welbury parish: records incl rel to school 1790-1989 (PR/WBY)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Nottinghamshire Federation of Parent Teacher Associations: records 1946-98 (Acc 5415)

Oldham Local Studies & Archives

  • Clarksfield Infant School, Oldham: records 1908-65 (B-CBO 12)
  • St Paul's Church of England Primary School, Royton: records 1872-1992 (1998-006, 1998-018)

Oxfordshire Record Office

  • Central School, Oxford: records 19th-20th cent (Acc 4362)
  • Childrey Council School: records 1864-1996 (Acc 4342)
  • Henley Grammar School: Foundation Charter 1686 (Acc 4335)
  • Letcombe Regis Primary School: records 1864-1996 (Acc 4342)
  • Municipal Secondary School for Boys, Oxford: records 19th-20th cent (Acc 4362)
  • Oxford High School for Boys: records 19th-20th cent (Acc 4362)
  • Southfield School, Oxford: records 19th-20th cent (Acc 4362)

Pembrokeshire Record Office

  • Herbrandston School: logbook 1920-91 (SSR/1/1002)

Powys County Archives Office

  • New Radnor County Primary School: attendance registers 1918-61 (R/E/PS/38 add)

Sandwell Community History and Archives Service

  • Blackheath Infants School: records 1932-78 (Acc 9821)
  • Britannia Park Nursery School, Rowley Regis: logbook 1955-81 (Acc 9825)
  • Park Lane Schools, Tipton: records 1895-1969 (Acc 9831)
  • Rowley Regis Endowed School: logbook 1874-1904 (Acc 9824)
  • The Knowle Infants School, Rowley Regis: logbooks 1877-1970 (Acc 9822)

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office

  • Stratford-upon-Avon College: governors files 1989-95 (DR 978)

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service: Burton Family and Local History Centre

  • National Union of Teachers, Burton upon Trent and District association: records incl minutes 1932-96 (D117)

Surrey History Centre

  • All Saints with St Luke parish, Kew: records incl of St Luke's School (6506)
  • Arthur Brend: papers rel to Camberley schools 1973-84 (6533)
  • Kingston-upon-Thames Church School Union: minutes 1893-1912 (6514)

Tameside Archive Service

  • Audenshaw Methodist School: records 1896-1950 (Acc 2780)
  • Hyde Grammar School: report book 1958-62 (Acc 2755)
  • St Anne's School, Ashton: records 1911-96 (Acc 2761)
  • St John's Primary School, Dukinfield: records c1870-1970 (Acc 2757)
  • St Peter's School, Ashton: records 1900-87 (Acc 2773)

The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

  • Kilby Church of England School: managers' minutes and accounts 1903-71 (DE 5338)
  • Leicester Domestic Science College: accounts 1941-44 (DE 5333)
  • Long Close School, Leicester: minutes and corresp 1988-95 (DE 5395)
  • Oakthorpe Educational Charity: accounts and minutes 1885-1956 (DE 5450)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • Blaydon Comprehensive School: records 1958-98
  • Dryden Senior High School, Gateshead: records incl admission registers 1956-81 (E/GA58)
  • Greenwell Secondary Modern Boys School, Gateshead: admission registers 1960-74 (E/GA57)
  • Greenwell Secondary Modern Girls School, Gateshead: admission registers 1960-74 (E/GA56)
  • Hebburn Urban District Council: records rel to salaries of teachers 1923-71
  • Lyndhurst Community School, Gateshead: records 1968-91 (E/GA59)
  • Newcastle Church High School: fees accounts, files 1947-88
  • Newcastle City Council, Education Department: departmental and committee records 1898-1989
  • Northern Counties School for the Deaf, Newcastle upon Tyne: accounts 1913-44 (E/NC54)
  • Rutherford schools: records 1914-38
  • St Bede's Secondary Modern School, South Shields: log book 1921-63 (E/SS6)
  • Westgate Hill Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne: log book 1899-1978 (E/NC55)
  • Workers Educational Association, Northern district: council minutes and branch records 1952-92

Warrington Library, Museum and Archives Service

  • Warrington Ragged School: records 1899-1943 (MS 2802)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Desmond Lionel Morse-Boycott , founder of St Mary of the Angels Song School (addnl): papers incl rel to the school c1940-79 (Acc 11,310)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford

  • Baker Street County Infants School, Shipley: log books 1875-1968 (38D98)
  • Thackley Board School: records 1889-1984 (Acc 25D98)
  • Woodhead Church of England School, Burley: records 1904-70 (Acc 63D98)
  • Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge: records incl minutes 1829-53 (Acc 60D98)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale

  • Brookfoot Provided Evening School, Southowram: attendance registers 1906-09 (MISC:989)
  • Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Education Department: committee records 1904-85 (MISC:979, 989)
  • Clifton Church Evening School: attendance registers 1908-11 (MISC:989)
  • Clough Foot Evening School, Todmorden: attendance registers 1903-04 (MISC:989)
  • Cottonstones National School, Sowerby: attendance registers 1904-14 (MISC:989)
  • Haugh Shaw School, Skircoat: records incl log books 1879-1987 (HSS)
  • Old Town Evening School, Hebden Bridge: attendance registers 1903-10 (MISC:989)
  • Sowerby National School: attendance registers 1904-08 (MISC:989)
  • St Martin's National Evening School, Brighouse: attendance registers 1903-06 (MISC:989)
  • Zion Congregational Evening School, Rippondon: attendance registers 1903-06 (MISC:989)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees

  • Dalton County Primary School, Junior Department: log books 1950-95 (Acc KA216)
  • Heckmondwike Secondary School: admission registers 1935-93 (Acc KA212)
  • Mirfield Grammar School (addnl): records 1939-40 (Acc KA217)
  • Royds Infant and Nursery School, Heckmondwike: admission registers 1953-95 (Acc KA211)
  • Savile Town Nursery School: log book and admission registers 1981-88 (Acc KA214)
  • Scholes Old School Trust: records incl minutes 1790-1998 (Acc KC908)
  • West Slaithwaite Church of England School (formerly National School), Mixed Department: admission register 1904-64 (Acc KA207)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds

  • Farnley Primary School: records incl log books and punishment book 1858-1967 (Acc 4283)
  • Hunslet Nursery School: records incl log books and admission registers 1931-98 (Acc 4290)
  • Leeds City Council, Education Department: school governors minutes c1988-92 (Acc 4237)
  • Lock Lane Board School, Allerton Bywater: log book and punishment register 1893-1938 (Acc 4259)
  • Newcliffe House School, Leeds: records incl log book 1969-97 (Accs 4248, 4287)
  • Margaret Parnaby: teacher training notes whilst at Yorkshire Training College of Housecraft 1951-54 (Acc 4311)
  • Quarry Mount Primary School, Leeds: log book 1981-98 (Acc 4309)

Wigan Archives Service

  • Mort's School Foundation, Astley and Leigh (D/DS/Acc 3181)
  • Stubshawcross Church of England Primary School, Ashton in Makerfield: records 1874-1996 (SR 102)

Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies

  • Elston Hall Primary School, Wolverhampton: records 1938-94 (Acc 1351)
  • Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Wolverhampton: log books and admission registers 1863-1978 (Acc 1367)
  • Regis School, Wolverhampton: records 1955-98 (Acc 1380, Acc 1381)
  • Salop Street Board School and Brickkiln Street School, Wolverhampton: log books and admission registers 1872-1973 (Acc 1376)
  • Springfield Boys School, Oldfallings Secondary School, Prestwood Road Girls School and Heath Park High School, Wolverhampton: admission registers and log books 1931-78 (Acc 1379)
  • St Peter's Collegiate School, Wolverhampton (addnl): records 1863-1983 (Acc 1377, Acc 1378, Acc 1368)
  • Wolverhampton Development Education Centre: records incl minutes c1980-89 (DX/551)


Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • Arnold Monk Jones, teacher: letters to his fiancee rel to the war 1939

Museum of Welsh Life

  • Schools in Bow Street, Cardiff and Cwmdare: exercise books 1843-88 (3757/2, 3758/1-3, 3771-72)

National Archives of Ireland

  • Glenealy National School, Co Donegal: records 1917-92 (98/56)
  • Gortachoirce Scoil Naisiunta, Co Dhun na nGall: school records 1923-87 (98/55)
  • Newtown Anner National School, Co Tipperary: records 1907-97 (98/53)
  • Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children National School, Crumlin, Co Dublin: records 1963-93 (98/48)
  • Palmerstown National School, Co Dublin: records 1856-1991 (98/59)
  • Roundfort National School, Co Mayo: records 1877-1970 (98/54)
  • Scoil Bhride National School, Mountrath, Co Laois: records 1925-95 (98/52)
  • St Andrew's National School, Bray, Co Wicklow: records 1888-1970 (98/45)
  • St Catherine's National School, Dublin City: records 1868-82 (98/9)
  • St Paul's National School, Bray, Co Wicklow: records 1904-71 (98/45)

National Archives of Scotland

  • Scottish Council for Research in Education: minutes 1997 (CRE1)


Representative Church Body Library

  • Borough School, Swords: records, incl minutes, accounts, admission and attendance books 1806-1987 (MS 608)

Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine

  • William Cumberland Cruikshank, anatomist: lecture notes c1780 (MSS 7601-7602)
  • William Hunter, anatomist: lecture notes c1780 (MSS 7601-7602)
  • William Henry Power, private medical tutor: lecture notes 1849 (MS 7627)

Westminster Diocesan Archives

  • Michael Richards, priest and teacher: papers 1960-97


Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Lloyd James Austin (1915-94), Professor of French: corresp and papers (Add 9497)

Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre

  • Sir Edmund Ronald Leach (1910-89), anthropologist and Provost of Kings College (addnl): papers (ERL)

Dundee University Archives

  • Association for Science Education in Scotland: corresp and minutes c1980-95
  • Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee: records c1920-96
  • Dundee University (addnl): records incl council minutes 1962-94
  • Queen's College, Dundee: senate committee minutes 1966-67

Edinburgh University: New College Library

  • John McIntyre (b 1916), professor of divinity, New College (addnl): papers (Acc98.6)

Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library

  • Thomas Kemp, academic and political activist: papers c1940-80

Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives

  • C Wentworth Elam (1890-1966), lecturer in the Veterinary School, Liverpool University: lecture notes (D.769)

London Metropolitan University: The Women's Library

  • Winifred Wheatley: papers rel to Bradford Girls Grammar School and to art history c1911-35 (7/WIW)

London University Library

  • University of London, College Hall: records incl minutes (Acc 98/14)

London University: Institute of Education

  • Kenneth Wilfred Baker (b1934), Baron Baker of Dorking, MP: transcript of interview (Acc DC/15/98)
  • Board of Education Inspectors Association (addnl): records of inspectors (DC/KIT, Acc DC/01/98)
  • International Conference on Experiental Learning: records rel to c1980-1998 (DC/EXL)
  • Ian Lockie Michael (b1915), Deputy Director of the Institute of Education: papers incl rel to his work as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malawi 1965-76 (DC/IM, Acc DC/25/98)
  • Horace Panting, East London science master: papers as student at the Institute of Education and as teacher incl diary rel to the WWII evacuation of Holborn Boys School to Wiltshire c1912-80 (DC/HP Accs DC/02/98, DC/03/98, DC/05/98)
  • Programme for Reform in Secondary Education: records incl minutes 1976-94 (DC/PRI, Acc DC/24/98)
  • Benarr Rainbow (1914-1998), music educationist: corresp and papers (DC/RW, Accs DC/09/98, DC/21/98)
  • Cynthia Reynolds: papers rel to her work designing and developing courses as an advisory teacher for the Inner London Education Authority 1971-83 (DC/CR, Acc DC/06/98)
  • Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (addnl): records 1979-89 (DC/UCE Acc DC/04/98)

London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division

  • Federal Trust for Education and Research (addnl): records 1967-92 (FEDERAL TRUST, 68391)
  • Ernest Andre Gellner, philosopher (addnl): papers rel to the Central European University 1992-95 (GELLNER, 68893)
  • Lionel Charles Robbins, Baron Robbins, economist (addnl): papers incl rel to troubles at the London School of Economics 1968-70 (ROBBINS, 67182)

London University: University College London (UCL) Manuscripts Room

  • London University, University College Medical School: records 1904-79 (UCLMS Archives)
  • Sir Charles Randolph Quirk, Professor of English Language and Literature: personal and departmental and administrative papers 1954-90 (Quirk Papers)
  • Slade School of Fine Art: unpublished typescript history by Stephen Chaplin 1998 (Ms Add 400)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Peter Rowe (1922-97), Professor of Soil Mechanics at Manchester University: papers (R002)

Sheffield University Library

  • Frederick Sydney Dainton, baronet, scientist and university administrator: papers c1930-97 (MS 231)
  • Sir Cyril Norwood (1875-1956), educationalist: papers (MS 230)
  • Wilfred Leonard Saunders, Professor of Librarianship and Information Science: papers c1968-90 (MS 221)
  • Thomas Bert Smart, President of Sheffield University Union of Students: memoir of his university experiences in the 1930s (MS 222)

Trinity College Dublin

  • JP Dalton, inspector of schools: papers (11048)
  • Trinity College Dublin: college and departmental records (Muniment Accessions)
  • Timothy Trevor West, scholar: papers incl rel to Irish education and to unionism 1958-95 (11021-9, 11032, 11034-5)

University of Bristol Information Services: Special Collections

  • John H Crook, University of Bristol Department of Psychology: papers 1952-97 (DM 1814)