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Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, Department of Western Manuscripts: 1997 Accessions

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  • Alfred Bowyer Barton (1825-1905), surgeon: journal and sketches rel to Yangtse expedition (acc 350792)
  • Katherine Harman, medical inspector (education) London County Council: travel journal of British Medical Association world tour 1935 (MS 7394)
  • Charles McIvhor Goyder, surgeon, Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne: casebook 1879-81 (MS 7393)
  • John William Mudge (1817-86), surgeon: journal rel to Burma, southern India and Ceylon (MS 7454)
  • William Oldham, hatter, London: commonplace book rel to philosophy and mesmerism 1828-39 (MS 7299)
  • James Patterson, teacher at the Manchester Deaf and Dumb Institution: diary 1858-59 (MSS 7352-7353)
  • Charles Irving Smith (1809-71), surgeon: commonplace book rel to Bangalore, India (MS 7367)
  • James Mann Williamson, doctor, Ventnor: casebooks 1883-1900 (acc 350744)
  • John Harley, dispensing chemists, London: prescription books 1885-1926 (acc 350774)
  • Thomas Morson & Son Ltd, manufacturing chemists, London (addnl): records incl photographs, late 19th-20th cent (SA/MOR)
  • Apothecary, West Riding of Yorkshire: account book 1703-10 (MS 7500)
  • Medical practitioner, Scotland: casebook 1726-28 (MS 7501)
  • Medical recipe books 17th-19th cent (MSS 7365-7366)
  • Veterinary recipe books 19th cent (MSS 7455-7459)
  • Edinburgh Royal Infirmary: students notes of cases 1805-06 (MS 7410)
  • Notebook of medical lectures 1820-29 (acc 350779)
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